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Good on ya Bangladesh!

02 October, 2007

By Ahmer Muzammil

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Thank you Bangladesh for having the moral courage to resolve a humanitarian crisis by granting citizenship to those unfortunate soles who are famously known as “stranded Pakistanis”. But wait a minute; they were stranded from a Pakistani perspective, from a Bangladeshi perspective they were foreigners, traitors, enemy combatants..take your pick. How come Bangladeshis had the fortitude and decency to look beyond political slogans and dealt with this issue purely on human grounds. They are not only about to give them citizenship but voting rights as well. Shame on the establishment and racist politicians of Pakistan for squandering an opportunity for the past 36 years to do the right thing because of political expediency and pettiness.


The saddest part of this whole fiasco is that the drunkard and incompetent high-brass of the Army that laid down the weapons and made a laughing stock out of the entire nation, the generals who were solely responsible for loosing the war were given real-estates and pension funds and when they died they were laid to rest with decorum.  However the citizens of Pakistan that were always loyal to Pakistan in now Bangladesh and in some instances fought along side Pakistani Army were left to rot in camps for the past 36 years. There generations grew up in abject poverty and were forced to the life of despair because we weren’t capable of humanity or merely fairness. The thing that surprised me the most that even after being back-stabbed by the Pakistani establishment  - and why stop at establishment lets blame the entire nation of Pakistan because I don’t remember any huge protests by civil society to bring them back in my consciousness – time and again, the stranded Pakistanis always maintained there loyalty with Pakistan, even though we gave them no reason that we give a rats ass about them they kept the hope that one of these days we the Pakistanis would do the right thing, oh how wrong they were – for we are cut from a very cheap cloth.


I am asked to be proud of being a Pakistani, its moment like these that I really wonder, are we really at a juncture as a nation where there is any reason to have this hollow-pride? We have successfully created a class system which wasn’t there for the most part when the country was created. We have a society of have’s and have not’s. Have’s are above the law and the entire country is there ancestral estate where they roam about as conquerors. Constitutions can be amended and interpreted according to there whims. They do what there heart desires without bothering about whether it’s right or wrong. Have-not’s are just trying to get access to breathing. Clean water is a luxury that most of them can not afford. There generations have labored on fields and they work tirelessly from dawn till dusk harvesting and still the dogs of chaudhry sahab are treated more humanely and have access to more nutrition than these poor soles who grow everything that we eat in iftar parties at the presidency and PM house. But who cares about there sorry existence….first thing first, lets get Musharaf ‘elected’ for next 5 years… to lagta hay ghareeb kii aahh bhii nahi lagti in dheetton(thick skinned) koo. Please do tell which part of this equation should be the reason for our gloat? Musharaf coined the phrase ‘sab say pehlay pakistan’ (Pakistan First). I tell you we must give credit to these spin doctors for uttering these nuances with a straight face. It would be quite funny if it wasn’t brutal.


Every single political party who has participated in an election from the area of Orangi Town in Karachi at one point or another promised the return of stranded citizens of Pakistan, but it has been just that – a promise with nothing to show for it. MQM had it as part of its original manifesto. They have been in govt. 3 times now; this last stint has been 5 years long. How come no one asks them a simple question in hundreds of talk-shows that they appear on numerous channels, “Hazrat what have you guys done about those poor soles that you gladly own as your own because it get you votes?”. But MQM is not the only political party that has cunningly cashed this sentiment. PPP, Jamat, Muslim League etc. all have displayed the same nature of hypocrisy. The height of the irony is that the only politician who truly and sincerely tried and almost got these stranded Pakistanis back was a Punjabi Chief Minister Ghulam Haider Wayeen. He could have gained nothing politically from this stance; in fact I reckon there would have been a backlash from his constituents to some degree because the sad reality is that we are still highly communal people.


