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Happy Anniversary Free Iraq!

19 March, 2007

By Anwaar Hussain

The war that destroyed the life of this innocent child
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This 18th of March, 2007 it will be the 4th anniversary of Iraq’s brutal occupation by American forces and also the 4th birthday of ‘free Iraq’. The only things that have changed are the advanced dates, the even more advanced brutality of the nature of occupation and the addition of some gutless democrats to the cheerleaders on the Capitol Hill. The bloodletting goes on as America continues to cling to Iraq’s throat like the bulldog named ‘Cherokee’ in Jack London’s ‘White fang’. And like him again, America inches its teeth ever closer to that unfortunate nation’s jugular with each spasmodic jerk of the dying Iraq.

The occupation surely continues. What is unsure is that the Iraqi child Ali of the picture above has lived or died. We the world, of course, watch on helplessly.

The piece below was originally written on the 3rd anniversary of Iraq’s occupation. Only the dates called out for a change and that has been done. I can only hope that I don’t have to reproduce it on 18th of March next year.

This 4th anniversary of Iraq’s occupation, we will mourn the mangled corpse of the Iraqi nationhood that America continues to drag around the vast deserts of that country, with fangs bared and claws out, in an unjustified, illegal and bloody occupation.

This 4th anniversary of Iraq’s occupation, we will note the fact that America threatens to lay waste to the nations next door on daily basis and considers it immoral if those countries even think of arming themselves to prevent the same fate.

This 4th anniversary of Iraq’s occupation, we will derive a very simple lesson from America’s Iraq jaunt that if a country wants to avoid a U.S. led invasion, they had better arm themselves to the gills and with nuclear weapons too if possible. Quite plainly, it is a matter of life and death for such countries.

This 4th anniversary of Iraq’s occupation, we will remember that not only is America the only user of the nuclear weapon on human race in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, she is also known to have contemplated using them in almost every major military conflict ever since e.g. against the people of Korea, Cuba and Vietnam.

This 4th anniversary of Iraq’s occupation, we will remind ourselves that as the fight for resources and markets sharpens among the various capitalist powers, the likelihood of nuclear conflicts breaking out grows exponentially and that, unless the global citizenry wakes up, all the treaties and assurances in the world will not stop this brazen display of capitalism in decay.

This 4th anniversary of Iraq’s occupation, we must note with irony that while America remains blind to Israel’s nuclear arsenal, it continues to preach nuclear abstinence to the rest of the world even while threatening the use of the same weapons upon those she disfavors.

This 4th anniversary of Iraq’s occupation, as we listen to President George W. Bush lecturing the world on the threat from Iran and on the virtues of nuclear non-proliferation, we will remind ourselves that his position on nuclear weapons smacks of rampant hypocrisy and is laced with double standards. He is the commander-in-chief of a military force that not only possesses and maintains nearly 10,000 nuclear weapons but also boasts an array of weapons of mass destruction, including chemical and biological arsenals.

This 4th anniversary of Iraq’s occupation, as the American military juggernaut continues to slam into innocent humanity and prepares itself for yet another bout of binge killing in Iran; the American citizens continue to vacillate on what to do with the criminal cabal that kills in their name. Having yo-yoed between conviction and impeachment with a lot of bombast, they finally fizzle down for a rap on the knuckle by attempting, please note, to ‘censure’ the lead criminal for breaking the law, trashing the US Constitution and killing hundreds of thousands of innocent human beings.

This 4th anniversary of Iraq’s occupation, as America’s State Department decries the Human Rights abuses by various countries, let us remember that America herself has become the biggest patron of dark dungeons and the sessions of pain therein. Other than Abu Ghuraib and Guantánamo Bay, where detainees have included children as young as 11-years-old and where some detainees have now been held for over four years without charge or trial, America’s torture trail at the present weaves across the globe from Thailand and the Philippines through Pakistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan to Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Morocco, Cyprus, Diego Garcia, some Gulf States and an unspecified number of South Pacific island nations.

This 4th anniversary of Iraq’s occupation, despite President George Bush’s sickeningly repetitious rhetoric of “freedom on the march” and “terrorists on the run”, let us be informed that the National Counterterrorism Center (NCC), a US government funded agency of the Department of Homeland Security, tells us that “between 2001 and 2005, worldwide terrorist incidents increased by an astounding 159 percent, going from 1,733 attacks in 2001 to 4,483 last year.” And that, “of the 13,403 global terror incidents that have taken place since 2001, one-third of those total took place in 2005 alone.”

This 4th anniversary of Iraq’s occupation, let us also acquaint ourselves with the bungling incompetence of the current US administration’s economic policies that directly affect the common Americans. The numbers are out and they tell a sordid tale. “The U.S. trade deficit has soared to an all-time high of $725.8 billion in 2005, up by 17.5 percent from the previous record of $617.6 billion set in 2004. The deficit with China hit an all-time high as did America’s deficits with Japan, Europe, OPEC, Canada, Mexico and South and Central America. It marked the fourth straight year in a row that America’s trade deficit has set a record.”

