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From General to Mr Pervez Musharraf

03 October, 2007

By Syed A. Mateen

It seems that all is set to go for re-election of President General Pervez Musharraf after General Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani has been promoted as Vice Chief of the Army Staff. After the re-election of the President, General Pervez Musharaff is going to doff his army uniform and will become a Civilian President and in future he will be addressed as “Mr. Pervez Musharraf”.


I do not foresee any hurdle in President’s re-election after the verdict was announced by Supreme Court of Pakistan and the acceptance of the nomination papers of General Pervez Musharraf by the Election Commissioner.

The nation has to wait for couple of more days when the presidential election will take place on October 6, 2007 and the legislators will once again elect General Pervez Musharraf as president so that he should become Mr. Pervez Musharraf for the next five years term.

General Pervez Musharraf has joined Pakistan Military Academy in 1961 and was commissioned in Artillery Regiment in 1964. During last forty-three years, General Pervez Mussarraf has served army in different grades and cadres.

After doffing his army uniform, General Musharraf will become “Civilian President”, and at the beginning, it would be a difficult task for General Pervez Musharraf to change his mindset after remaining with the army for forty-three years, when presently the lawyers and opposition political parties are agitating against his re-election in the country.

There is a lot of ill-feeling among different segments of society against the President. The issue has taken a new turn when the lawyers, journalists and members of the civil society were severely beaten by the brutal police of Islamabad at the Constitution Avenue, in which many lawyers, journalists and members of the civil society got seriously injured.

The Chief Justice of Pakistan has taken suo moto notice and consequently Ministry of Interior has suspended Deputy Commissioner of Islamabad Chaudhry Mohammad Ali, Inspector General of Police Moravet Ali Shah and Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Dr Naeem Khan.

Supreme Court headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry has also formed a bench consisting of Justice Faqir Mohammad Khokar and Justice Raja Fayyaz.  The bench has issued contempt notices to the Deputy Commissioner, IG of Islamabad and Magistrate Irfan Ahmad and have been asked to explain their position as why they should not be punished for contempt of court for firing teargas shells inside the Supreme Court premises.

This was all going on in Islamabad when the President having all the powers could not stop the brutal police of Islamabad, who was severely beating lawyers, journalists and other members of the civil society.

After doffing army uniform, it will become essential for the President General Pervez Musharraf to take into confidence the lawyer’s community, journalists and the members of civil society in order to pave the way for holding peaceful, transparent, free and fair general elections in the country.

The matter of re-election of the President should not become a matter of life and death for people representing different segments of the society. The matter should be dealt by the president in a way that it should create a congenial environment, so that general elections should be held according to its scheduled programme.

Since General Pervez Musharraf after doffing his uniform will be relieved off from army duty, I would request the President to spare more time in solving the problems of hundreds of thousands of the citizens, who have been denied the rights of getting justice in the country.

Among a lot of other priorities, the first thing which President should take care after becoming the “Civilian President” is to eradicate the menace of corruption which now-a-days has become the order of the day. The corruption starts when the government officials take bribe from the innocent citizens in facilitating them to get their jobs done and the poor citizens who are unaware of their rights pay bribe to government officials in order to get their jobs done. 

For eradicating extremism and terrorism from the country, the President has to ensure that the country should run according to the Constitution of Pakistan. All amendments made during the tenure when President remains as Chief of Army Staff should be deleted by the present assemblies and Pakistan should be governed by the original Constitution of 1973.

I would like to conclude my letter by saying that extremism and terrorism from the country cannot be eradicated when our young generation has been brought up under the “shadow of the guns” when martial law, emergency and military rule was imposed in the country, time and again.

While General Musharraf is leaving his gun behind and will become a Civilian President on November 15, 2007, I would request the President to make sure that in future no person in the country should impose martial law, emergency or military rule, if we really want to see our young generation to become honourable members of the society, instead they become walking bombs and militants.

Solving problems of the society with a civilian mindset would be more appropriate for the country. Our young generation, who has all the potential to do all the good things for the country, could not set a straight direction, due to lack of real democracy and civilian leadership in the country.

