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26 April, 2007

By Amjad Malik

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In Pakistan military  rulers come unchallenged but their departure is never scheduled, same is the  case with General Pervez Musharraf who is in a fix as what to do and popular  date of 17th August is coming nearer. Their masters can never be  their friends cried out loud General Ayub Khan in his last days in his  autobiography so did Zulfiqar in his famous speech in Parliament that conspiracies are being hatched against him. Great nations keep their national  interest supreme and weaker nation’s leaders their power . Pakistan a vibrant  nation full of potential, talent has become a victim of a few whose vision has  no boundaries and no respect for rule of law and justice. Alas the

current ruler  also could not do anything for the masses on a large scale and never commanded  their support and always looked towards his masters as well as unit for  maintaining power. He must look back and see how many friends are left behind,  one by one he is getting lonely.  

Ariel exit is normally  the only route available for those who came violating the popular mandate of the  people as leaving peacefully is an option idealistic but rarely practical. News  reports indicate desperate attempts of such ‘political exit’ carefully  concentrated between military ruler and other political parties, on top of  list is PPP. Those who believe in the positive outcome of this relationship are  living in Cukoo’s land as there can be no sane agreement between a military  ruler and popular political party without compromising rule of law and  constitutional supremacy. These Confidence building measures merely can pave the  way of exiled leader’s peaceful return to Pakistan

which is denied by force as  Pakistanis are given their in born rights as favours not as a right, but  partnership with an unpopular outgoing leadership is very tricky especially after judicial crisis of 9 March  where they have self inflicted a wound which is not going to go away  easily.

Pakistan’s  establishment knows it better that partnership with ppp with crippled opposition  can be very dangerous. It can act as a double edge sword and only restoring two  party system in reality as was before 12 Oct 99 is the ultimate solution and key  to the security of the system guaranteeing protection to the state. Q league  with divided vote with N league will suffer heavily at the hands of PPP, in fact  it will eat them alive if allowed to canvass single handedly and maturity  desires the return of other exiled leaders to ensure free, fair and impartial  elections to allow the people to elect and reject the leaders. This fair dual is  also necessary to have a check and balance to

preserve serenity and common  sense.PPP in power with military ruler will not be able to deliver as per  claims and assessments are that such govt will be short lived and could be  toppled with any uneven incident whether it is an incident like 9/11 or sudden  death of any stalwart and then the situation will desire a rematch calling all  the players again but at that juncture the loss will be of Pakistan.  

Mullah is not the root  cause of the actual problem, lack of political will is, and the direct diagnosis  of such extremism is vacuum and the absence of political leadership which has  roots in the masses  on conservative  front which use to keep middle class mobile and up right to check and out number  the militant out fits. If you remove conservative leadership, ultimately you are left with Lal Masjid style leadership who are ready to interpret Islam to their own choosing though not shared by commoners but have a frightening effect on already weak government who is fearing of a political explosion all around, any  time.

I feel time is up and  rather than opening back door channels of secret negotiations with a,b,c parties  and damaging the system further, military leader must act as Spartan and  initiate open and public discussion in the supreme national interest with all  political parties at a round table ensuring presence of all exiled leaders to  discuss how an exit can be practically made possible and how a fair and transparent elections can be held in Pakistan. Those consultations may discuss  the time table for laying off his uniform before his elections, and mechanism of  inducting an independent and reliable care taker set up possibly judges along  with powerful election commissioner who will

impartially hold elections. He also  needs consultation with all parties how the independence of judiciary can be  secured as his actions speak louder than his claims that he believes in justice  and fair play.  

Only a fair and  independent judiciary can guarantee holding of a fair election(s) in Pakistan.  These elections can’t be held fairly if the head of judiciary is begging justice  in his own court. What a picture the regime is showing the whole world of the  state of play at judicial front, and the humiliation of masses over this issue  is visible from their wider condemnation. These suggested actions are not  imminent and may not happen at all as our leadership lack political will and  have no roots as well as  wisdom  which needs to solve

the crisis they are in and followers of Imam Hussain who  are not a few applauded an other ‘NO’ to the tyrant of its time and time is  running out fast.

Reader Comments:

Enter to Whom

Did you not bring into notice the pleasures of Asif Zardari and Benazir in this country of poor folk or not know the shopping done by Nawaz Sharif and his wife in Washington while they had gone there begging. Or the runaway killer Iltaf Hussain of Karachi. All these need a stick and nothing else.
Down with the democracy that brings these people and lets them loose like hounds on the flesh of the poor and affected nation. Mention a single man who can 'enter' when we show this president 'exit'. May be there are men but not among politicians which are the outcome of your fair and free western theology of democracy in which one having money is the best.

Ahmad Farquleed, Pakistan - 26 April, 2007

Thank you for such a good suggestion.