This 4th anniversary of Iraq’s occupation, let us recall the orchestrated 9/11, the gargantuan lies that this administration told to the American public in its aftermath and the hundreds of thousands of innocent dead and maimed souls that those lies resulted in.

This 4th anniversary of Iraq’s occupation, as we brace ourselves for more nuclear hypocrisy from the mightiest of the nations, we will recall that this nation continues to use depleted uranium weapons on Iraqis taking a ghastly toll not just on the existing ones but also on successive future Iraqi generations who will suffer for eons to come.

This 4th anniversary of Iraq’s occupation, as American citizens tuck their well fed children into warm beds after affectionate hugs, we will recall that the rate of birth defects, leukemia and cancer among Iraqi children under the age of 15 in those districts where the use of DU had been the most concentrated is increasing horrendously and, if not checked soon enough, a generation of beautiful babies are going to turn into one of hideous cripples.

This 4th anniversary of Iraq’s occupation, with hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis, thousands of dead Americans, a beat-up American image around the globe and a war tab exceeding half-a-trillion dollars, we must finally allow the reality of the repugnant rhetoric of global domination and the disgusting truth of its actual failure to finally sink in to our collective conscience.

This 4th anniversary of Iraq’s occupation, as the American nation dillies and dallies while their government kills people abroad with impunity and plans to start yet another anniversary series for yet another nation, one comes to a sad sad conclusion. And that is that the American nation seems to have willingly boarded itself up on a train, remote controlled by their criminal leaders, with the train careering fast towards the Cassandra Crossing. The Americans now watch their own selves in a hushed awe.

This 4th anniversary of Iraq’s occupation, let us try to understand for whom was the following said in the “Book of Isaiah” in The Bible?


Happy anniversary free Iraq!

Reader Comments:


Republican party in US has a history of goin on rampages and wars.If You see amount of killing ,Republican has been worse.Yet it must be interesting to note that they claim to be very relgious,follower of Prince of Peace(Jesus.One wonders what hypocricy or may be truth of following scripture and no hypocricy.White christians can't change.They enjoy killing,robbing,you name it.

ABDUL BASIT, Seychelles - 19 March, 2007

Free Iraq

US people try to see everything from their prism without trying to understand the ground situation. So, when the drop cluster bomb from sky (FA 18 Super Hornet), they are quite successful. When they comes to ground, they fail. US is now funding terrorists by providing money to Pakis. This is their war on Terror!!!!

Nikus, Hungary - 23 March, 2007

Very well written.,tragic and true.

It is tragic that many people are so afraid that they don't want to respond.But truth is that the goals of the 9-11 were achieved,creating a big wedge and civil war inIraq.THus making it softer and easier for Israel's expansion.
To force countries like Pakistan(the most coward in the world with its most coward military leadership) to american spy and survillance equipment.So now Pakistani govt is buying equipments for all kind without even thinking that if 10% of the money is spent on improving law and order than there will be no need for this.But they want to sell their product.So now US is the biggest exporter of military hardware,surveylance equipement and yes I forgot torture tools.All to be tried on live humans to improve their quality
To Let muslims kill each other.
There is a famous correspondent in N.Y.Times,THomas Friedman who writes on foreign Policies and his articles are picked up by the thinktanks that influence foreign policy.He wrote clearly and boldly"We(west)don't want war with Islam we want war within Islam"Meaning no matter what side looses within Muslims West(Judeochristian whites) win.Imagine if any muslim writer would have written that we want war within christianity or in judaism.,what kind of hell would have broken loose!.This is American style freedom of press.Meaning as long as you stay in line with Govt policies you have freedom of speech but once you say something different you get under all kind of surveylance,your phones are listened to,your e-mails read ,your bank accounts checked.

Anwar Saeed, United Kingdom - 24 March, 2007

Iraq is now A_Z oil Market of Confessionist

Invasion UK Fleet and US Fleet Are Sanctionista group .They are in Iran-Iraq
Water .15 Sanctionist Army personnel (US allied army) were taken hostage or kidnapped in Iraq Iran Buffer Zone waters vital for the survival of Iranian and Iraqi citizen in NUKE dropping war which is coming. Day by day Sanctionista countries
Want to retain Iraq oil Iran oil Kuwait oil Saudi Oil UAE oil permanently.

