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I didn't do it!

09 August, 2005

By Ahmer Muzammil

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I swear to you, I don’t know any of those bombers, none of them were related to me, I don’t agree with their philosophy so stop expecting an apology from me. I am not going to be intimidated nor am I going to be ashamed of my religion. Just like a vast majority of Christians are not related to Hitler, Timothy Mcveigh, Jeffry Dahmer, Malosowich etc. etc. etc. and therefore shouldn’t be hold accountable for their crimes, just as not all Hindus agree with narendra modi and RSS and the barbaric genocide of Muslims in Gujarat and Kashmir and therefore shouldn’t be held hostage for their crimes, with the same token I don’t agree with Osama Bin Laden, I have never financially supported any of his causes, I have never patted him on his back for the job well done(Can the American establishment say the same?) so stop harassing us and leave us alone.

Its mind numbing, I don’t understand it, someone needs to explain to me that how any of this is the doing of the Muslim majority. We the Muslims are hostage in our own countries to the despots and puppet rulers that have been placed on us by the Americans and the west. We have no say in what goes on in our countries. One day the same people, the same maddarssas are glorified in the west. Millions of dollars are awarded by the CIA and other western agencies to these groups so they can prepare for "Jihad" against the Russians. They did that, they were trained to fight, that’s what they know. Now all of a sudden poof they should all just go away and change their ways and start shaking it to "Brittany Spears"… they should be automatically "enlightly moderated"(its not even a word)now that YOU said so, after all its just a switch, turn on, you got a "Mujahid" fighting against Russains, turn it off, now he is a PHD professor, teaching Liberal Sciences at the University of Peshawar. It’s that simple, right? Are you all hallucinated?

We are dealing with human beings here. Once you teach & encourage them to kill, that’s what they’ll do and they won’t stop. You know why? BECAUSE THAT’S ALL YOU TAUGHT THEM.. We the "Majority" Muslims never have a say in anything. Its YOU who tell us who our rulers should be. It’s YOU who supported Saddam in his tyranny. Its YOU who give 2 billion dollars every year to Israel, so it can bomb the life out of these unarmed Palestinians. Its YOU who support the dictators in Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, < B style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal">Pakistan, etc. So now that the shit bag has hit the fan, don’t come demonizing me. I don’t have anything to do with this because my hands were tied then; I wasn’t the decision maker then and I sure am not calling the shots now.

I am sick of people expecting me to explain the crimes of 7/7 and 9/11. Why should I? How should I? Would you like it if I asked you, why were the car bombings happening in Ireland? Can you answer me, why were the millions had to die in Japan and Vietnam and South Korea and Iraq and Afghanistan, should I go on? Do you have an explanation and more importantly did you have a say in it. And if you didn’t, what makes you think that all su icide bombings are first approved by me and the millions of other Muslims like me before they happen. All I can offer is my heartfelt sympathies and maybe some insight as to what we might do to make this world a better place. But YOU don’t want that, do YOU? That annoys YOU. YOU don’t care about my suggestions or my sincere advice. What the hell do I know? YOU got it figured out all, YOU don’t need me to tell you how to fix it, you just need me to say "I am sorry" and look scared and intimidated. Well guess what? I am not apologizing because it’s not my fault! I am not sorry for being a Muslim, I will not be called unpatriotic for being a proud American who opposes the war and the atrocities of my government all over the world. I will show my discontent in a civil democratic way within the boundaries of the law, so things can change for better, because I am an optimist, I know that there is a 80 year old retired school teacher in Florida who unselfishly went to Iraq to become a hu man shield in order to protest the war and I have faith in the vast majority of my decent American country folk that in very near future they will realize that our government have lied to us and our American govt. have ravaged the people of Iraq and Afghanistan and Palestine in our name. That needs to stop, and God willing it will. And when it does, world will be a better place to live for all of us. GOD BLESS THE WORLD.


Reader Comments:

How to stop Islamphobia

It's a mad world. It is not made that way now. It has always been like this from the beginning. And ever since God condemned the children of Israel, i.e., Jews, much of the world became a place of intrigue and corruption. "O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killeth the prophets, and stonest them, which are sent unto thee," cried Jesus Christ!

Islamphobia might ultimately lead to two directions: One, the evil and cunning designs of the West are likely to boomrang on it. Two, it might as well become a "blessing in disguise" in that it creates a reawakening in the world of Islam.