Very appropriate and necessary suggestion.
It will probably not be implemented because Army has taste of power(Control of money and positions) and easliy will not leave.As a matter of fact it wants politicians to be dwarf and weak so they can be manipulated easily.At the time of Bhutto and his struggle with Zia,Army decided that to stay in power they have make MQM to weaken PPP and never are they going to allow any leader gigantic in size.Unfortunatley this mentality has caused an increase in corruption and crimes but they will learn and retreat from politics when ordinary Pakistanis will make each soldier and officer feel their disapproval to the extent that they may think many times before going in public in uniforms as in Bazar or telling civilians about their ranks.
Allah bless you Amjad Sahib,and keep on writing on this topic of accountability of leadership(be it military or civilian)

Dr.M.Khan, United Kingdom - 27 April, 2007

Civil Society

I think the Civil Society of Pakistan now stand up and fight for their rights and for bringing the rule of law in this land of pure. Army will not stop even after this General's exit. We will need to fight for it which is not a very easy way. Military should be shown their way for ever. I strongly support Lawyers current movement which has the potential to become a national movement against miltary's political role in Pakistan.

Sunny, Pakistan - 28 April, 2007

Think twice before you suggest to welcome exile leaders

Although your article is appropriate that the rulers must think for the better of Pakistan I do not think inviting the corrupt exile leaders who have been the root cause of where Pakistan is today is just impracticle.

What need to be done or accomplish is do as what Kamal Ataturk did in Turkey after the second world war that is send all corrupt leaders for Hajj and blow the bloody plane right in the air because Pakistan need a revolution from with in and not from abroad.

Lokk at Pakistan's stability during the non political government and compare it with the performance with the political government it is crystal clear that Pakistan has made progress and growth under non political government in its history.

I am not against democracy what I suggest is democracy that is workable and suitable for Pakistan, in the interest of Pakisan and for the people of Pakistan who have waited for generations to see the promised land that holds tremondous potential whther it is the manpower or natural resources or it beautiful scenic reural areas.

I am proud to be born in Pakistan will always be indebted to it for what it has offered me and would always contribute to it glory in anyway as I could even though I have adopted a new nationality and am seeing what Pakistan origin population has contributed to the world whether it be in the field of science, technology, trade or business.


Amin Amlani, Canada - 29 April, 2007

response to ahmad

Sir you have a point that accounability of civilian ruler has been a questionable too but civilian set up has not been allowed to run so that public en masse select or reject after 5 years of national assembly. General Musharraf came to power to bring about true democracy and rule of law. His 7 points agenda is all in tatters and his good governance is sacrificed on the alter of scandalous government which has land mafia, sugar and cement crisis, oil price hike, steel mill reference, stock exchange crash, Nabbed’ ministers and incidents of ‘Bajaur’s medal on their collar with hundreds of unfinished achievements of which each one of them is worthy of shame. A common man fears that if permitted these rulers will not hesitate to sell Mangla Dam for a potential housing scheme as they are on ‘hit and run’ policy because their political days are numbered and only true Parliamentary democracy is the future of Pakistan. Latest victim Chief Justice speaks for itself, previous Chief Justice was restained from work, PM in detention, President sent home what more we wish to see new and unique. Civil rule is the only key sir.

AMJAD MALIK, United Arab Emirates - 30 April, 2007

Tell me one thing is it musharraf or the political parties creating the problem. maybe living in the UK sir you have forgotten 'desi' politics. maybe you need to stop writing articles and pay a visit to your "country". Musharraf this Musharraf that....instead of complaining look at what he has done and is doing...regarding democracy...what democracy ... its a western phenomenon that has provenly failed in many countries of the world. So keep that notion to your self. regarding 'hit and run' please provide some genuine evidence. you're a lawer right...then i think you need to still (sadly that is) learn how to provide basis for your claims.
and please for once don't question his ecoomic policies...pakistan is booming... problem is political instability...not economy...who is on the streets Musharraf of corrupt being a lawer please reply back anxiosuly waiting "sir"

Asfar Siddiqui, Pakistan - 30 April, 2007

What is 'Bajaur' medal?

Amjad Sahib, when you say and I quote
land mafia, sugar and cement crisis, oil price hike, steel mill reference, stock exchange crash, Nabbed’ ministers and incidents of ‘Bajaur’s medal on their collar

what do you mean by 'Bajaur' medal?

Dr. Qazi (, United Kingdom - 02 May, 2007


Dr sb i think its 'Bajaur's killings 'when i say bajaur's innocent killings are shinning like a medal i am referring to a missile attack on a Islamic centre which was an alleged attack by US forces but was accepted by Pakistani authorities where over 80 people died out of which most of them were teenagers learning quranic studies.

amjad malik, United Arab Emirates - 02 May, 2007

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