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Earth 1947

08 May, 2006

By Ahmer Muzammil

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  Indian movies are usually not supposed to be thought-provoking. Especially now-a-days when it's hard to distinguish between an Indian film and a soft-core porn movie. I was delightfully surprised to surf in to a well-made movie about the partition of the sub-continent while I was channel-hopping over the weekend. The movie ended with the usual mantra that eventually it's the Muslims who are the oppressors no matter what. I can say this with utmost responsibility that Hindus by & large haven't forgiven the Muslims of sub-continent for the fact that the Muslims were a clear minority for hundreds of years but nevertheless ruled over the sub-continent, and when the time came for the Hindus to rule over the entire sub-continent, Muslims again kind of rained on the parade by opting for Pakistan. So that long-awaited dream of ultimate supremacy was snatched away from them. That's why you always hear of this confederation not only from the rightwing-Hindu camp but also from most in the middle. To a certain degree some Hindus are also resentful as they should be of the fact that Pakistan is minute compared to India's size, power, resources, military-might etc. Still Pakistan is able to give this impression that in almost every field we give the Indians run for their money, whether its cricket, nuclear technology or what have you. Within last 10 years I think India's economy has flourished at a much greater pace leaving Pakistan behind at some distance but for the most part in the existence of these 2 countries, India and Pakistan have been considered as equal rivals which in itself is and should be an insult to India because of the balance of resources between the 2 countries.


  We must give credit to the makers of this movie "Earth 1947" however; they did try to at least give an impression of impartiality. In the movie there is a scene when Aamir Khan is anxiously waiting at the Lahore station for her sisters to arrive from Amritsar. When the train eventually reaches Lahore 12 hours later than its scheduled arrival, he gets in to the train to find nothing but mutilated bodies of men and children, women were raped first and then killed. There breasts were carved off of there bodies and stacked in boxes. Any breathing human-being with an ounce of decency should cringe at this reality, what kind of hatred would force a group of people to act in this manner against another? This was an illustration from an Indian-point of view, we must applaud the honesty and courage of the director, but I suspect that the reality might have been much gorier and brutal.


   It's an un-deniable historical reality that in Hyderabad alone upwards of 100,000 Muslims were slaughtered in one day on the order of Sardar Patel, who eventually became the interior minister in the first cabinet of peace loving Jawahar lal nehroo. All this was done on the watch of Mr. Gandhi, the epitome and symbol of non-violence. 100,000 human beings, just in one city! Can you imagine what that would have been like? Can you imagine the pain of young kids or anyone for that matter when they saw there mothers, sisters, daughters, wives hanging with fans in the mosques, their lifeless bodies devoid of any clothes hanging thru their hair in the house of Allah swt. Their crime? They were Muslims! That's it, nothing more nothing less. And then you ask me what do I have against cultural-exchanges and dance shows. Why can't I just move on? I tell you, I just can't, it's just too soon. I am not advocating violence, please understand that I am all for living peacefully with thy neighbor, I just can't seem to love thy neighbor whose hands are still red with the blood of my people! It's not an emotional commentary to rile up hatred; it's a historical fact that is still too fresh in the memories of millions of people who went thru this trauma.


   I also know that there are more Muslims in India than in Pakistan, and I blame the establishment of Pakistan and the politicians, because they lied to the Muslims of India. The 2 nation theory is not rocket science for crying out loud! The scholars and supposed intellectuals make it sound so confusing. It's simple and sue me if I am wrong, but the whole premise of partition was that us Muslims are so diabolically different from hindus that we just can't live with each other, wasn't it? We are 2 different nations. We need to have 2 different countries. That's what the leaders and the politicians sold to the Muslims of India, and when the Muslim masses rallied behind them and made enemies out of their hindu and sikh neighbors and once Pakistan came in to being, then all of a sudden, the borders were sealed to stop the influx of immigrants. Merriam Webster's should list this historical backstabbing as a literal meaning of the word "BETRAYAL".


  Please don't tell me that a new country like Pakistan with limited resources couldn't afford anymore immigrants, because they should have figured all of this before they were selling the dreamland of Pakistan to the millions of Muslims in India.


   The fact of the matter is that they lied when they said that Pakistan will be for the Muslims of the sub-continent, if it was then why were the borders sealed? We proudly state that Pakistan is one of the two ideological states that are present in the world. The other being Israel. To this day if any Jew is persecuted in their home-countries anywhere in the world, they can show up at an Israeli embassy and they get immigration to Israel, no questions asked! I am not saying that we should have done that for all Muslims everywhere, but at least for the people that we promised, the Muslims of sub-continent who sacrificed with their blood should have been accommodated.