The thing that I find quite intriguing is that Bengalis were maligned as traitors by a vast majority of Pakistanis when I was a teenager in Pakistan during late 90’s, not so anymore. And that prejudice and hate really cut-across provincial boundaries in those days. Bengalis were blamed for what happened in ’71 and they were traitors as far as we were concerned. Sense however has prevailed in our society since than and even those individuals that you hardly expect any kind of sense from (read sherafgan niazi) would tell you that West Pakistan and its military/civil establishment drove Bengalis on the course which ended in Bangladesh (albeit the same people will support the killing of Bugti..go figure). It was the prejudice and unfair treatment from West Pakistan from the word-go that disenfranchised our brethren in East Pakistan; it was our fault all along, not theirs at all. Bengalis were the majority in 1947, they could have forced there language as the national language, but for the sake of unity they went with Urdu. East Pakistan had 56% population in 1947 and therefore should have been awarded the resources accordingly but Hussein Shaheed Suharwardi - one of the few decent & competent Prime Ministers that our country has seen – helped reach consensus in East Pakistan to divide resources right in the middle, sadly all this was just the tip of the ice-berg. We have to understand that it wasn’t Bhutto or Yahya Khan or Ayub alone in a vacuum that brought about the catastrophe of Bangladesh, although they were the bigger piece of the puzzle. It was the systematic alienation that took place from the very beginning that brought down the house. I mean how stupid do you have to be to insinuate that since Bengalis are shorter therefore they must not rule and it is the right of tall, broad shouldered ‘men’ of frontier and Punjab that should be the generals in the Army. It was a good thing that blue-eyed General Niazi was the commander otherwise Pakistanis would have to suffer a humiliating defeat in east Pakistan…oh wait a minute my bad… WE DID SUFFER A HUMILIATING DEFEAT DESPITE OF NIAZI’S CHARMING PRESENCE. Because you see, whether you look good in uniform or not is quite immaterial, the nugget which is of tantamount importance is that you must not be a complete incompetent idiot.


Bengalis by nature were a democratic people, we on the other hand are always in awe of ‘Maula Baksh’. I mean ours would probably be the only country where street thugs, bandits and murderers are admired as icons and we make one movie after another to commemorate them. A part of the society is suffering with this Robin-Hood syndrome and that is why Rule of Law is a foreign concept. Times however are changing. Civil society has finally come to realization that it is there right to govern. People with guns (read Army) might have had an edge in Old West, but this is 2007. And if I am wrong than rest assured that we are still living in dark-ages and no matter how many atom-bombs we have, we will never amount to anything meaningful in this world as a nation. People need to shut-up about how every country’s democracy is different. Could you be any stupider? Its not rocket science. Let the people decide there fate thru a free and fair electoral process.


I am a little disappointed that Pakistani media, both electronic and print, missed this story for the most part. These were our citizens who suffered because of our incompetence and now that they are free from the shackles of conscience, the least we could have done is an acknowledgment of our failure! Pakistan has become a test-case where the corruption - whether its financial or moral - serves as an advantage rather than a handicap, and that alone really for lack of a better word is just SAD.


Nayrangiyay Sisyastay Dorran to daykhyayy 

Manzil unhay milli jo shareek-e-safar na thay.

Reader Comments:

Displaced Citizenship Crisis

India’s 1971 Bangladesh invasion gone too far competing with USA allied then India Japan China oil .This is Burma Myanmar Military Junta’s current trouble.Phuket is Muslim region in Thailand at Burma border .Then problem compounded Burma Refugees Pouring into India near Assam Bangladesh border area. Under allied activities
In sugar bloody fields constitute disappeared Muslim regions Muslim villages in Cambodia N Korea and Vietnam. Bush warns Turkey on Iran oil –Iraq oil while granting quota to N Korea as if Bush has own oilfields. When India Pakistan were created. Many Muslims from East India South and central India went to live in Bangladesh. They should have been given Bangladesh citizenship immediately with regime change. Current
Regime change efforts in Bangladesh Pakistan Burma Iran Afghanistan and OIC
Have been converted into Territorial Army’s territorial gang looting and plum pudding
Hotel motel tours travel land Hospital Hiway coal tar distribution amid LNG and oil Iron
Ore Uranium distribution Gang wars.

