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From Baghdad to Kabul

19 December, 2006

By Anwar Mahmood

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There is now talk of de-escalation and slowly wrapping up US military operations in Baghdad as more and more of body bags keep on coming from Baghdad. The situation in Iraq has reached no win and no loss impasse with enough strain to call for guarded yet slow way out of non-conclusive war.


There has been talk of moving the US troops from Iraq to Afghanistan with the assumption that it may be easier and safer for America to stay in Afghanistan and the US casualties may not be as big in Afghanistan as they are in Iraq. An other reason may be that Nato may be bolstered and there will be about a quarter million troops next door to Pakistan in Afghanistan..

For America, the presence in the region becomes more imperative as the main politico-military developments and energy related tug of wars are going to take place around Pakistan. America may want to keep eye on Shanghai accord as Russia and China appear to be pressing challenge to US super power status first time since the end of cold war. They have successfully taken out Iran related bites and are signing mega energy related contracts with Iran and between Russia and China.

Iran is going to be pivotal to China for its reason to be future super power and its strategic functioning for preventing further tearing apart of whatever is left of Soviet Union. But Russia has bounced back somewhat and its vast gas and oil reserves and income from its energy sales has brought much revenues to prompt America say that Russia is a transitional power before China becomes super power.

The situation is going to become extremely dangerous for Pakistan, as it will be the only logical geography and geo strategic location to move military and equipment for US and Nato troops. It will be very tough doing balancing between America and Shanghai accord, where China is long time ally. Pakistan has been forced or may have been coerced to make 180 degree turn in its Kashmir policy. 

The new solution looks similar to the one that Nehru had proposed in 1962 and Ayub Khan had rejected it outright even though the two leaders amicably signed Indus Basin Treaty. The thoughts of US bases in very autonomous Kashmir of future cannot be ruled out. Today there has been fast and expedited passage of bill about civilian nuclear technology from US to India. 

With Chinese nuclear technology not as mature as that of the west even if it were given to Pakistan to do some kind of balancing acts, India would take a leap frog lead in military might over Pakistan. Pakistan role will be confined to terror in disguise that will be in fact a real role to facilitate US, Nato and India in a major geopolitical game of the century between US and Shanghai accord. There may already be Saudi pressure on Pakistan to be part of the grand game plan to accommodate US, Nato and possibly India together in this political game of this century.

The big military presence in Afghanistan will really mean cutting off Iran from Shanghai accord. Sure, there will be counter moves from Shanghai accord to strain Pakistan. Pakistan may be made to help US/Nato in the name of terror for something which is really the grandest politico-military design of all times.

Containing Iran is the centerpiece of US foreign policy as Iran, not India has better chance of joining the super power club along with US, China and Russia by 2040 or soon after. India has every chance to falter due to its hopelessly weak energy resources and positioning and available cash to buy enough of them. India could afford to buy a small fraction of what will be available to US, Russia, China and Iran. 

Iran already possesses the world’s largest hydrocarbon resources of gas and oil together plus world class and may be the largest in the world Uranium resources. Iran’s population will be over 200 million people by 2040 or little later. All the ingredients are there in making Iran a super power and much analysis made by Russia’s Pravda confirm that. India is only entrenched in cheap and small software and back office business that is only 300 billion dollars a year worldwide. 

Energy is 10 trillion dollars worth of business and the whole world is obsessed and haunted by the compulsion to attain energy security. In the region east of Pakistan and south of China, India could impress or even dominate or even dictate its terms with America’s help. The passage of civilian nuclear technology by US today clearly opens the path for India in that direction.

Pakistan’s military has already been intoxicated to toe US/Nato line. Whether it will be good or bad will be told by future. Pakistan’s Kashmir stand and washing its hands off from what was considered as Pakistan’s reason to be living during the past sixty or so years may be a safe bet now while the nation will be sleeping with India and US and Nato.

Whether we can balance this new marriage being imposed on us by US/Nato with our relations with Shanghai accord and Iran will depend much on how our military will handle it. I don’t think that Pakistan’s civilians, whether in rule or otherwise, will ever have power to challenge or even question the military, which is now so deeply intoxicated to point of no return to carry out a certain global agenda.  

Let us hope that we have lines of peace for us instead of lines of fire as sleeping with tiger, bear, dragon and elephant will be extremely dangerous. All this game is about energy and making of super powers.