  Why can't we be two sovereign countries who live side by side peacefully? Why is it that either we are at each others throat, or we are in bed together making out! Can't there be a middle ground where we live and prosper as two separate countries? Please don't take this personally I am sure your culture, your music, your food, your moral values are swell; just don't shove them down my throat because I would prefer living by my own value system. And please stop telling me that the reason I should follow your value system is because we are the same people; see that's my pet peeve, I am not you and you are not me, if we were the same we wouldn't have needed a separate country and you wouldn't have killed millions of my people in Kashmir and in 1947 and then again in Gujrat. If you really were in love with me like you claim, then you wouldn't keep electing the most fascist and bigoted political party in your country, which openly advocates violence and hatred against my people. I can forgive but I will never forget. I am not looking for revenge but I can't be your best friend either because the pain is still there. Lets just be civil to each other, you can start by treating your Muslim Citizens as equals.


  If that's asking for too much then at least let them live. Please don't insult the intelligence of the civilized world by illustrating the prosperity of Shahrukh-Khan and Aamir khan as examples of your pluralistic society. In this day & age of Info-Tech it's harder to sell crazy to the world than it was previously. According to Daily Express India, "Discriminated against and pushed to the sidelines, the Muslim community in India is at the bottom of the heap when it comes to benefits from Government-run welfare schemes, access to education, employment, even the system of credit, including bank loans. This is the disturbing conclusion emerging from the initial findings of the Prime Minister's High Level Committee, headed by Justice (retd) Rajinder Sachar, looking into the "social, economic and education status of the Muslim community in the country." The final report of the committee is expected to be submitted in June this year".


   I am very fond of some of the great human beings that your country have produced, people like arundhati-roy are definitely a badge of honor for your society but for every 1 arundhati-roy you have 50 Bal thakaray's, stack full of narendra modi's and scores and scores of Uma Bharti's (on a side note, I am sure that Uma Bharati didn't have a say in what she looks like, but when you are this ugly shouldn't you be discrete? ugly people should never do anything that would draw attention, there's enough trauma in this world as it is, last thing we need is her face on our tv screens) and until that balance tilts the other way and your masses stop electing fascist and bigots as there leaders, your claims of pluralism and fairness is nothing but rhetoric.


  Let me be candid (like I need help with that), India & Pakistan are 2 sovereign nations and to this day most Indians haven't accepted that ground reality. Every single peace-loving Indian that is overwhelmed with love just can't seem to finish there statement without saying that there shouldn't be any borders and we should be one. I appreciate the offer but "NO THANK YOU". Millions of my people didn't sacrifice their lives, for us to be one again. (I don't think they sacrificed their lives for the disaster that is Pakistan thanks to the  Millitary Generals, civil bureaucracy, chaudhri's, wadeyra's and nawab's, but let's leave that discussion for another time.) What we can do is be fair to each other, live peacefully side by side without interfering in each others matters.


  Now I know that most Indians will cry Kashmir, I am saying this with utmost sincerity & responsibility that Kashmir is payback for Bangladesh as far as Pakistani establishment and armed-forces are concerned. "You broke off our country so we'll break off yours "they tried it with khalistan and then Kashmir, and they probably won't stop. As far as the people of Kashmir is concerned Pakistani establishment and Pakistan army could care less, I mean they don't give a rats ass about there own citizens what makes anyone think they would give a damn about the commoner of Kashmir, unless and off course there is prime land in srinagar that can be utilized for defense housing schemes (read scams). And I think people of Kashmir know that as well that's why an overwhelming majority of Kashmiris NOW would opt for independence from both India and Pakistan. Kashmiri struggle for most part is an indigenous effort, just like Palestine and Iraq. Give people there due right and if you don't then people will stand up and try to take what belongs to them, its really that simple.


  Let's be honest, I don't have to be in love with you to live peacefully with you as a neighbor. I know you don't like me either and I am quite OK with that, lets just agree to disagree and focus on our own societies. There is too much devastation and chaos in both countries. We can divert our energies towards making the situation better for the millions upon millions of poor soles who don't even have access to clean water, and here we have made cultural exchanges a matter of life and death. Give me a break!



Reader Comments:

Very Good.Carry On.

Rohit, Hungary - 08 May, 2006

Indian Movie and Timurid dynasty Muslims

Anti Islam anti Timurid Babur Pakistan Hidden factors in Bollywood
Movie you must not ignore…

Little thing pleases little mind

Indian Movie “.Mughal e azam” just released in Pakistan showing great
Timurid empire. In this movie what is missing is that Timur Babur children
Ruled Uzbeckistan Chechniya Baskar Iran Azerbaijan Armenia Georgia to
Pakistan India Bangladesh.Anti Muslim army have barged in here trying
To enslave muslims of the region.

