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For Sale

01 March, 2007

By Amjad Malik

Poverty ridden father who could not afford the upbringing of his children put a ‘for sale’ board outside his house to sell his off spring.

I heard the news with great sympathy and contempt emanating from rural Punjab that a  poverty ridden father who could not afford the upbringing of his children put a ‘for sale’ board outside his house to sell his off spring. If we for a split second try to visualise the apathy with which this act may have been done, the life seems miserable and the whole nation’s condition becomes obvious with which our rulers in bullet proof cars are totally out of touch.  That’s the quagmire in which Pakistan is engulfed now a days.

Nexus of our judges with Generals have ruined the future of democracy in Pakistan. Nepotism, bribery, lawlessness, unmeritorious appointments and lack of respect of law in an unjust society has made life impossible for lay Pakistanis who are looking towards a ‘messiah’  for their salvation. President Musharraf who apparently came for their rescue have bitterly failed in their salvation and could not bring about true democracy and rule of law. His 7 points objective statement itself has become a laughingstock as the scandals have wiped the resolutions as virus. His referendum & 2002 elections are an epitome of his claims to hold fair elections in future and his reluctance to appear before Parliament shows his trust on his own hand picked. Though at the end of 5ht year of Parliament his Ministers are still training their fellow graduate members of Parliament how to behave when and if President ever gives the honour to address them.

Government which has land mafia, sugar and cement crisis, oil price hike, Steel Mill Judgement, continuous stock exchange crash(es), Nabbed’ ministers and Bajaur and Dama Dola killings in their baggage has hardly come to grip with the real problems. Alas democracy & political promotion has never gone that low in Pakistan’s history, that’s the ingenuity of the current day political landscape where even one person can affect the whole system any day, and could be any time.

In order to continue this trail of unlawful rule, judiciary has weakened further and Chief Justice was made to go home without reason. Ordering oath under PCO hit the nail aright and judiciary lost its teeth as an institution. Rulers claim  of accountability & cheaper justice at the door step of common man was made to sacrifice at the alter of personal gains. Now it is the face saving exercise at both ends. This nexus of Judges and Generals have ruined the fate of  a nation which is strong in character and rich in culture, their faith untarnished and their history to be proud of. A nation who had heritage of Imam Hussain’s sacrifice & a lesson of not to bow before a tyrant leader and justice of Umar Ben Khatab who would ensure that even a dog does not sleep hungry on the bank of the river of Farat whilst he is caliph. With this heritage and history our citizens are selling their kids, dying of hunger, unemployment, lawlessness and killings of thousands of our countrymen and we are acting as bye standards  then either we are fools ourselves of ignoring the true situation or some one else is fooling the nation with their claim to have earned billions in their so called ‘War of Terror’. On the name of enlightened moderation, we participated in someone else’s war and became  a direct victim of reprisals. Our soldiers are dying of counter attacks as witnessed in ‘Dargai’ which is rare in Pakistan’s history at or around Durand line. Our rulers put ‘for sale’ label on our professional army and made them to kill our own in tribal areas, the army who had the potential of not only defending our country well but can nail if any tyrant ruler attacks it in any given situation. It is now killing its own tribal(s) who were considered a backbone of Pakistan as was once said by the founder of Pakistan. We neither learnt from Afghan War nor we are sick of one way affair with United States and gave in on one phone call what nations gather in their whole life time. Self respect in fear of reprisals. That poor man whilst selling his kids did not realise that selling kids may not be that offensive however selling self respect and nation’s honour may be a crime which could never be forgiven by the martyrs of this rich nation and the architect of the country ‘Pakistan’.

Pakistan was made to allow the millions of Muslims of sub continent who pact with its founder to live with ease and freedom and give a signal of a strong nation in character and modern in outlook to learn technology and compete with his neighbours and live freely. Lawlessness where their own Ministers are not safe, Judges are struck whilst hearing court cases, and day to day law an order situation gives a bleak picture of our civil government agencies control. Whilst all this is happening in real, our chief is busy taking actions suo moto against ‘kite flying’ and nation is being traumatised by initiating a debate to legalise ‘alcohol’ and ‘Women protection Bill.’ Women have always been well protected by the constitution and Islamic Injunctions however practical difficulties and unbridled police powers who always work in conjunction and backing of local politicians have forced the gang rape victims to come on television and cry for help. That’s the true picture of rule of law in General Musharaf’s Pakistan.