Let us talk of a reawakening in the Muslim world. The real problem of Islamphobia relates to Israel. How, you might ask? The answer is simple. Israel was created by the Zionists, who were made to flee from Hitler's holocaust. That was a time when rescue doors were closed on jews in almost all countries of the world. Even America had put an embargo on their immigration. Many died in escape attempts. The immigration to Palestine was not also easy and possible. It would give the audience an insightful knowledge if excerpts from a Book: "End of Empire" by Brian Lapping are reproduced by the media on the web site. A sample: "It was assumed that the establishment of a "National Home" (for fleeing European Jews from Hitler's holocaust) would mean a great increase of prosperity for all Palestine. It was an essential part of the Zionist mission to revivify the country, to repair by Jewish labour, skill and capital the damage it had suffered from centuries of neglect. Arabs would benefit therefrom as well as Jews. They would find the country they had known so long as poor and backward rapidlt acquiring the material blessings of western civilisation. On that account it was assumed that Arab fears and prejudices would gradually be overcome."

Let us leave the past behind for a moment and look into the immediate present for a plausible solution: The Jews by creating a state in its continuing "exile" have perilously violated a sacred "Oath" to their God - Yahweh. Don't hold your breath if an internecine war flares up in Israel, on the violation of the sacred "Oath" between the religious orthodoxy and the Zionists. On the other hand an imminent threat is lurking in America for an exodus of the American Jewry that as expected would end up in Israel. Its fall out will more likely than not create an unprecedented catastrophe in America. And America for now being a sheetanchor of some kind of global stability, any serious crisis there would create anarchy everywhere else in the world!

So, now we can see a clearer picture emerging from the trouble in which the atheist Zionists have pushed the whole world. The Israelis are not going to go away from the place of their occupation. Let that be abundantly clear to the Palestinians as well as to the rest of the world. But that also is no matter of comfort and consolation to the world Jewry. They know their history much too well and are most apprehensive of the next installment of a divine retribution on them in an unexpected moment. All of this is not going to bring the Palestinians also any solace and an end to their misery and sufferings. So what to do?

Might a "Safe Haven" formula for Israel lead to a detente in Palestine? Well, let it be given a trial. Once the Arabs in the Middle East realise that they have to solve their problems themselves, a real reawakening will arouse in them. They have a proud history of proverbial generosity and compassion borne out by the fact that the Israelis have lived with them for the better part of their exile. America has stretched itself too thin and its ulterior designs have been unraveled. The centre of gravity, therefore, is likely to shift to the Middle East. Let us hope that the expected change augurs better for the whole mankind!


Sher Mohammad

Sher Mohammad, Pakistan - 09 August, 2005

McVeigh No Christian

Timothy McVeigh was an agnostic.

Jeff, United Kingdom - 09 August, 2005

Blaming others, in this case America and or the West for our problems is very wrong.
Italk purely as a Pakistani and not as some citizen of a hocus pocus non-existing idea, is not the answer to our problems and neither is it correct.
The author should not fall sick of answering all those who bother to consult him, what he does need to explain is sinse he has chosen to live amongst them and calls himself an American,(yet thinks, talks and or behaves ignorantly as if from a such a Madresseh as he describes from Pakistan)that better understanding of issues is the urgent need of our troubled times.
First thing to understand is that nothing on this planet exists as muslim majority or minority.
Stand up and say that you as a Muslim condemn any innocent loss of life caused by anyone. Islam according to its pristine Quranic values, considers suicide as a one way ticket to eternal hell and that killing one human is like killing all humanity and saving one is like saving all humanity. No confusion in this simple equation.
Those who are exploiting religion for achieving their political or power gaining ends are doing neither their religion or themselves any service. Infact they have done greater dis-service then any other known enemies of any belief.
People are divided in America on the policies of their government and they shall deal with it in the way you are well familiar with. The problem is that how are we going to deal with our problems.
Again I only talk as a Pakistani and currently we have the head of our army as the head of state. We have an elected government, which makes it a quasi-presidential cum parliamentary form of government. This system has evolved after virtually trying every other variant of parliamentary govt. We are
moving ahead and making great progress and like you we are all optimistic and wish every country well, even India with whom we are trying our level best to keep our cool.
My request to you and others here is to pick your pen up for better understanding and bringing people closer and not start dividing and antogonizing them any further then the point everyone has reached by now.
Thanx for letting us know you are not guilty.