What has been shown in the movies Akbar Azama married a Hindu Durga Khote
Rani Juddhabai worshipping hindu goddess and prince Salim was told
“you will be labelled as buttprust (idol) worshipper ”.

What is wrong ?

In Islam: “you can marry women of the book who can retain religion christianity
Judaism and marry A muslim”.i.e. marrying a hindu criteria is that she must
Convert be wedded in Islamic style and cease to worship idol while married.Bollywood
Mughal e azam is anti Islam
anti Timurid Army glory.

Laggan cricket criteria for British Empire… Both Bush and UK have barged
In Timurid empire and like to be seen playing cricket IN Pakistan or building stadium
With cricket game which is time wasting in mfg world of 24 hr mfg 3 shift
8 hrs each.

In $800 per capita Pakistanis ! neither cricket nor $150,000 $500,000
homes building nor $75 bed breakfast hotel building or letting India make
foreign exchange via above kind of brain washing movie sale is suitable for
muslim (really).Am I wrong?

M.B.Zakaria, United Arab Emirates - 08 May, 2006

Excellent article. I cannot stop admiring the author, the title with which he began and the point with which he concluded. I learned about many new things today. and its Nehru not Nehroo and Gujarat not Gujrat!

Arun, Hungary - 08 May, 2006

Great idea....transfer of populations should continue..India should take in all Hindu+Sikhs+minotirites from Pak and Bangladesh while divesting themselves of muslims, who can then live happily ever after in Pakistan/Bangladesh. This way, no khatpat!Peace and happiness shall reign supreme! The unfinished agenda of partition will be done and over with! Howzzat?

Sarabjit, Hungary - 08 May, 2006

Dear Ahmer

You are right when u say that India and pakistan are two soverign countries. I think all the Indians believe the same and are happy and thank God that Pakistan is not part of India.
We can also live peacefully if Pakistan wants as ultimately at the moment its Pakistan which is meddling in Kashmir.
If India and Pakistan chose to ignore each other completely, i am sure both countries will progress at a much faster rate and aam janta of both the countries would be happy.

Manoj, Hungary - 08 May, 2006

Do lots of people in pak thinks like him?

Rish, United Kingdom - 09 May, 2006

Carry On

Writing some coments for this is the wastage of time.Keep yourself and your people engage in antiindia writings and activities that will help to improve your nation, and also the relations of pak and BLA, and PAK & NWFP. Thanks and keep going.

sabbir Ahmed, Hungary - 09 May, 2006

Whew!! What an Article!!!

I like the last paragragh. But Ahmer.. having said that I wonder why you took so much of space to cry and shed tears about what Indians and Pakistanis should or should not do together It would have made better sense for you to write about Gender bias in Pakistan.

As my friend and fellow country man Rohit rightly put it in his cryptic comment ...Very Good. Carry on.

aarvey, Hungary - 09 May, 2006



RAV KALEA, United Arab Emirates - 09 May, 2006

Author doesn't understand pain of migration

I think logic will not make sense to this author but still I will ask one question to the author.

Do you understand pain involved in migration? Is it like placing dumies from one place to other.
If somebody tells you leave your job, house, all you have earned in life and move to other place will you do that.

You can name few Indian Leaders for killings of Muslims, but will you name same people for killings of Hindus while Partition.

Probably you will since logic doesn't make sense to you.

sanjay, Pakistan - 09 May, 2006

Roti Kapda aur Makaan

Although, right from the beginning of the article, the author is heavily biased against anything with the word 'Indian' attached to it, I see it in a different light. Mr. Ahmer Muzammil earns his bread & butter by writing 'Indo-centric' stuff.

For the sake of Roti, Kapda aur Makaan the poor fellow had to spend three hours torturing himself with the movie '1947-Earth'. My sympathies are with you Mr. Ahmer Muzammil. He could have spent his three-hours watching some great Oscar-winning Pakistani movie where the heroes are flashing their Kalashnikovs and the heroines are gyrating to the tunes of songs picked up from 'C-grade' Bollywood movies. But then, where would have this article come from?

In India, people are stressed out due to lots of work because we have a booming economy. We need some kind of entertainment to relax, and what better way than to read your 'thought-provoking' articles! Believe me, it is equally entertaining as compared to visiting a jokes-site if not more.

So, Mr. Ahmer Muzammil, you are doing a great service indeed to the stressed out citizens of India. On behalf of One-Billion plus Indians(Muslims included) I thank you and am eagerly looking forward to many more entertaining articles like this from your side. God Bless You!

Karan Thapar, Hungary - 09 May, 2006

Great article

Whatever you say, yo were still looking at Indian movies, you still are commenting on names of Indian leaders and social activists. You know so much about India - Right?