Reader Comments:

Mr.Musharaf the Civilian President

Mr.Mateen I agree with you 100%. After the election of Mr.Musharaf he will have to change his military ways and follow the constotution as it was written by our peers. Pakistan can only become a great nation if country is ruled by the government voted by the public of Pakistan. It becomes a responsibility of Mr. Musharaf to see that all elections are held from free of fear and intimidation.
All candidates have the right to speak their mind about the issues and let people of Pakistan know whar are they going to do about it.Its time that the young generation of Pakistan (Men and Women) walk together for the progress of the nation. Its mainlt imparitive on the well educated to see that elections are being held without any fear. If it can be done in a war torn country like Iraq why it cannot be done in Pakistan. I am Indian by birth and heard stories from parents how every one lived together in Pakistan and now I wish that citizens of my neighbour country will become productive and be blessed with happiness. Eradicate the illitrate Mullahs who are destroying the young generation for thier own cause not Isalm. I urge Mr.Musharaf after he is re-elected president to fight terror in true means not just by talk.

Vinod, United Kingdom - 03 October, 2007

Legimitate feelings

By using word ill-feeling it looks that author has no sympathy with legitimate opposition based on facts.
If you keep tail of a dog in a tube for 12 years, it will take turn as usual.
It is not a matter of Army education, but some peoples have exceptional character and genes to conduct illigitimate practices. Mush is trying hard to impose maximum number of sycophants around him. By nature he is confrontational in character, rat in front of powerful. Nature can not be changed. His recent statement against opening of Lal Masjid tells which country is going to appoint him and on what terms. On one side trying to divide nation on secterian and ethnic basis and on other side using army to protect him from his wrong doings.
It is problem with Mush not others, till he is removed from the political scene, nation will remain divided on one issue or other, divide and rule is his stretegy, by hook by crook he want to gain benefits.
He is unfit for the post of president. He use abusive language and usually threat opponents. He used state forces against civilians, missing peoples, sale of civilians, target killings and vulgar thoughts is his main charactricitics.
Pakistan will never emerge as soft and non-corrupt country till Mush will remain on seat alongwith his appointed generals.
Nation can not run on economical doses of Washington, till we have political stability. Stability will reduce impact of extremism and terrorism which is not possible under leadership of present generals.
Politicians around him are known poodles of GHQ, those are with every powerful, when power goes they disappear from the scene.
Mush must go for the stability of Pakistan.

Ghulam Rasool Chauhdhry, Pakistan - 03 October, 2007

rule of law & justice

sir popularity graph is on nose dive going down and down, its only he can dare to announce that he is not a candidate for presidential election and intends to leave after holding free and fair election, that may solve some of the problems

am, Pakistan - 04 October, 2007

In-correct title

Title of the story needs correction. General Musharraf after doffing his uniform will only become a General(Rtd.) Musharraf. To become a complete civilian Mr.Musharraf,he shall have to be disgraced through a due process of Court Martial, appropriately punished requiring stripping of the title and other Military honours.

M.Saeed, Pakistan - 05 October, 2007


So far pakistan is getting panadol/paracetamol(for economic pain)from USA please note this is a temporary relef USA is giving(pain reliever)and once you get addicted you lose your skills & become parasite.A dollar earned is that of far more value than five found.Never take gift/donation as it kills your gravity.

suresh taneja, Pakistan - 05 October, 2007


Syed A. Mateen’s article “From General to Mr. Pervez Musharraf” was posted on your website on Wednesday October 3, 2007 (1348 PST).

I would like to quote two paragraphs of Mr. Mateen’s article which says:

“I do not foresee any hurdle in President’s re-election after the verdict was announced by Supreme Court of Pakistan and the acceptance of the nomination papers of General Pervez Musharraf by the Election Commissioner.

Mr. Mateen further stated that “The nation has to wait for couple of more days when the presidential election will take place on October 6, 2007 and the legislators will once again elect General Pervez Musharraf as president so that he should become Mr. Pervez Musharraf for the next five years term”.

I am astonished to note that whatever Mr. Mateen has said in his article was 100% correct. It all happened on October 6, 2007 in the same way as Mr. Mateen has described on October 3, 2007.

He is really a genius person who can foresee what will happen next in the political scenario in Pakistan much before it really happened.

I congratulate Mr. Mateen that Al-Might God has given him such an intellectual capacity which very few people in the world would be having.