Malik Shahid, Pakistan - 09 August, 2005


I couldnt agree more with every word except the last sentence.
So will you now change or disagree with the Koran when it tells you to attack we "Unbelievers?" Unfortunately that is from when most of these fanatics obtain their inspiration. As do the fundamentalist Christians (Bush being one) gain their self righteous justification for attacking their "Unbelievers". I'm on the recipient end from both lots.
Tom Edgar.Q 4381 Australia

Tom Edgar, Aruba - 09 August, 2005

RE: Malik Shahid

You either didnt read the article, or you just wanted to sound intelligent therefore completly ignored the article all togather and just rambled and hurled accusations without any substance. From which sentence did you get the feeling that I was actually agreeing with "Suicide Bombers", maybe it was the sentence where i said , "I don't agree with any of this nor do i agree with anything Osama Bin Laden does" thats gotta be it, now i see it i am sorry i will be careful in future. If truth and honor are only being taught in "Madarssas " now then i guess you can say that i went there, its your perogative. Just to set the record staright i went to convent schools, but my parenst were proud muslims and they tried to raise me as one. I have never been apologetic of being a muslim or my values as a muslim even though i Live in west. You need to read my articles not just this one but the previous one's as well, i have always tried to find commonalities amongst cultures and people that are peace loving and decent, and i say it again they are the majority. However if uniting people means that you get on board with BUSH and everything stupid that MUSHARAF does, count me out.AS for your "democratic govt. and head of state" in pakistan, believe me you don't want me to start. Thats another article.

Ahmer Muzammil, United Kingdom - 10 August, 2005

Bulldust Jeff

McVeigh took the "Oath' on the Bible at his defence. He was an extreme right wing redneck born again holier than though fundamentalist. Who ever heard of an agnostic/free thinker/ atheist taking a biblical oath?. Even the Christians are wrong doing it. Jesus said so in the sermon on the mount.
Tom Edgar. Australia

Tom Edgar, Aruba - 11 August, 2005

I read your article before commenting on it and again have re-read it after your response. It just is not right to blame the West and in particular your own country America for what went wrong here.
The teachers of the Madresseh's were never Americans and why did they support the Afghans in the first place.
Here is the other side of the story. 1.5 million Afghans were killed by the Soviets. America helped the freedom struggle, whatever reason they may have of their own, no one can deny that they helped defeat the Soviets who had invaded Afghanistan and would have taken Pakistan also, as they wanted to reach the warm waters or the mouth of the Persian gulf, where we sit as Pakistan.
Rather then thanking them for their help and assistance to get Afghanistan free and help keep our sovereignity, what we do find is that so-called educated peoples have started casting doubts into what really happened here. Maybe you do not know, or choose to ignore it, fact remains that without your American support financial and physical Pakistan could never have defeated the then super power in its backyard.
Whose problem is it when people from Afghanistan and some from Pakistan have no other skill besides fighting so-called holy wars.
It certainly is not yours as America, but of Pakistan and Afghanistan, where now we find that after much harm, America is back again to put things on the right track.
You have not maybe been to Afghanistan and or Pakistan lately and that is why you do not know of the great progress in almost all sectors taking place. Here in karachi, all the major roads are being rebuild, they have opened up new areas like the coastal areas. Education and health are getting the badly needed some attention, ofcourse more is required but what is happening is pretty obvious. This was not possible without the American support after 911.
Now on to the other point of difference with your rants, is that please do not confuse the nation-state concept with vague ideas. Nothing as the muslim world exists, it never did and when it does happen, we shall all know.
Please do not misconstrue my criticism, as I relate strongly with word smiths and write this for your own interest and better understanding.