Nation is demanding justice, justice and justice alone. This nexus of Generals and Judges must be broken & buried forever and it is not acceptable where our judiciary is a silent spectator on the most crucial questions of conflict with our constitution and their decisions are required in time to avoid a further deadlock. Their rulings on Article 6 and its scope, COAS to be a President, Independent election Commissioner, Care taker set up, and disqualification of the corrupt and qualifications of popular amongst the masses will pave the way towards true democracy. We always take pride to compete with India in words, its time that our judiciary compete with them in action(s). Their judges are neither angels nor were brought out of country, but still are playing the role of a referee independently, freely, without fear of PCO and all the authorities respect it.

Political class need to unite to demand fair elections in Pakistan and must continue up right struggle for free and fair elections under impartial care taker set up, ideally under judges. That one demand and struggle can keep the nation away from yet an other disaster and believe you me, we are very poor in learning lessons from our short history.

Reader Comments:

The only solution!

I commend writer on opening up a debate on such a vital fact.Unfortunately In Pakistan the ruling community(Army,Civil service,and landlords) have constantly and cleverly worked to make sure that the corruption continues so the crimes and thus the life of ordinary citizen remain difficult.This allows them to have more control on the citizens of then nation.Unfortunately this is what the superpowers do in smaller countries.,to keep control on the leadership
so with little pressure leadership of the country gives in.See it in context of 9-11 or what ever, this is the goal.But in Pakistan the leadership that are still being trained in British established academies and so had the psyche of rulers treat their citizens like unwanted unitelliigent problematic second class citizens.Forget about examples of Islamic leaders of the past.,these fall on the deaf ears because the present leadership says but in actuality does not even believe in God because this belief does not reflect into their life.This is the very reason that not only Army leadership immediately gave in to American threat but was supported by a big segment of Pujabi population and certainly army,beaurocrats and land lords were all for it.
How we can change the present status qou as worries Mr.Yatu in this newspaper is to awaken the Pakistani masses to the need of establishing "merit" in every walk of life,wether in education or jobs,hiring or firing.Towards this end we should not bring our sects,region or educational status or economic status etcetc.System should be made to implement such a system.This will also mean to demand the change of laws in different departments whcih were made by British for their benefit but are maintained even today either due to lack of intelligence or lack of patriotism of the ruling class.Yes there will be opposition by anti Pakistani elements in the Pakistan and outside the Pakistan.But a constant work towards awareness is necessary.,through ads in newspapers,magazines etc.A thinktank needs to be made to work for this goal and should include dedicated and educated people.
As for as army is concerned their opposition will be maximum because only throuhg martial laws they could have implemented merit,but they didn't on the contrary they promoted corruption.For their today Army has sacrificed the tommorow of the nation.

Dr.Khan, United Kingdom - 01 March, 2007


What an incredibly insensitive article. Of all the articles I have read, this by far classifies as the worst case scenrio where a crime is used to facilitate a political agenda. I would advise the author start making a change by getting rid of the corruption, and derailment from his article. U don't sell your children if u can't provide for their upbrining, u give them up for adoption. I am so peeved that the author without concious is justifiying ignorance and crime.

Ganenthiran, Pakistan - 01 March, 2007


Though it is true that pakistan's poor are in very bad conditions, such articles about our governing elite ignoring them have been written since the country's independence and is nothing new. Firstly, this article is nothing new its the same old thing. Secondly, i dont think pakistan is ignoring them. If you have studied economics, and other social sciences, it is obviously not in pakistan's capacity to support them. And its not just pakistan, yesterday on cnn it was repported that there are nearly 600,000 homeless people in USA living on streets...why? well because america's development scheme is a pure capitalisim, and thats how their country drives, on the other hand europe is more of a welfare state. PAkistan's government has treid to attarct foriegn investments and increased services, this is the development strategy which was used in Ireland, is being used in Wales, China, India, eastern europe etc. The government needs to fund these projects, if they spend all money on poor and homeless, itt might seem very good for now, but would be devastating for the whole economy in the future. The fact that is person is in such a bad condidton, could not be ignored, but...there is only so much a country with only $12 billion approx could do. Again, i say its easy to critse, but look at the bigger picture, if not today we are working for the future of pakistan, and such things wont end anytime soon. Look at relatively richer countries such as malaysia, thailand, UAE, saudia, USA, Brazil, Turkey etc, all these countries are far ahead of us, , but still have these problems. It will take time...but things will improve...i just wonder what the author of this article would do to help such people...i wonder...