Then you must also know that Azim Premji the richest Indian is a Muslim and so is our president.

To cut the story short - Pakistan by concept was good idea but your governance and policy makers were stupid and now a state that could have given competition to Malaysia in terms of economics id knee deep into loans, trying to compete with India which has much deeper pockets.

As of Kashmir, India is spendin millions of dollars a day to keep it under its control and can sustain that for another 500 years.

So hard luck articles like these do not impress anyone. Even if as your press claims India has hegimonious designs against Pakistan -- NO ONE CAN STOP INDIA!!!

Sharma, Hungary - 10 May, 2006

I m a muslim and i LOVE India... so dont give me this sham about pak-muslim thing. India every way...Just because ur lollywood ...please dont try to put down anycase who is listening to u...ur paki stars are rushing to india to make an please...y this hypocrisy...I think u r in a state of denial...u'll soon reach bargaining...n then acceptance..when u reach the acceptance stage i will come n woohoo u!

Self Denial, Hungary - 10 May, 2006

Figures too compare

Figures to compare...

In the past 50 yrs no even a single hindu has been recruited in the secularPakistan Defence Forces.In anti muslim Indian Air force alone there are 18000 muslims.

Your aggressive neighbour spends 2.5% of GDP on defence while peace loving Pakistan spends 4.8% of GDP on defence.


Abhishek Majumdar, Hungary - 10 May, 2006

what a dud

Is this guy for real

I feel Ahmer Muzammil is not meant to be a journalist. or else he would have confirmed his facts.
He says one lakh muslims were butchered by hindus in hyderabad!I live in hyderabad and can vouch for the fact that no such thing happend. i even confirmed it with my grandfather who worked with the Nizam's army but later opted to stay with india withhis family and not go to pakistan. Seeing all the shia-sunni killings in pakistan which has even surpassed the so called hindu-muslim riots in india in terms of its goriness, i can say that we made the correct decision to stay in india.
true there were problems in hyderabd during the partiction, but my research shows no more than 2000 people (both hindus and muslims died) and not one lakh muslims as muzammil claims.
unfortunately mulims like to exaggerate their sufferings to project themselves as the opressed ones all over the world. but the fact of the matter is that most of their suffering is the result of their own misdeeds and those of their leaders, both religious and polictial. aside from lessons in english grammar, ahmer muzzamil should also take a crash course in history.

ahmed rizvi,

banjara hills

ahmed rizvi, Hungary - 10 May, 2006

Hi Rish

I don't know what the people in Pakistan think. I would like to find out myself if I can get a Visa to travel to the country. Be because I am from the Indian origin I will be refused a visa. I know that much.
Never mind all that.
I lived in this county for more than 40 years and I think England is the best county in the world. In this country no Man, Woman, cast or religious is above the law. Every body get treated the same. Men and Women have equal rights. I wish it was the same back home.
No one blame the minority when things are wrong in the country. No one set your house on fire, burn people alive in the streets.
Majority don't force you to believe in what they believe in.
The law is on your side.
We have divided our country once before on religious lines and I don't want see that happening ever again weather is Kashmir or any other part of India.
People all over the world try to unite and live in peace. It the reverse from what I have been reading.
There is no enemy greater than a mis-guided mind. No enemy can do us greater harm than our mind when it travels in tortuous, evil and sinful path.
One Universal Creator God. The Name Is Truth. Creative Being Personified. No Fear. No Hatred. Image Of The Undying, Beyond Birth, Self-Existent. By Guru's Grace ~

rav kalea, United Arab Emirates - 10 May, 2006

Excellent Article !

I laughed enough after long time. Looking forward to more fun from this author. Keep up the good work.

Indian, United Kingdom - 10 May, 2006

Earth 1947

I think there are some people who are just master of hatred. And this guy is a champion of all. Rather trying to bridge the gap, this hate monger is on the roll. Dont tell us who ruled whom and who killed whom. And who is responsible for Indian Muslim's current state of living. U should be thakful that the muslim in India enjoys the kind of freedsom which they wouldn't be able to enjoy even in pakistan. So keep ur lecture reserved for Talibans. They may help you in killing some more innocent hindus working in Afganistan. By the way, Well Done "Hate Monger".

Vineet, United Kingdom - 11 May, 2006

Proud Indian

I am Really proud of you Janab sabbir ahmed. You are a great indian citizen

Suresh, Pakistan - 11 May, 2006

Hydrabad story is one sided

In 1947 Nizam of hyrdrabad made killing of Hindus as well as muslims thousands & thousands through
Razakrs, so at last sardar patel ,Govt of india had initiated police action,it was against of Nizam govt only , to help the victims of bad conditions.

Hyrdabdi, Pakistan - 11 May, 2006

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