M_Z, Bahrain - 02 October, 2007

again your sensless, and totally worthless ranting against the army. what a waste... do us all a favor jst stop writing. before i used to reply with lenghty paragraphs humiliating your nonsensical articles...but now its like not even worth it since some people are retarted fanatics who never transgress their own limited way of thinking and looking at contemporary events...

A. Siddiqui, Pakistan - 02 October, 2007

BDesh did the right thing and so has Pakistan

"Stranded Pakistanis" were in fact East Bengali citizens all along. They were the sons of E. Bangli soil.

If BDesh gives them citizenship now, they are accepting a long overdue fact.

As this author accepts the reality that even MQM aka Mohajir party didn't push for turning East Bengalis into Pakistanis.

Simply because BDesh would have committed and Pakistan aided in "ethnic cleansing" if these "stranded" people were brought to Pakistan.

They are all born and raised in BDesh, so how come this author is hell bent on making them non-BDeshis?

Dr. Qazi (DrShaheenIqbalQazi --at-- yahoo), United Kingdom - 03 October, 2007




A. V. RAO, United Kingdom - 03 October, 2007

guy above me has lost his mind! even he wont be able to elaborate on what he typed over a smoke!

saintsaredead, Pakistan - 03 October, 2007

Stranded Pakistanis

Stranded Pakistanis in Bangladesh who were not involved in atrocities in 1971 were give a choice by Bangabandhu Government to get Bangladeshi citizenship. Those that did (there were few thousands) were given back their jobs and the citizenship. Others decided they will go back to Pakistan. They just became tools for the politicians of Pakistan. In the Holy month of Ramadan of 1971 two train loads of innocent Bangladeshis were salughtered by these 'Biharis' in Pahartali, Chittagong. This author is a witness of the killing. Now they will be given Bangladeshi citizenship. This is one of those ironies of history that we will have to learn to leave with.

Mannan, Bahrain - 04 October, 2007

Re: BDesh did the right thing and so has Pakistan

Dr. You are one of them. Know the fact! There was no concept of East Bengali citizen before '71. It was all Pakistan. After the birth of Bangladesh all your brothers decided to go back to other part of Pakistan. They never accepted Bangladesh. Your Pakistani rulers also promised to take them back. In fact few thousands were taken back in '72-'75. After that all were quiet. Pakistan govt. showed it's back to the remaining. So, you! You are brain washed hollow Dr.

Mohammad Sharif, United Kingdom - 04 October, 2007

Biharis in Greater Bangladesh

Granting citizenship to the biharis had to be done because there was no other way to deal with this problem. In reality they belonged to Pakistan but Pakistan refused to take them. These biharis can live with us provided they live according to our traditions, otherwise they have no place in Greater Bangladesh.

In Germany and Ireland we are campaigning for the liberation of West Bengal and Assam, because both these indian states belong to Greater Bangladesh. We liberated East Bengal from Pakistan and now we will liberate west bengal and assam from India and will create a new country called, GREATER BANGLADESH.

Nazrul Islam, Bahrain - 05 October, 2007

DrQazi Persona -
DrShaheenIqbalQazi's opinion represents the persona and sentiment of the Pakistani military junta;cannot accept facts and historical realities. The "biharis" were Pakistani citizens, solemnly declared so to the UN, hoisted Paki flag and sang its national anthem in the camp; the military used them against the BDeshis in 1971. However, the likes of Dr. Qazi has no fellow feelings or owes no patriotric duties to repatriate its "brethern" citizens;Bangladesh brought every willing Bangladeshi soul,wherever born--that's the difference between!! born in W.Pak from Pak in 1972-73is and generosity of the Bangladeshis. In this Ramadan,I hope you'd learn and try to practice some religion!! Sultan