Malik Shahid, Pakistan - 12 August, 2005

muslim hypocrisy and myopia

Ahmer Muzammil is recanting the classic Muslim view that the west is to blame for all things bad in the Muslim world.
Unfortunately the Muslim world thrives on such illogical brinkmanship: "We are poor souls who are being manipulated by the Christians and Jews” and “We are the silent majority who don't have anything to do with the extremist majority”.
Unfortunately, these views find their supporters among the left-wing “intellectuals” and the so-called liberals in the West.
Contrary to Muzammil's views, it's the West that has played a major role in the development of the Arab and Muslim world.
Had it not been for West's support in development the Arabs would be still living as violent tribes in the desert without access to any of the modern comforts they are so used to now.
Of course, to this Muslims would say that it was the Westerners who used to live in caves and the jungles when the Islamic civilisation was flourishing elsewhere some centuries ago. But this was centuries ago and many of the things written about the so-called magnificent civilisation may not be even true.
Another view of Muslims is that the West has imposed its pliable dictators in Muslim countries. There's no logic
To this. The fact of the matter is that all Muslim countries are prone to violent politics and coups and unless there's some support from the West, there has been hardly any instance of stability. Had the West not played its role in the Middle East, the rulers would have fought among themselves and self-destructed.
Even during the time of Mughal rule in India there were cases of fathers being toppled from the throne by sons. America and Britain were not even in the picture then.

It's only because of the West's support that the Arab countries have now become places worth living in. Of course, the West needs oil, but the Arabs also need the money and everything else that comes with it.
Going by Muzammil's or the so-called silent majority's logic, the Muslims would be very happy if the West suddenly decides to “correct” its past “mistakes” and sets about taking out the rulers of Saudi Araba, UAE and other countries so that people can get the governments they want.
If America were to bomb Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE etc, Muslims would be cheering in the streets and welcoming the invading Western forces with flowers and sweets, if the West wwere to take a cue from Muzammil and the similar-minded silent majority.
C'mon give me a break! The truth of the matter is that Muslims are among the most confused people on earth. They don't know what they want. On the one hand they claim they want democracy. On the other hand they complain they cannot get democracy because they are the “silent majority” held to ransom by the violent minority.
This no longer holds good and people in the West are not so dumb to realise this.
It's only when the silent majority rebelled against the extremist majority that there have been revolutions in the world that resulted in democratic set-ups. It happened in France, Germany in the past, of late in South Korea, Poland, Romania, Georgia etc.The list is endless.
If the Muslim “silent majority” keep silent and waste their time dreaming about the romantic days of bygone Muslim superiority, nothing good would happen.
So, instead of sitting at home, the silent majority should take inspiration from these countries mentioned above and get on the streets and force their stupid and autocratic leaders to vacate their thrones. Otherwise Muslims are doomed to fail.

Farid Sheikh,

farid sheikh, Hungary - 12 August, 2005

Tom Edger Liar!

Everyone takes their oath on a Bible in America. That is unless they request otherwise.

I have read all about McVeigh. He was an Agnostic.

Now it is true that before he died a Catholic Priest was there who offered to pray with him and he accepted. But of course when you are about to die you probably figure it could do no harm and who knows.

Stop spreading lies!

Jeff, United Kingdom - 13 August, 2005


From CNN no less.

Bureau of Prisons officials said McVeigh, a self-described agnostic, received the Catholic sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick by an unidentified prison chaplain.

Just like I said. He might have received the Anointing of the Sick but at that point he probably did it more out of a sense of might as well, it couldn't hurt.

But the article said "self-described agnostic". Which proves what you said was false.

Jeff, United Kingdom - 13 August, 2005

Please do not compare organizations such as RSS with terrorist.
RSS never supported terrorism neither any of RSS worker is suicide bomber.
People who need to know about RSS are requested to visit
Please know the truth before you compare RSS people with Osma Bin Laden.
What happened in Gujarat is shame on any religion, but then Burning 50 people to death is also a shame on any religion and humanity as whole.
And how can one expect majority keeping quiet, when some of the Islamic fanatics supported by some intelligence agency of not so friendly (unfortunately) neighboring country, burning people, doing blasts, provoking young students?
One must not forget that it's the RSS inspired government in India which supported Indian Muslim President.
(By the way, To my Pakistani friends, Indian is country who has Muslim president, Sikh Prime minister and Christian lady leading nations biggest party, when 84% of people India are Hindus, Isn't it interesting?)
Just by giving few names of people from other religion one can not deny growing Islamic fanatism.
In spite being modern religion with high human values, many of its own people can not separate jihad from Islam. At least you can not deny the fact the 99% of terrorist all over the world are muslim and religion is cause they mention.
may be they are "Interpreting" the holy Koran in wrong way.
But I always wonder that why people from other religions do not, usually, misinterpret their holy books and never become terrorists.
Whenever there is terrorism one finds it related to Islamic fanatism.
of course, I agree that you can not blame whole community for deeds of bunch of the people.
But Islamic world needs introspection and, certainly you don't need not point towards other religions to defend your innocence.