They have already already writing fake statistics. Now 100% Muslim Afghanistan is becoming 90% and 10% Christian Iraq is becoming 23 % and 100% Muslim Somalia run
By some percentage Ethiopian Christian army. They have started writing central
Asia as majority Christian in some Iran vicinity zones with altered Russian History.

bulue_zacaria, Georgia - 24 March, 2007

A Humanoid NeoCon Speaks

My oldest sons 2 closes friends are muslims from syria and bosnia.
They live together in harmony and freedom. You spout hate and prejudice Anwaar Hussain. No war is kind but fanatics like yourself go and blow up innocent children like you show in this article. We stand for one man/woman one vote. The iraqi people as a whole both shite and sunni will have that right to live in peace and freedom. NO MATTER what HATE you say.

robert frobenius, Pakistan - 24 March, 2007

I choose for terrorisme .I leave democracy , freedom ,respect and all those crap fot the Christians .I want revenge for that child above .
An eye for an eye a teeth for a teeth .Death to the Americans and their allies and long live terrorisme

Noureddine, Pakistan - 24 March, 2007

Truth and misunderstanding

To: Mr. Anwar Saeed, United States of America:I just cannot ignore what you wrote in your comment regarding Mr. Hussain's latest, "Happy Birthday Free Iraq."

You tell us that Mr. Thomas Friedman "...wrote CLEARLY and BOLDLY" 'We(west) don't want war WITH Islam. We want war WITHIN Islam Meaning no matter what side looses within Muslims West (Judeochristian whites) win.'

No, Mr. Saeed, Mr. Friedman did not write that in his op-ed piece written for the New York Times on July 22, 2005.(

His article was called, "Giving the Hatemongers No Place to Hide."

Here is what Mr. Friedman really wrote:

"If the primary terrorism problem we face today can effectively be addressed only by a war of IDEAS within Islam - a war between life-affirming Muslims against those who want to turn one of the world's great religions into a death cult - what can the rest of us do?

Mr. Hussain should understand Mr. Friedman's point very well. He wrote a very intelligent and asute article on this subject, called "The Silence of the Lambs."

I have to ask it, Mr. Saeed. What is it that causes you to slip over to the PakTribune from the United States and write as you did? Or, is it that English is not your mother tongue and you simply misunderstood what Mr. Friedman was getting at? That is probably what happened. BTW, there is no huge Government, FBI, etc. surveillance of an American citizen who does not stay in line with U.S. Government policies. Our Far Left, Secular Progressives speak out against Mr. Bush and his Admin. constantly and they are not polite about it. You must be new to America and perhaps misunderstand.

And you, Mr. Abdul Basit of Singapore. Do you actually believe that "White Christians can't be stopped from killing?" That is probably a momentary opinion derived from the anger you felt on reading about the suffering of Ali? If so, I can understand. I am angry too...

Ali did not deserve to be so grievously wounded, nor did he deserve to have his photograph used in the promotion of hate. I realize Mr. Hussain might have no such intention. I think he, too, is angry...

A quick search told me that Ali is alive and well, at least according to an August 8, 2003 article.

Ali was taken to Kuwait and from there to London where he was fitted with prosthetic limbs. As of 2003 $400,000 was raised for Ali's care and he and his remaining family have emigrated to Canada.

This, of course, is not a totally happy ending. Ali's close family is still lost to him and he still has his terrible wounds, even though he has the Prosthetic limbs his wounds will remain. Still, Ali seems to be moving forward, unwilling to waste a moment of his time on hate. He asks many questions of a man also wearing a prosthesis,such as "Can I run?" "He is asking all the right questions," the man says. Ali has great courage.

I can't help but wonder why Mr. Hussain wouldn't just automatically search for the subject of his article. After all, he wrote that he didn't know if Ali was still alive. Why didn't he search him out? Does he care or was Ali used simply to promote his seemingly endless anti-American message?

I have had many differences with Mr. Hussain over the years and going by the saying, "know thine enemy," my opinion would be that Mr. Hussain does care. He cares very much.

Could it be that he will just have to decide which is more important to him? His obvious rage - or caring. In any event, I certainly hope this great rage of his will not lead him into the most wasteful and destructive of emotions. Hatred...

Sadly, there is one heartbreaking truth to be found here.

Ali's truth.

Ayasha, United Kingdom - 26 March, 2007

Mr. Noureddine and death

Hello, Mr. Noureddine. Looks like you, Mr. Hussain and I got put in the basement. The Archives? It's dark and cold down here, don't you agree?

But it's always dark and cold wherever there is hatred, ignorance and repression. At least I think so.

Death to hate, Mr. Noureddine. In fact death to your "revenge."

Ayasha, United Kingdom - 27 March, 2007

The Shame of American People

This is a letter to all those who think all of America supports this war and George W. Bush. When I see pictures like that boy above who lost his arms and has burns all over his body I wept with shame and disgrace for the actions of my country's government (regime). This war was not by the will of the people of America. We were all LIED to and deliberately MISLED. If everyday normal Americans were to see these photos in the mainstream media things would be very different I assure you. Our government is being manipulated by evil men. There is no honor in what ever Bush does. I for one am ashamed that America has been tarnished at the hands of madmen like Bush, Chenney, Rumsfeld et al. They do not speak for everyday working American who detest his actions. As a proud American Bush represents the truest form of his "Axis of Evil". Americans don't hate Muslims we just don't know you that's all and it seems that certain people are intent on keeping it that way.

Charlie W., United Kingdom - 02 April, 2007

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