, Pakistan - 05 October, 2007

DrQazi Persona -
DrShaheenIqbalQazi's opinion represents the persona and sentiment of the Pakistani military junta;cannot accept facts and historical realities. The "biharis" were Pakistani citizens, solemnly declared so to the UN, hoisted Paki flag and sang its national anthem in the camp; the military used them against the BDeshis in 1971. However, the likes of Dr. Qazi has no fellow feelings or owes no patriotric duties to repatriate its "brethern" citizens;Bangladesh brought every willing Bangladeshi soul,wherever born--that's the difference between!! born in W.Pak from Pak in 1972-73is and generosity of the Bangladeshis. In this Ramadan,I hope you'd learn and try to practice some religion!! Sultan

Sultan, United Kingdom - 05 October, 2007

Refugees from and in B'desh

Pakistan is in perpetual turmoil ever since its birth due to our misguided apprehensions about various matters of its internal disputes and conflicts. Here, it would be pertinent to mention that, Bangladesh has now decided after 36 years of its existence about accepting its refugees, while the refugee issues in West Pakistan were promptly settled by the Government of Pakistan, specially in Karachi, where most of the refugees migrated from India. It needs to be reminded that, Karachi was turned into the world's largest refuge center immediately after partition and the Government had undertaken and completed, the World's largest re-settlement plan, which was established at Korangi. Regrettably, we refuse to credit Ayub Khan for the highly commendable job completed by him under the able supervision of Azam Khan, who was later transferred to undertake similar efforts for the settlement of Bihari refugees in the then East Pakistan. But, such could not happen due to strong opposition of the local people. The matter therefore, remained unresolved for 36 years after the birth of Bangladesh.
I had the fortune of extensively visiting East Pakistan in 1964, on study tour, in a group of students from Peshawar University. What I observed on the streets of East Pakistani cities, public transport and trains, was enough to conclude that, East Pakistan was an un-natural attachment and was not maintainable for long. Here I would like to share with the readers, my unforgettable experience based upon simple observations, which can clear a lot of dust.
As a student from one of the Pakistani Universities, it was perplexing for me to understand, why people on streets became angry to see us with them and agitated against us, shouting with filthy anti-Pakistan slogans. In another incident, when I tried to hire a Cycle Rickshaw to visit Decca Museum, all rickshaw pullers I tried, refused to answer. After several attempts to communicate, the ultimate short reply of one of them was, " Shab, hum Urdu nahi janta". In an instant, everything was clear. Poor rickshaw puller sweating to earn his less than substance living, had solid reasons to refuse an otherwise lucrative fare which I had offered for the short journey.
It could be concluded that, Bangladesh, as the name sufficiently explains, was created on linguistic considerations more than anything. Point is further strengthened by the fact that, Bangladeshi Satellite Television Stations available on our cable networks do not have any news or programs, even in English.

Back to our own situation, I am constrained to write that, we had always openly welcomed refugees. We even deliberately overlook illegal immigrants from Bangladesh sneaking in under the guise of Bihari refugees and over a million of such workers are illegally living in Karachi. The MQM is a political party which originated particularly with its mandate to work for the welfare of refugees from the erstwhile East Pakistan. The Party has long changed its name, replacing Mohajir with Muttahida, giving a clear message that, it has solved Muhajir ( refugee) problems, by Unifying it with the mainstream Pakistan.

It appears the writer of the above article has not done his simple homework. I am not a historian, but can imagine that, a lot more is required to find out the root cause of our rifts capable of making our religion a laughing stock for the world. We need to sit together and find a common work plan for better understanding.