uzair usman, United Arab Emirates - 01 March, 2007

Stupid and mercyless leaders is the biggest problem

Pakistan will never progress as long we have some of the most stupid leaders in the world. Take, for example, our president who showed this very clearly just lately> The man, after having done a 'great job' in Pakistan, has gladly taken over another huge task. Now the man wants to bring peace to the ME. It is so 'funny' that one wants to cry. For many reasons, among others>
1 How can there be peace in the ME, when peace is the last thing the israelis want? Can anybody make upperdog to be 'reasonable'? Is it not also mainly an arab problem? How much do they care?
2 Are there not enough peace plans already? What is so special with his?
3 When some of the biggest and most influential persons on the earth have not succeeded bringing peace there, how will he succeed?
But still, what he is doing makes sense> when problems are so many at home, nobody want to spend time there. His biggest problem is he do not even know WHERE TO START. That is why he will in future spend more and more time abroad.

Khan G Farooq, Norway - 02 March, 2007

Islam is self sustaining without need for Children Sale Sign

Islam grew 1400 m in 1400 yrs surpassing other religion other finance Bank method. To
avoid children sale sign of current bank finance democracy of west ,the whole World need to adopt Islamic system.

Steel fased mfg or hiway shopping mall industrial mall or going to work or home by
Car and buses is root cause of wage difference cause of poverty in oil and gas
Iron ore countries plainly due to stealing by west and allies.

IMF Asian Development Bank IDB or money laundering using steel and steal will not go too far.This democracy cannot go far.People cannot have equal standard of living equal wage equal housing in such a short time. Pie in the sky for poor resident of Sui gas and OIL LNG countries is pathetic if they are islam formulated availability of help.Arrest Kissinger Sheiks Israel and these bankers and sodomists, gay priests and new Muslima lesbians cult working with bank small loan finance and looters blackmailing using 26000 nuke bombs and nuke Power plants.

zero % car finance via swindling is cause while in Islam is by design

Z Billo, Pakistan - 02 March, 2007

One more stick to beat up Pakistani people

Here is one more Pakistani settled in his comfy American chair, lecturing the whole nation.

I agree with Ganenthiran and Mr. Uzair Usman. This article is pure none-sense and here is why!

One of the most recent Pakistani budgets is roughly $20 billion a year. For a nation of 160 million this is mere pittance. We are expecting that 6 foot tall Pakistan should survive on a ration of 1 cup flour a day. When Pakistan looks feeble due to poor "financial nutrition", we are ready to pounce on it like a wild cat.

I'll do the numbers first and then hopefully shame some of these overseas Pakistanis to do something for the country instead of launching tirades against your mother nation.

For Pakistan to have Scandinavian style welfare we need at least $6 trillion a year spending. For a relatively poor lifestyle of Britons, we need close to $2 trillion a year. And last but not least, for a non-welfare American style Pakistan needs $1.5 trillion a year.

Let me ask these people with accounts just one simple question! Considering these $trillion figures where do we stand as a nation? At $20 billion! In other words we have to increase spending in Pakistan by 100s of times the current budget. Without proper spending we should never expect that grand social services will somehow materialize from thin air.

Mr. Malik with account, just watch and see how some poor countries of 1940s have become giants and why others have remained mired in abject poverty. Only then you should wield your self-righteous baton on the hapless people of Pakistan.

Dublin Ireland was a poor area 30 years ago but thanks to Irish-Americans things turned around for the whole Ireland.