Zeeshan Masood, Pakistan - 07 October, 2007

Congratulation to Pervez Musharraf Better Luck next time to BB NS

How President Musharraf was elected in Pakistan democracy Military Democracy? Democracy is not the solution but this is how it has been followed in Pakistan. Pakistan became independent in 1947.Within 9 years Election Commission (independent) was formed. All Political Parties have Candidates elected as MNA or MPS.Electoral College has 1170 people to vote.NA and Senate while four provincial assembles have approx 65 votes each. If 170 MNA S who resigned (not to participate) had voted against president then the result would have looked like 671 in favour 175 against. Reserved seats have NA 60 women Senate 17 women 17 Mullahs and 17 none Muslims .If President won by 671 to 5 there is no room to say that President cheated.MPs (MNA) are elected for 6 years by Publics. In the absence of BB or NS if 170 had voted for Judge or PPP to shape up opposition ,it would have been something.Neither BB nor Nawaz Sharif and like all Worldwide democracy candidates who have no idea What is democracy how to create campaign or what to govern. Besides Military Democracy We have QueenDom Democracy Kingdom-Sheikdom Democracy EmirDom SultanDom Democracy and Islamic democracy Christian democracy Jewish democracy and USA allied Force democracy And Gangster-Investors democracy. Good or bad Pakistan and Turkey seem to have military Democracy as stable form of govt and progress making. Congratulation to the Elected Pervez Musharraf (thank to others lacking knowledge of Election Procedure).

Z Billo, United Arab Emirates - 08 October, 2007

Public Election for MNAs is real thing.

Now Military has Civilian President and Army Chief General Kiani I do not know how much duration of 6 year MNAs term left.Soon will be turn to elect MNAs or MPS Senators at National Assembly and Senate .Pakistan public should propose talented
Candidates Professors Engineers Lawyers Industrialist Economic specialists Who could participate for the project and country Development.When is the election for the real thing?It is the MNAs or MPS who become Ministers PM and President who select CIC after Cabinet is formed after Public Election.

Z Billo, United Arab Emirates - 08 October, 2007

General Election Likely in Jan 2008

It looks out of 705 Electoral Votes the president scored 385.22 votes.Many MNAs
Did not bother to vote and had resigned.MNAs Term likely ends in November 2007.General Election can be held in December or Jan /08. BB Nawaz Sharif Judges are talented and should be included in the race after working out about corruption IMF and Public Debt and empty Treasury charges.Public Debt or investors
Debt IMF debt can be divided into 3 parts.State debt Private corporation Debt and its
value due to US$1=Canadian $1=Euro related to foreign exchange value and Muslim OIL sales criteria.US allied meddling or manouvering include French Sarkozy meddling in Muslim French States (22) and at Turkey Armenia area in Afghanistan Kuwait Saudi Arabia UAE and above all Iraq.
They are state within state Muslim leaders working with these criteria compound Muslim Problem .

Z Billo, United Arab Emirates - 08 October, 2007

Mr. Adolf Bush

Satanic cycle has restarted after re-election of Adolf Mush.

Progress report of both generals as their first official day:
Careful estimate of gallantry executed by both political generals and reported by global media.

1. Genocide of Pushtoons started with full offence, it is worst day.
2. PAF Jets used to drop heavy bombs on residences of citizens
3. Army Aviation gunship helicopters used to kill civilians
4. 58 women and children killed (BBC 19.28 GMT) confirmed by Daily News. The 34 injured civilians were first shifted to Mir Ali town and admitted to the privately-run Shahabuddin Hospital. But afterwards they were put into 15 private vehicles flying white flags and transported to Bannu and Peshawar as the medical facilities in the Shahabuddin Hospital were inadequate.
5. 10 Army vehicles destroyed
6. 35 soldiers killed (Confirmed by ISPR) 35 injured soldiers taken to hospital.
7. 73 dead bodies of soldiers recovered by peace Jirga (Daily News)
8. 50 + 12 soldiers deserted or missing (Reuter 15.58 GMT)
9. According to Daily News the jet-fighters started bombing several villages suspecting them to be the hideouts of militants on Sunday and continued the raids on Monday. As many as 34 people were also injured in the fresh round of fighting.
About the clashes, official and tribal sources told The News from the area that jet-fighters and gunship helicopters started bombing a number of villages near Mir Ali including Hasukhel, Mullagan, Barokhel, Musaki, Khadi, Khushali Torikhel, Hurmaz and Haiderkhel on Sunday night. They said the bombing raids continued till 3 am Monday.
10. They said air attacks by the jets caused large-scale destruction in terms of human and material losses to the villagers. After collecting figures of losses caused by the night-time attack, the sources said 12 women and children died when a stray artillery shell hit a house in the old Mir Ali village, five kilometers north of Mir Ali town.
Similarly, 18 other villagers, including women and children and some elderly people, were killed in Hasukhel, 15 in Khatti Kalley, three in Haiderkhel and four in Hurmaz. Two persons reportedly leaving a mosque in Mir Ali bazaar in the morning were also killed after being hit by a rocket fired by one of the jets. Tribal elders said villagers digging graves for the slain persons were also bombed by jet-fighters in the villages of Khushali, Hasukhel, Haiderkhel and Mullagan. Two jet-fighters flying at high altitude started targeting suspected militants’ hideouts Monday afternoon in which four villagers were killed in Hasukhel. Three militants were reportedly killed in Haiderkhel and another two in Mullagan village. (The News)
11. Total deaths are reported around 200 from different resources.
12. Dozens of residences of citizens have been destroyed
13. Security agencies have blocked food and medical necessities, lack of electricity shortage of drinking water, roads are blocked and great number of population will die due to lack of facilities
14. It is termed as insurgency-plagued ethnic Pashtun tribal belt.
15. 200-300 soldiers are already in captivity of local tribes men, out of which three earlier and 15 yesterday beheaded.
16. One helicopter crashed with four army personnel dead south of Muzaffarabad, including one Brig. dead and Major Gen Rashid Qureshi injured, helicopter was escorting Adolf Mush. At the age of 60 Mush is drinking blood of professional officers and soldiers of the Army. It is a great national loss.