Reader Comments:

Kabul Kandahar Balochistan Baghdad Axis

Individual leaders in Afghanistan seem encouraging or trying to revive
United States via Canada EU United Kingdom 37 armies.They are
investors' Allied Dream .They are Dreaming to own a culture Tim
Horton Starbuck culture built in Afganistan as a role model Democracy.

Democracy in Afganistan is Lagaan imposed for the benefit of
Investors in lieu of Islam or Afghan controlled economy.Economy
Is lagaan in road tax parking meter driving test car insurance life
Insurance via drive in Tim Horton asking for double double or triple
Triple in sugar and cream.Coffee what used to be Turkish or Moca
Java Samatra is now called Tim Horton culture with tribunal judge.
Tribunal Judge is what used to be roving amirul momineen due to
Less populated towns.

As role Model of artificial kind with coffee Allied Guns Missiles these
G8 soldiers love to live in Muslim Countries .On the Other hand Britain is
doing something different as Khanshtyry .Islam khanstadt Islamic Coffee
and Islamic methodology what used to be Islamic is really have slipped
out of USA Canada UK back to Islamic Hand .

Blair was in World’S Oldest University Campus in Cairo on Saturday( built more
Than 1000 years ago).Alazahara give MA PhDs with all major faculties. British
Empire Spanish empire started at Islamic progressive Edge. Once again Britain
is on move. If Princess Diana was not killed we would have A Muslim Diana
who loved Islam. Pakistan ‘s empowerment to women in fancy outfit would result
in free mixing in clubs and eventually Will cater allied soldiers enticing them
never to vacate in aid free places of Muslimcountries with term La Huri
( likely to become whorie).

AL - AZHAR Mosque was built in 971-73 A.D) and on 988 A.D it became a
university as AL - AZHAR attributed to “Fatima A ZAHRAA” prophet
Muhammad’s daughter" (pbuh) also Fatimide period which Iran Cherish.
Khanshatyry is Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbaeve giant tented
Indoor city designed by UK architect Lord Norman Foster as 500 ft high
To give year round summer temp to Astana city resident where in winter temp
Often plunge to -30C.The city with own beach home boat rides gulf course
Homes shops bazaars office complexes will be completed within 12 months.
Khans had found Patakha firecrackers in china and converted into guns
And Turkish Guns. Turkish Khans Muslim Sultan Empire had ruled the world
Where sun never set.Khanstadt is Quebec city and Indonesian and Philippines
And even Korea Cambodia Thailand and even Japan Island had Muslim rule.
Turkish coffee mocca Java Sumatra Coffee had Muslim monopoly until
Tim Horton and star buck trying to copy it with dry gulab jamun titbit and
Double double sugar cream culture they call own.

USA allied love to stay with all the oils underground in the heart of Muslim
Umma.Oil fields comprising Almost 1500 million Umma .US or Canada allied
cannot sustain much longer with wrong habit money and time Squandering project.

Muslim Umma still illiterate with double edge self centred helper Have made
life difficult for Umma with equally disastrous failed politician such as
Karzai meaning Loan via IMF IDB while BB Nawaz kind trying to come
back.In terms of space needed with costs factor Fatimide university 1000 yr old
is oldest cheapest to run with huge students sitting in Mosque Format around
professors without the need to chair desk. What empowerment to women advocate
is doing is creating afghan Pakistan Turkish and Iran women procurement for 37
countries allied soldiers .This is bad idea which will invite world soldiers and sex
hungry population in this part in this day and age of HIV Aid infected
women which is no no elsewhere.Sin is Ok who says so?Why procurement business for soldiers?

mbzI, United Arab Emirates - 19 December, 2006

Help thyself!

Why is it so difficult for us to admit that we are only Muslims in name? Spcially when we show it in every deed we do daily? Those people in Afghanistan and Iraq could have thrown their corrupt leaders themselvs and been spared for all the misery and suffering they are going through today, but did they do that? No, of course not. Just like most of Pakistanis are, AND HAVE ALWAYS BEEN, happy with their INCOMPITENT and corrupt leadership so were they.

What we are doing, good for us personally or good for islam, our nation?