India was poverty stricken socialist hell for its first 40 years of existence. Thanks to Indian-Americans it now has almost reached the level of prosperity of? Guess what? Pakistan.

China was another commie jannat (heaven) for 50 odd years. Now thanks to Chinese-Americans it has turned its economic-ship around.

South-Korea was a bombed-out hell-hole after the 1950s war. Thanks to its pro-American intellectuals and industrialists it is now a world power.

Japan had the moon-like craters thanks to years of war, fire bombing, and getting nuked. Guess what? It made peace with America in no time. It's pro-American industrialists and intellectuals have now made Japan as the second largest budget country after America.

Pakistan started out right. Thanks to Ayub Khan we became part of global alliances like CETO, and CENTO. Money flowed in and we were on the path of becoming a rich nation. Thanks to socialists we never took advantage of the close relationship with the West. The result is simple we don’t have Tatas of India or Hyundai and Samsung of South Korea. At this juncture we should be pushing for NATO membership. It is so unfortunate that we instead want Pakistan to be more like communist hell of North Korean or Islamic jannat of Iran. Obvious result of this communist desire is that we are on the path of becoming economic nightmare just like North Korea or Iran.

In the midst of this madness what do American Pakistanis do to improve Pakistan? Nothing substantial! We love to criticize Pakistan, and we scoff at America. This totally vicious behavior is now the hall mark for the most American-Pakistanis. Islam Khutray may hai (Islam is in danger) is the source of large hue and cry in almost every Pakistani gathering. This worthless and stupid behavior is not benefiting Pakistan. And then the same American-Pakistanis turn around and blame Pakistan. So sad and so stupid indeed!

Dr. Qazi, United Kingdom - 04 March, 2007


Mr. Usman, while world citizens stand by and tolerate, even excuse homicide/suicide bombings, such as the one where terrorists went after the Judge from the Terrorism Courts, what good business person is going to invest in Pakistan to any great degree?

The ones with the bombs, if they continue to be tolerated, will only bring more poverty and death to Pakistan and elsewhere, while the world seems not to say much about it.

Today, I read that Mr. Musharraf says all is going better, economically, in Pakistan. But I have also read that Mr. Musharraf worries that terrorism will do great harm to his Country. Isn't this a paradox we all should consider?

Would you, Mr. Usman, invest in a country with bombs going off as someone makes a point for his cause?

However, I did like your comments and the way you so clearly presented your views to us. You were right on in your understanding of the various systems in the Countries you mentioned. I hope CNN told their viewers where they got the figure of 600,000 homeless in America; and I also hope they went into a little detail in order to be fair about it.

Many of America's homeless, unlike many of yours, have brought this misfortune down upon themselves. America is the kind of Country where, if you work hard, study hard and get a good education, you will succeed. Maybe not to millionaire status, but you will have a good enough life.

If, however, one chooses to take drugs or become an alcoholic, or even not to study hard in school, one will be left behind and cause themselves to be poor. Drugs and alcohol and mental illness breeds much, if not most, of America's homelessness,in my opinion. However, there are always exceptions, however small, to whatever one says. America is a huge, pluralistic Country with many of its own problems. However,Capitalism is the system most of us, not all, prefer.

Many of the mentally ill choose the streets, even though they are given $800.00 monthly, in some states, for disability along with other benefits like medical care. When it comes to housing, mentally ill or not, they do, as American citizens, have rights. We cannot just pick them up and place them in public housing.

Divorce and having a child very early in life, with an absent father, also can lead down the road to poverty in the U.S., but there is at least the cushiion of government funds to provide housing, food, medical care, dental care, etc.

Some Ameicans might dispute what I say because I write of some of the good about the U.S.

I mean no malice whatsoever towards you, because I include myself when I say the following.

In my opinion, we are living in a world where we all must think and think hard and consider all options. There seems to be no truth any more - just opinions, with a very large ideology behind them, and too many people are simply believing what agrees with them.

We are a world with a terrible propensity for violence, especially now. Can we really afford to be too harsh or judgmental on one another?

I hope I'm wrong...

3. If the violence of these terrorists is allowed and tolderated, how is anyone going to climb out of poverty? Gwadar is absolutely beautiful, but...