Mockery of generals:
Government is camouflaging the facts and misguiding media, all such operation is part of war on terror and matter of money, Government of Pakistan is receiving dollars Vs dead soldiers. Newly appointed sycophant generals have no experience to handle the situation wisely.

General Tariq Majeed butcher is using same techniques which he adopted against students of Jamia Hafsa. 111 Brigade, Karar and Zarar commandos, uniformed general of FC (Rangers) with thousand of armed personnel, Federal police, Punjab police along with elite forces were used to brutally murder thousand of students.
Where as General Pervez Kiyani passed his time in abductions, imprisonment, target killings, breaking political parties, strengthening Mush and negotiating deals with corrupt politicians. After receiving such credentials appointment of both generals on sensitive posts, what better result could we expect which is their first day report. Yankees were patiently waiting since weeks results of their pre-qualified political generals in uniform to take charge and start genocide.
See Part 2

international professor, Pakistan - 09 October, 2007

Mr. Adolf Bush

Satanic cycle has restarted after re-election of Adolf Mush.Part-2
Deception on part of Jamia Hafsa and Lal Masjid:
Military spokesmen are linking insurgency in FATA with Lal Masjid massacre and posing retaliation from those areas. English media is using same old technique including Shia net work of Najam Sethi is posed during massacre of Jamia Hafsa. Whether it is retaliation of Lal Masjid massacre or not one thing is clear that since massacre reached to an end, more then 1000 peoples have been killed, surrendered, or deserted.
(300-400 civilians including women and children have been killed, 300-500 hundred army personnel deserted, surrendered or killed. More then 250 persons are blamed to be killed in suicide bombing in retaliation of Lal Masjid). Linking insurgency with Lal Masjid is false; it is strongly believed that it is a result of war on terror, lack of wise decisions and tyrannical faith on power.

Scenario after re-election:
Fear which scholars and journalists have been stating, about post re-election scenario of Adolf Mush, has not taken too long to confirm honest thoughts of such peoples, and satanic cycle has been started with in two days. Responsibilities of spillt blood of citizens either civilians or Army lies on the shoulder of followings:

1. Greediness of Adolf Mush and power hungry generals
2. Saudi Government for abducting Mian Nawaz Shariff
3. Benazir for demolishing movement of restoration of justice and weakening opposition by under the table negotiating with generals.
4. MQM
5. Ch: Shujaat Husain & Co
6. Supreme Courts of Pakistan.(Fearful judges failed to re-store their credibility)
7. Support of Yankees and Tommie’s.

All above elements are directly responsible for current carnage and future bloodshed, all responsibilities lies on the shoulders of above elements for re-imposing vicious mafia to kill innocent citizens. There is no doubt religious, sectarian and racial hatred is main component of this bloodshed.

In the light of support from various sectors, it is not possible that Mush will ever become civilised head of state. Watch the fundamental task assigned to him by crusaders, his fate will be like Zia and he will take his sycophants with him. War on terror for economical benefits is a curse that will not let him sit patiently, presidential election is contested in such manner reveals what mentality he has, his every step go forward to please neo-cons and neo-imperialists. Acceptance of Benazir is under pressure of those lords, even issuing NRO which is against morale values, against the constitution and harboring large number of swindlers and thugs shows his appetite of power by hook by crook.
His re-election through same hand picked electoral college consists of corrupt politicians is clear cut fraud with the nation, Army is scapegoat which he is using for shameless cause. For the sake of crusade he is killing innocent peoples and using poor Jawans of Army for his vested interest.
Nation is divided for ever.