Saarth, Hungary - 14 August, 2005

Author rants & rave about killing of Muslims, but most killing of Muslims is done by Muslims. i.e. 3 million muslims were killed in Bangaldesh ( now considered friendly Muslim Country) by Tiger Niazi, 1 million women were raped according to official Basngladesh sources. In Iraq daily Shia are slaughered by Sunnis, so in Pakistan. Shia mosques are bombed.
Pakistan always chants about Islamic Brotherhood & O.I.C. But OIC is not supportive of Pakistan, in fact there is move to oust Pakistan( cosidered as epicenter of terrorism). In fact Iran & afganistan support India over P)akistan. Kuwait has banned Pakistani family visas. UAE deported Fazrul Rehaman.
Since O.I.C. organization only based on Religion. I suggest formation of Organization of non Islamic countries of the world (O.N.I.C.) All countries, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Athiest, Communist and all other religion should get together and form this organization to fight Islamic terrorism, Islamic bigotory, religiuos extremism. Their obscession with Allah, Mohammad & Quran.
Relion is good for morals, tradition & culture. But it should be kept in the heart & home, and should not brought in the street & Government.

asahmed, Pakistan - 24 August, 2005

Comprehensive response

Salaam Alykum,

The article seems good to me with few things that are left out. There is indeed a need of introspection of muslims themselves. We are not doing enough to make things right. We are not even working to sow a seed that will yield some results. Author as well all the readers should think before anything that what have they done to make things change for better. Muslims cannot just say that this is wrong or that is wrong and not from Islam because they are not presenting real Islam in practice. There is no ground work from a average muslim to change the situation. Things dont change miraculously. There has to be real effort that needs to be done.

Similarly west is also not absolved of all the stuff they have done to cause all the chaos. Mr Farid Sheikh talks about west like when they came to arab world they found monkeys over there eating bananas and fighting over trees. Then the west came and made them civilized. Such a distorted presentation of history is nothing but a hypocritical version of personal thoughts. I say to Mr Shiekh to give me one proof from authentic history books about his claims which are utter lies and only using it to debase muslims. Yes there is need of change in muslim socieities but to tell that muslims where nothing but fools before west came and reformed them is a baseless lie and nothing else.

Similarly Mr Malik Shahid is happy that there are things happening in Pakistan that west is financing but can he give us a proof that ecnomically challenged class is getting some results out of those developments. Dont live in illusions Mr Shahid. Get out of your cozy room and go to a slum and then come and tell here that there is a real development in pakistan.

As author wrote about RSS and its nefarious activities then that is rightfully true. My Saarth from india is trying to protect a organization which is breeding on hate and nothing else. I was born and raised up in India so i know well enough the menace of RSS. All my hindu friends depise RSS for their hate filled propoganda. Dont come here and try to defend that organization when everyone in the world knows about it. There is no difference between killing Innocent people in London, New york or Gujarat. They are all innocent and all these killing are a blot on humanity. So please dont give us that RSS is a very peaceful organization. We know it fully well.

At last i will just say this. We muslims need to get our act together. We have a long road ahead of us to reform our own society. For that we have to work. From we i dont mean the leaders but an average muslim because you cant hide behind and say that i didnt do it. Each muslim has a responsibility and he cant run away from it. You have to work and work hard to change things. I end this with the surah from the Quran where Allah the exalted says " Never does Allah change the condition of people until they change what is within themselves.

Allah Hafiz

Suhail Ansari, United Kingdom - 25 August, 2005

Dear Pakistani Friend

There lies the problem.
You guys care for religion (that too almost all "interpreate" in wrong sence) and not for your country and country men.
I also have Muslim friends who member of RSS (yes RSS)
Please, I repeat, visit
Please let me know in how many Bombing attacks RSS was involved?

Saarth, Hungary - 08 September, 2005

i read your ariticle find interested to know that your nation is saying sarabjeet terrorist one person is saying to hang hin he forgrt what your country do in india see kashmir killing see delhi and other attack all sponcered by pakistan and u say us terrorist

ajay, Hungary - 09 September, 2005

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