M.Saeed, Pakistan - 05 October, 2007

Greater Bengal vs Geater Bangladesh

Greater Bengal separated as Bengal Bihar Orissa in 1912.East Pakistan W Bengal separated in 1947.Bihar and Orissa separated by itself in 1936. Bihar & Jharkhand separated recently.They were called Presidency of British East India company or Fort Williams or Calcutta.Whereas Pakistan Muslim Leaque had originated in Dacca Urdu had developed in Bengal.Bangladeshis of UK or Canada claim birth right Claiming citizenship as EU or Canadian citizenship. In Cosmopolitan Bengal Biharis and others lived for Hundred of years. Even now some visit home and farms while living in Calcutta to earn a living. Is it different than East Bengalis and West Bengalis coming and going to and fro. All Bengalis either speak pure Bengali or mixed blend language while they come across or if they live in mixed area. Imagine 5 Urdu newspaper and 5 English Bengali news papers were published (daily) in Calcutta even in 1961.Some Bengalis registered in Mixed Urdu Bengali high schools or M AZAD Islamic college of U of C.Many had employment as Civil servant of British Raj and were traders.Many lived in remote Hindu villages and Hindu Paras of Calcutta.They as innovative progressive Citizen of Greater Bengal had moved to East Pakistan in 1947 like Bangladeshis immigrants of these Days .They had right as Greater Bengal residents. But during 1947-2007 old immigrants Are dead and gone. The new Born and brought up resident of Bangladesh (E Pakistan) have been called Biharis wrongly. Bengal like rest of India or Pakistan either communicate in English Urdu Hindi or so called unique blend of all so called Bihari dialogue of Bollywood Movies.Few days ago I walked into Chowringhee behind Howrah Bridge Dalhousie and saw these Local Biharis Gujratis And Marwaris of Bengal Hitech shops living in Harmony amid Bengalis with two accents- W Bengali accent and East Bengali accent. All speaking Bengalis(including mixed ethnics) or mixed dialogue (as it needed).By any standard they are Bengali Citizen with India or Bangladesh passports.

M_Z, Bahrain - 05 October, 2007

India as is - current analysis

The Notion that East Pakistan belong to Pakistan sound amusing by virtue of
Pakistan Bihari Label . East Pakistan (rather than Bangladesh or East Bengal) was a Catalyst induced To create a chain reaction to divide India into Many dozen of Provinces. No NWF Pathans or Pushtun Baloch Punjabis or Sindhis or Azad J&K Pakistanis had any interest to immigrate to remote poor and crowded Bangladesh.I visited Dacca whole Bengal like all provinces in Pakistan.I also visited Indian Held Kashmir.Here I felt like 99% Muslim.The people and place is different.They do not look like India but look like occupied at Gun point. I have my own photos taken in Kashmiri Costume .I visted South India AP Tamil Naidu Kerala MP Bihar UP Jharkand and Found Muslims in substantial proportion.In some high tech States they seemed 40/60 like in Farming states
Saturated Bihar UP( I visited again) .W Bengal and presumably Assam have high proportion too. However, India although seem to be modernizing but due to shortage
Of space Population seem 2 billion than current 1 billion.India ‘s progressive Railway and now India ‘s progressive Domestic flights reflect shortage of lands in crowded area.In the south it was delightful Away from fume and pollution.India’s need strategy
For acute problem. Bangladesh should develop improved economical Railways and economic Domestics and International Flights and Space saving formula.Muslims need
Equal share in India and Bangladesh.

be Zee, United Arab Emirates - 06 October, 2007

Your domicile is the first proof of citizenship (Biharis were domiciled in E. Bengal)

Calm down Sharif sahib.

Don't you know that domicile is the first proof of citizenship for you. All these Biharis were domiciled in E. Bengal and thus they were the sons of soil.

Many many generations of these Biharis have been born and raised in BDesh. They are as much BDeshis as any other non-Bihari.

Snatching away their domicile or kicking them out of BDesh will be tantamount to "ethnic cleansing".

Therefore it is a good thing that BDesh is giving them the citizenship.