International Professor - Pakistan

international professor, Pakistan - 09 October, 2007

Bad is bad, whether in uniform or without uniform

By appointing four sycophant generals to take protection of army, by giving bribe of NRO to PPP and MQM, by keeping corrupt politicians to run govt since last five years, kidnapping Nawaz Shariff then which force left to stop him. Supreme Courts is nothing giving boy to every one, their character is hopeless and judges have misguided peoples by keeping on green gardens.
Mr. Mateen is not profit to predict, but in this coountry where might is right, every benefit of doubt goes to powerful. When out interior policies are being dictated by other countries and continous barbaric killings of citizens by Pakistan Army ask a question that what animal has the name of democracy. It is a great fraud with the Pakistan that Iraqi and Afghan style democracy and Husni Mubarik and Suharto type president is imposed, and if any body will refuse that will be considered against war on terror and will be among missing persons or killed.
There will be no difference between civilian or uniformed president if that person is Musharraf. And Musharraf means american policies, protection to serving and retired army officers, protection of corrupt politicians and ruling like a gangster with the help of terrorists, extremists and swindlers.
Mush must go, if it is difficult by political means becuase of army support, pray to god to call him like general zia soon.
When all mafia's will be accountable that means Mush has no power.
It is true autocracy where poors have no rights and corrupt like Benazir is allowed to import bullet proof cars. These are leaders who will serve Pakistani peoples under protection of Black Water security guards.
God has limits for each person, when cruelty cross limits then God takes severe action.
Now cruelty has increased to its limits.

Khadim Husain, Pakistan - 09 October, 2007

Pakistani nation can never get respect in the world with the leaches present on top.

Army Generals have certain qualities.
1)Robbing civilian sector when get chance,when in army salivating at the idea.
2)Selling army jawans and nation for its material benefit.
3)Being a Salesman of US/UK's interest,foreign policies in the Pakistan and around,their merchandise and products.
4)Calling each other Sir,like tongawals of Rawalpindi.
5)Getting scared immediately if ordered by UK/US,from Ayyub to Mushy and agreeing to every detail of order and attemtpting to shove their order in both letter and spirit in the throats of the nation.
Now this one salutes sometimes civilian style sometime military like a mental retard.
Pakistani nation can never get respect in the world if it can't get rid of these leaches in uniform.

Jawaid Sultan Pindiwal, United Kingdom - 11 October, 2007

see the poll of 12 oct

Most Pakistanis oppose power-sharing deal: US poll

ISLAMABAD: Public support for President Pervez Musharraf is at an all-time low amid the ongoing political chaos and violence, according to a poll released on Thursday.

Most Pakistanis also oppose a power-sharing deal between Musharraf and former premier Benazir Bhutto, said the survey by the International Republic Institute, a US think tank.

But there was a huge increase in the support for ex-prime minister Nawaz Sharif, who was booted out of Pakistan within hours of his own attempted return from exile in September, the poll said. “As the national mood continues to sour, President Musharraf continues to bear the brunt of this voter dissatisfaction,” the survey said.

The institute, a Washington-based non-governmental organisation, said it interviewed 4,000 men and women in 60 districts between August 29 and September 13, in the fourth such survey within 12 months.

The poll found support for Musharraf dropped further to its lowest ever level of 21 per cent – down from 63 per cent in September 2006 and continuing a downward trend since February this year. Support for his re-election had also fallen to 23 per cent, compared with 50 per cent in February, it said. Seventy-six per cent of voters said that Musharraf should quit as Army chief, up from 62 per cent in June. Just 35 per cent supported a power-sharing deal between Musharraf and Benazir. The survey said that Benazir’s positioning as a sometime opponent of Musharraf as well as a potential power-sharing partner “has created ambiguity in the minds of voters.”

Nawaz was the big winner from the poll, which ended three days after he was bundled on a plane to Saudi Arabia within hours of touching down in Pakistan. He surged 15 points when voters were asked who the best leader for Pakistan would be, scoring 36 per cent and beating Benazir, who was down on 28 per cent. A specific figure for Musharraf was not given.

Meanwhile an “astonishing number” of voters – 73 per cent – said that the country was headed in the wrong direction and 56 per cent said that their personal economic situation had worsened over the past year.

am, Pakistan - 12 October, 2007

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