Ayasha, United Kingdom - 05 March, 2007

To invest or not invest

Dear Dr. Qazi,

Thank you for your comments to me.

I think you are an excellent writer. Very clear and concise and I admired what you wrote very much. I also agree with you - for the most part.

BTW, I'm an American, born and bred, one quarter American Indian. Ayasha is an American Indian name meaning "little one."

My grandfather fought in Germany during WWII, and was stationed there for over two years. My Greatgrandfather fought in WW1, so I do consider my family a military one. Military familes can often have an inordinate amount of interest in geo politics, which was and is, the case with mine.

Much of what I write here, is from family memories, the content of many recorded Discovery and History Channel documentaries and, of course, books. Lots of books...

For anyone who doubts that the Holocaust really took place, my grandfather brought home with him, a young Polish man whose parents were chased down and shot in a cemetary by Nazi soldiers.Strong,young and able to work hard,this adolescent young man, was spared and taken to Auschwitz Concentration Camp as a laborer. Believe me, the Holocaust was all too real.

For a short time, a minority of Post war German citizens did fight briefly against the U.S. occupation. The "Werewolves" for instance.

Insurgents who included the murder of small town mayors working with the Americans, along with their repetoire of sabotage and general mayhem. This was a short-lived movement, although there would be a sporadic attack as late as 1947.

In spite of Mr. Hitler's "scorched earth" policy, the poor battered German people were sick of war. In a very short time, if I'm correct, the German people were working with the Americans to rebuild their Country. Given a little freedom of thought and action, the astute German industrialists and businessmen soon ran past the Americans and created their own prosperous society. Germany was partially rebuilt with millions, possibily billions of American tax dollars, and, as I heard it, there was little protest from its citizens.

Japan had to overcome the great fear their "God" Emporer" and leaders had placed in their minds. When it was clear the Americans were winning, some mothers began fleeing with their children in a terrified attempt to end thier lives by jumping from high places to their death. Young sons were killing their own Mothers to spare them the horror of a "barbaric American occupation." Could it have been that they considered that the "rape of Nanking" was now headed in their direction?

Between Mr. Hitler of Germany and the Government of the "God Emporer," maybe we don't have it so bad with our respective Governments after all?

The Japanese in time, simply saw that the horrible Americans were not all they had been told, and began working with them, and, by helping themselves, became the prosperous Nation that they are today.

Now, we can only pray for poor, suffering Afghanistan and Iraq.

Sometimes think that even God must blush at the terrible deeds of his children...

Ayasha, United Kingdom - 06 March, 2007


Pakistan and India together (INDIA)is a force to reckon in any sphere of life.
If these two countries join hands in good faith/trust then my dear friends/readers United States and Mr Bush will bow before Pakistan and India.
Both are nuclear powered,good fighters,full of intellectuals,artisans,scientists,industrialists,doctors,administrators,sportsmen/women/natural resources with billions of reserve. I mean what not, but still looking towards west because they have wasted 60 years for petty border dispute and kashmir.Both countries/leadership are accountable towards innocent people who have not been provided proper education,drinking water,food,moral values to become good citizen.Still both have time to join hands and do something for humanity but perhaps they think that only USA can protect them.Alas! they have not understood them. Infact they (west)are businessmen and broad day light murderers and looters (IRAQ).IT IS ALL OIL BUSINESS.When they can leave their children, parents and wives how come you think that they know the friendship.In politics noone is friend or enemy.It is in the benefit of India and pakistan both if they remain united otherwise both will suffer individually and go to third country for justice(west).West will never resolve the dispute as they have not resolved the issue of Palestine despite so many meetings/summits for the last 50 years.Yasser Arafat died and issue is at the same place with no progress,rather deteriorated.Once they resolve the dispute who will bother about them.I think common masses will have to come forward because these rulers/generals will come and go and the situation remains the same because their energy is wasted in protecting themselves.When they them selves are not safe what the hell they will make the country safe.What do you reckon?Point to ponder.They should move like ordinary citizen and mingle with people and know them.

sureshtaneja, Pakistan - 06 March, 2007

For Ms. Ayasha - Investment is possible while occasional bombs go off in bad neighborhoods

Ms. Ayasha said and I quote
>>>Would you, Mr. Usman, invest in a country with bombs going off as someone makes a point for his cause?