Dr. Qazi (DrShaheenIqbalQazi --at-- yahoo), United Kingdom - 06 October, 2007

Mother Tongue Bengali Urdu of Bengalis

Cockney accent Bangladeshis of UK claim to be UK National as Bangladeshis.But in Bengal Bengalis have adopted new arrival English and new arrival Urdu in recent
Years.All Muslim Bengalis learn to read Arabic Quran.There are millions of permanent Bengali Muslim family of cosmopolitan Kolkata who speak Bengali but have changed mother tongue as Urdu.Even Hindi is mainly Urdu besides being Sanskrit. Urdu is mixed Bengali English Farsi Turkish Greek French Central Asian.Urdu is easiest language to learn and to communicate. Urdu is considered most beautiful in sound and rhythm
Being common to above languages.It is not uncommon if Punjabi Sindhi Gujarat Farsi Hyderabad family claim Urdu as mother tongue in their own province. People of India Pakistan And many places if they claim to watch Hindi movie they in fact have adopted Urdu as May be 1.5 billion who have adopted Urdu. Sanskrit Hindi was impossible to understand and very unattractive until recently even via Bollywood movies.The Notion Urdu speaking of Bangladesh or across border Bengal are Biharis is inaccurate. Be accurate to say Bengalis of Greater Bangladesh have Bengali and Urdu or Hindi as mother tongue and learn English and Quran (Muslim Bengalis).

be Zee, United Arab Emirates - 07 October, 2007

Pakistanis belong to Pakistan

The concept of "domicile" is a farce; no matter where you settle the citizenship of the "biharis" remained Pakistani by all international standards and conventions. That's why the UN Commission Refugees protected them in Dhaka/BD in Geneva Camp.
How unconscionable the people who are throwing away their Pakistani brethern who risked their lives and future for the Paki military! Is it because they are not Punjabi's, the so called elite/privileged sons of the soil! Once again, it displays the mind set of the Pakistani establishment and their supporters! FYI, civilized countries claim the off-springs of their citizens no matter where they are born or settled unlike the current "logic" of domicile. Even Paki govt. upto now did not deny the citizenship rights of the residents of Geneva Camp in Dhaka on any legal basis; they practiced delaying strategy citing lack of funds for transporting them and other logistics.
Lo, BDeshis, you're too generous--you founded the Muslim League in Dhaka, voted for creation of a separate homeland for the Muslims when Punjab voted against it, and created Pakistan--now you take its citizens as your own on compassion!

Dr. Sultan Chowdhury, United Kingdom - 07 October, 2007

East Bengal -Assam was reunited as Capital Dacca's Province in 1905

Assam & Bangladesh(E Bengal) with Dacca as Capital was reunited in 1905 and separated again in 1947 (renamed Bangladesh in 1971) Tea District have own culture.They are sylhatis Assemese or Indo -Mongoloids, Tibeto-Burmese and Aryans as unique fusion of a new community as Bengali- Assamese -Burmese. Assam however, remained predominantly a land of the Tibeto-Burmese with Capital Gauwahati . Burmese Muslims look Like Malay Chinese. Assemese Muslim look Assemese Sylhati Muslims and Burma Border Muslims look alike (often have overflowing or Identity Conflict) and flareup problem accusing Bangladesh’s 150 million population
In 144,000 sq Km compared to Burma’s 50 million in 678,500 Burma was Part of India and annexed by British in between
1857 Gadr with Queen Victoria of Canada Arrival and 1886.Canada has 33 million population with 9,976,140 Sq Km
with shortage of Manpower . India is cut off with little access to Assam Troubled tribal Manipur East India. Bangladesh is sandwiched in two India.India has access via tiny railway route or by Air.

B _Lal, Hungary - 09 October, 2007

Domicile is the primary source of proving citizenship

How could anyone term domicile as a "farce". This is the piece of paper that allows people establish the true citizenship all the way to city level.

Someone may hold a Pakistani passport, but he won't be allowed to get into local schools in Karachi until he obtains a domicile.

Biharis too were domiciled in East Bengal. No one not even Awami League could take that away.

The second foundation of citizenship is birth place.

The third foundation could be the citizenship is your parent's citizenship. However this is the weakest form of citizenship.

Biharis who were domiciled in E. Bengal were primarily sons of Bengali soil. They could have claimed "dual citizenship" of BDesh and Pakistan.