Why is it so diffivult to admit it?, Norway - 19 December, 2006

From Baghdad to Kabul

US has already realized the biggest mistakes made by a US President going into war against Vietnam and lately invading Iraq and Afghanistan. There is no win sitution in either country and US with Allied forces are finding hard to exit. Moving with guns and empty slogan was easy but to get out is not simple as they thought. Going with HIV infected women, helpless females and soldiers thinking that they are above the law and super humans because they are invaders when they go back alive if that is the case they will kills their own females with infections for years to come. God keeps the balance and does have the power to teach humans when they step out of line. There is a limit but US with Allied forces stepped out of their lines and will be paying very heavy prices for their sins. Afghanistan will never be conquered by anyone or to stablize that country is not in the hands of Mr. Karzai alone. Without the help of Pakistan they all will fail badly. Taliban are the produce of US when fighting against USSR and why cry now. You pay for your own sins and crimes against humanity. There is no chance for invaders in Afghanistan and soon they will retreat without gaining anything but brining epidemic to their back homes.

mohammad, United Arab Emirates - 19 December, 2006

We Muslims seems to talk about problems and not solutions. Hundreds of thousands of Afghans died next door to Pakistan, Iran, Tadjikistan and the rest of Muslim neighbors. Why Pakistan or any other Muslim brothers could not help?United States have saved so many lives in Afghanistan, by providing leadership, money and troops. You wish USA withraw today so the civil war starts again. Whose interest are you serving?

I hope your next writing is about luck of Muslim countries leadership. Look, the Middle East oil build America, Europe, Japan and now China, but themselves, they still walk behind camels. I am just giving you some ideas for your next article.

Mohammad Akbar Khan, Pakistan - 20 December, 2006

What a stupid analysis

This is the stupidest analysis i have seen. Iran will become superpower. Yes yes , so will pakistan with its population reaching 400 million by 2050.And then we can build the caliphate, right? How about an United Islamic Empire? Keep dreaming. Keep praying to allah instead of sending our girls to schools. Keep having fantasies of false grandeur. Within a decade or two we people will realise what a mirage we people were seeing, while Indians reform their nation and joins the developed world. China, US , Russia all are now more interested in India and you think that mental leaderships (eg Ahmedajani) will bring glory to us. Way to superpower is not having oil, any way soon the world will move to renewable energy. Way to superpower is education and good governance and stop thinking allah above nature, civilization, evolution.

salim khan, United Kingdom - 21 December, 2006

The progress despite drags

Islamic world is on the uphill, upward and upswing progression path. Even Pravda and Chinese news is extolling the coming rise of Islam to super power status more than my humble article has stated. The drags within will burry themselves with their own failure and ignorance.

The critics are advised to leatrn more about engineering before venturing into renewal energy.

It will take impossible several billion tons of grain to make renewable ethanol-an impossible dream even if you turn the other ways around of making 98 percent urban to rural farmer America.The wind energy dies down exponentially with speed and is grid unreliable.

I have had brain storming sessions with leading American engineers from top companies and published world class papers in annual conferences of America on energy related subjects. There simply is no alternate to oil and gas. And electric power is only 15 percent of total energy equation.



Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 23 December, 2006

News alerts around the world

Don't tell me about less meaningful nature of this article in Pak Tribune titled"Bagdad to Kabul"

You could see this article as "News alerts around the world" with reference to Pak Tribune not only in American, Russian, Chinese, German or British news, but even in the papers of small European, Asian or Latin American countries.Pak tribune was all over the world if you surfed the internet.

Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 26 December, 2006

Keep blaming USA

Keep blaming USA, it's good for the Zionists. They try to save Israel for the price of USA. They try to use USA against Musim coutries and Muslims against USA so Israel will continue building deadly weapons of all kind to a point that could be used to nuke everybody else, and keep it's own population in the under ground bunkers under construction in Israel.

Keep blaming USA so democracy will never meet Muslim countries and the Kings,Emires and other dictatores will stay in power for themselves.

Arab oil build USA,Europe, Japan and now China but they still walk behind cames bare foot.

I am ashamed of being Muslim, for what Muslims are doing against one another.

Muslims kill more Muslims then anyone else, but we still blame USA.

The Zionists run money, media and political system in the USA, but we still blame USA.

If you think USA is free of Zionists manipulation, you may need to think twice.

God bless USA and God save USA from the Zionists.

Anonymous, Pakistan - 27 December, 2006

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