I don't think Ms. Ayasha knows that bombs can't stop determined investors. May be she is not the one of those determined investors (sadly!).

I can give you many examples but two should suffice! One from the past and one from the present.

Germany was bombed and burned during WWII. Once occupied by the US, the Nazi insurgents kept exploding bombs and killing pro-US Germans. Still the German investors continued their work and now Germany is a world power.

The second example comes from tiny Israel. This is a country subjected to wars and suicide bombs on frequent basis. Still this country of less than 10 million people have carved out its niche as a developed country. Sure they get $2 billion a year from US. But that $2 billion is just a small fraction of Israel's $75 billion a year budget.

So there you have it. Pakistani-Americans should quit using excuses and take business back to their mother country.

This is only possible when Pakistani-Americans get out from the grip of Islamo-fascism, when they free themselves from "Islam Khatray main hai (Islam is in danger)".

It is time to work for America and work for Pakistan. Every other loyalty is false loyalty.


Dr. Qazi, United Kingdom - 06 March, 2007

Dr. Qazi sahib, Pakistan can not be compared with those countries. Lack of good government is the BI

Dr.Qazi Sahib,
First, we can not AT ALL compare Pakistan neither with Israel, Germany nor Japan. For many reasons>
1. What these countries have, and VERY UNFORTUNATELY Pakistan does not and never had, are strong 'backbones'. They are highranking citizens who really care A LOT about their countries. Where are those kind of Pakistanis? The generals, business people or intelektuals? Who could have stopped both BB and NS, so the General never 'needed' the excuse for taking over? If the 'backbones' of our nation had said to both BB and NS, when they were buzy looting and mismanaging the country> What the F... are you two doing? How dare you to destroy our country? The nation would never have come to this point, it is today.
2 The said 3 countries have long tradition in technology and education while our nation is STILL in darkness of illatracy.
3 These 3 countries leaders are proud of being Israelis,Germans and Japanese. Can anyone say the same about our leaders, based on their records?
4. Those countries had and still have solid foundations to base their deveoplmemt on, while we do not have anything of the kind. Have you seen the plight of our education system? We are a nation of 160 millions but who digged the Gwadar port for us?
5. They had most of their population living in cities living by citybased busineses, while most of our people are living in far away villages by agriculture. The last point is very important because people living in the cities simply have to creat jobs to meet the needs of other fellow citizens, while people living in villages in Pakistan, no matter how poor they are, 'take it easy' and have no pressure at all on them.
About investing in Pakistan> There is no doubt about it, a lot of Pakistanis do want to inwest in Pakistan, but it is simply not posible for us to do that. There is both the security, corruption and the berucracy problem. The other day I myself wanted to get declaration for a Daily in Pakistan. They people said if i paid them 60 000 ruppees it would take 2 months. Still it would be up to me how much I would fallow my case. So even by paying bribes they could not garantee the job done. Otherlegalwise I had to wait 1 year to get it registered. WHILE TO GET ANY COMPANY REGISTERED IN NORWAY TAKES -ONLY- -1ONE- WEEK. The story about security and corruption is even longer and worse.
However one thing we Pakistanis living outside Pakistan can do, is> Try to change the governing system AND POLITICANS of our nation. Because the looters breeded in Pakistan will never do ANYTHING GOOD for Pakistan. They simply does not have the knowledge, broad mind, will or pride to do that. These people are frogs of the well.
While we, living abroad, have pride, pation, seen the world and how well the world is doing without corruption.
So either by joining any party or creating our own would do much more to solve most of the problems facing our nation than moving to Pakistan and risk everything. If investing in Pakistan was that easy a lot of Pakistanis would have done it long ago. Because there no lack of talent in Pakistanis living abroad.

Khan G Farooq, Norway - 08 March, 2007

50 years from now Pakistan can be Japan and Germany

Dear Farooq Khan sahib,

In 1 you said and I quote “What these countries have, and VERY UNFORTUNATELY Pakistan does not and never had, are strong 'backbones'. They are highranking citizens who really care A LOT”.