However BDesh never had legal basis to remove Biharis from its soil. Sameway Pakistan didn't have a God given rights to take these Biharis born and raised in BDesh, out of the country of their birth.

Take the emotions out Dr. Sahib and smell the coffee.


Dr. Qazi (DrShaheenIqbalQazi --at-- yahoo), United Kingdom - 10 October, 2007


They do not look like India but look like occupied at Gun point







A. V. RAO, United Kingdom - 10 October, 2007

Comments:Dr. Sultan Chowdhury

I must be thankful to Dr.Sultan Chowdhury, who has graciously vindicated my comments, titled "Refugees from and in B'desh", already publication on this discussion forum. My comments were based upon the candid view I formed after visiting length and breadth of East Pakistan that, the Eastern wing of Pakistan was un-natural and separation was inevitable. Today I am sure beyond doubts that, Bangladesh is a creation, only and only of ethnic divide. Divide was so much deep rooted in their minds that, we as visiting students were frequently mobbed and openly agitated against by the local people. We saw several Letters to the Editor in papers, raising trivial issues, which are common with students community, any where. In contrast, visiting East Pakistani students were given almost state honours in West Pakistan, arranging meetings and parties with the top most dignitaries..

Dr. Sultan Chowdhury has stated that, " Lo, BDeshis, you're too generous--you founded the Muslim League in Dhaka, voted for creation of a separate homeland for the Muslims when Punjab voted against it, and created Pakistan--now you take its citizens as your own on compassion!"

At least Doctor, correct your history. You are only right in saying that the All India Muslim League was founded in a meeting at Dhaka. It is a fact that, All India Muslim League was founded in a joint meeting of like minded people of India, on 30 December 1906 at the All India Muhammadan Educational Conference held in Dhaka, which was attended by over three thousand delegates from all over un-divided India and presided over by Nawab Viqar-ul-Mulk. The resolution was moved by Nawab Salimullah which was seconded by Hakim Ajmal Khan. But the learned Doctor Sultan has conveniently missed to state that, all of those people responsible for the creation of All India Muslim League were non indigene Bengalis. Their ancestors hailed from Kashmir and were traders, who came from the famous Kashmiri Khwaja tribe. Under current situation in Bangladesh, they can well be compared with Biharis

Then, our learned Doctor Sultan Chowdhury has claimed that, Muslims from Bengal voted and created Pakistan while Punjab opposed it. I am appalled at his ignorance. He does not even know the ABC of History of his own Independence! He should not forget that, Bengal was divided and became free from India due to the same Two Nation Theory, which Quaid-e-Azam successfully presented to the British and which flattened the Gandhi's various somersaults to discredit the theory, projecting his own lame theory of Hindu-Muslim unity. Something Bengalis would know better than any other group of sub-continent people.. If not for that struggle, Bangladesh would have been a part of Assam quagmire.

To make the record straight, I must remind the readers that, the Pakistan resolution was passionately presented by Sher-e-Bangal, Mr. A. K. Fazlul Huq, (who was introduced into politics by Sir Khwaja Salimullah Khan) at Manto Park, Lahore ( now Yadgar-e-Pakistan monument) in Punjab, on 23rd. March, 1940, on the idea introduced by Allama Iqbal ( of Sialkot, an illustrious son of the soil Punjabi) in 1930. and the name Pakistan which was unanimously agreed, was proposed by Choudhary Rahmat Ali, a Punjabi from Hoshiarpur, now in Indian Punjab.

Punjabis are the proud Pakistanis because they actually laid foundations of Pakistan. Insinuations made by Dr, Sultan against Punjabis are totally baseless, malafide and distortion of basic facts to the ultimate limits. Statements made by Dr. Sultan in his comments under reference, are sufficient to prove the bias. This is exactly the impression, which was prevalent in East Pakistan, right after the Indian Partition, and observed by me during my extensive study tour in 1964.

This clarification was necessary, after reading highly misleading letter of Dr. Sultan Chowdhury.

M.Saeed, Pakistan - 12 October, 2007

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