I agree that Germany Israel and Japan are blessed with good leaders. Or you put it “these countries have strong bones”. However this will be a very simplistic analysis.

After studying great empires and their Imperial leadership like the Romans, the Ottomons, the Mongols etc. we clearly see that nobody receives leaders from the heavens, or develop “bones” in a day.

Nations learns over time and through hard work with strong will. This concept is not too different from a young man trying to be a good cricketer. He will pick up a role model early in his life. He makes Miandad, or Imran Khan as a hero depending upon his leaning towards batting or bowling. Then he reads up all the books, follows all the matches, remembers all the actions of Miandad or Imran Khan. And finally through hard work and resulting good luck, he becomes a good batsman (or a good bowler). Can this young man become Miandad in literal sense. No! Following Miandad he becomes good batsman in his right, in his own strengths.

The same is true for Pakistan as well. Pakistan has to take some steps to develop the bones and hopefully one day become Japan, Germany or Israel. So you focus on the past, But we all need to focus on the future. 50 years from now Pakistan can be Japan and Germany.

Dr. Qazi, United Kingdom - 12 March, 2007


Dear dr qazi sahib,

I agree that Germany Israel and Japan are blessed with good leaders. Or you put it “these countries have strong bones”. However this will be a very simplistic analysis.
... I think here you misunderstand a bit. By strong 'backbones' I ment leaders who themselv are NOT nesersrly aktiv in politics. But other SMART and infuential leaders, from all walk of life. People who are really conserned and care a lot about what is happening in our country. People who care so much that, if necesry, they have the will to even put some money from their own pocket on the table for to bring things on order. Or to put things on right track.

After studying great empires and their Imperial leadership like the Romans, the Ottomons, the Mongols etc. we clearly see that nobody receives leaders from the heavens, or develop “bones” in a day.
...Surely the MOGHULS, at their peak, were the best thing ever happened to India. But ultimately they failed because they never saw what time they were living IN. If they had, also they would have developed the best education system of their time. AND BASED ON EDUCATION IT WOULD HAVE BEEN THEY WHO DISCOVERED EUROPE, NOT EUROPE WHO DISCOVRED INDIA/ASIA OR THE NEW WORLD.

Nations learns over time and through hard work with strong will. This concept is not too different from a young man trying to be a good cricketer. He will pick up a role model early in his life. He makes Miandad, or Imran Khan as a hero depending upon his leaning towards batting or bowling. Then he reads up all the books, follows all the matches, remembers all the actions of Miandad or Imran Khan. And finally through hard work and resulting good luck, he becomes a good batsman (or a good bowler). Can this young man become Miandad in literal sense. No! Following Miandad he becomes good batsman in his right, in his own strengths.
The same is true for Pakistan as well. Pakistan has to take some steps to develop the bones and hopefully one day become Japan, Germany or Israel. So you focus on the past, But we all need to focus on the future. 50 years from now Pakistan can be Japan and Germany.
... Dr. sahib, those were old times. Now things move very fast. I am sure today whole world is different from the world we had 20 years ago. Time is the luxury we do not have.How can u bee sure we will be able to solve our problems in next 50 years WHEN WE WERE NOT ABLE TO DO SO 50 YEARS AGO or are not able today? Pakistani population is growing so fat that, if things go on this way, in another 50 years time there will not be one Pakistan but more than 5 Pakistans.
Anyway if we do not put the train on the rigth track today how will we able to reach greatness in 50 year in future?

Khan G Farooq, Norway - 13 March, 2007

chief justice

Chief Justice needs a fair trial and treatment befitting to his position
By Amjad Malik

I endorse the demand of the lawyers as well as intelligent circles of the nation for a fair treatment of the chief justice in the current prevailing situation. The whole nation is condemning the mal handling of Chief Justice at the hands of elite force on 13 March when CJ desired to attend the Council meeting on his own will on foot. The footage was disgusting when he was mal handled and it gives a horrific picture, if Chief justice’s self respect is not intact, how come the nation can feel at ease that its sovereignty and respect is secure. It is matter of caution now and the executive of repercussions as nation may take to street and can take law in their hands if this mal treatment continues.

In the current geo political situation in the country The President must consider an option of reconciliation with Chief Justice as the Government with Steel Mill Judgment, land grabbing mafia, sugar and cement crisis, continuous stock exchange crash(es), and Nabbed’ ministers amongst their ranks will struggle to prove beyond reasonable doubt the issue and allegations of misconduct and abuse of power especially when they themselves drive bullet proof cars at public expense and order new planes for their personal use. The demand of the nation is just that Justices against whom reference and complaints of corruption and misconduct are pending must not be made part of the adjudication panel as desired by the Chief justice. However current situation desires all heads of constitutional tracheotomy to observe extreme patience and wisdom and be visionary to avoid conflicts which have serious repercussions for the state of Pakistan.

Current Chief is no threat to the President and or army as past record speaks for itself from incidents like Chief Justice waiting for 30 minutes in a queue to say good bye to the President at the ‘Wattoo’s’ wedding, attending your camp office to present report about SC annual progress, clearing backlog of 20,000 extra cases, setting up human right wing in SC to bridle unlimited powers of police in judicious manner, no major constitutional decision against army chief on his uniform and its expiry or president on his dual status, or 17th amendment in his tenure and no condition of ministerial resignation in ‘steel mills’ reference show that the said Chief has the capacity to work with the government and have never intended to confront army or army led rulers, in fact he was more deadly for opposition than his predecessors.

It must be pointed out here that if this reference continues it will make our country a laughing stock in the west, and we will be ridiculed when our dirty laundry is washed by our own self in front of all the world media, however in any event, Government must allow the chief justice the right he deserves at least to have a fair hearing against this reference. Chief Justice deserves a due respect and proper treatment to have his legal team for consultation and advice and unless Council decides otherwise all the privileges he deserves in the remit of constitution. At least Chief deserves the honour to have a fair hearing and at all times he must be treated with respect. Army General must bear in mind that even enemies in battlefield are given proper funeral & burial. I think media trial of Chief Justice must end here, now Chief Justice is a victim of his own deeds.

Top Judicial brass as an institution must have a full court reference to get out of this constitutional crisis and in principle either restore respect for which Chief Justice rightly deserve or assure fairness in his reference. Ideally SC must consider to wait for the arrival of the senior most Judge Rana Bhagwan Das too to construct a complaint free Supreme Judicial council. Lesson of history is that we do not learn any lesson from it and around 500 years ago The Queen of England tried to subdue her Chief Justice Mr. Justice Coke and people resented and took to street until that sacking was off, and people elected him as member of Parliament and later made him unopposed Speaker of the House of Parliament. Its time that Chief Justice is acknowledged as being on right.

Amjad Malik is a life member of Supreme Court Bar Association and & a Solicitor-Advocate of the Supreme Court (England) and chair of Association of Pakistani Lawyers (UK).

13 March 2007

amjad malik, Pakistan - 14 March, 2007


Pakistan is a country where anything can happen because some people lack understanding and are easily carried away either by bribes or by status. All talk about democracy including the writer of the article no doubt he has come connections with political parties in Pakistan and would prefer to side them but disqualification of the corrupt and qualifications of popular amongst the masses can only pave the way towards true democracy if writers like Amjad Malik spend their time to educate the people and tell them the entire history of those criminals who looted Pakistan and back in to do it again. Media failed badly in Pakistan both English and Urdu they worked for themselves and for those who were paying them to write against Pakistan all negative stories. They should play a role which is neutral and not to side anyone in the game. Its easy to blame the Military but who will dare to pick a fight with US not anyone around at the moment. Super power dictates all in the world today unless Russian or Chines do come up to stand in front but they will not risk their progress.
Pakistan had no choice but to deploy their forces on the Afghanistan border but refused to send their forces in Iraq which was a daring step. Problem are everywhere in the developing and also developed world but people of other countries do not go against their own land whereas some Pakistan would do anything for gain to speak against Pakistan and that is very pathetic and not pro Pakistani attitude. That must change.

Mohammad, United Arab Emirates - 22 February, 2008

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