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Defending Honour of Prophet Muhammad(PBUH)

14 February, 2006

By Syed A. Mateen

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Muslims are protesting against publishing of twelve blasphemous cartoons, which despite severe protests in Muslim countries, has not been removed as yet by Denmark`s largest newspaper Jyllands-Postenthe from its website.

The blasphemous cartoons are reprinted three months later in solidarity with the Danish daily newspaper by several other western dailies in the name of "freedom of expression", that has added fuel to the fire, which in fact, is an expression of the West of extreme hate towards Muslims and their Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

The Denmark`s daily Jyllands-Postenthe took the lead in publishing the blasphemous cartoons and then other Scandinavian and European countries joined the rat race to uphold their so-called right of freedom of expression. A newspaper from Norway republished the cartoons last month and then it was published in French daily France Soir, Germany`s Die Welt, and newspapers from Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland.

Another continent became involved in the dispute when two newspapers in New Zealand, namely The Dominion Post, Wellington, and The Christchurch Press, both owned by Australia`s Fairfax group, reprinted the blasphemous caricatures.

The Secretary General of Council of Europe Terry Davis in his statement has described the violence that accompanied protests across the Muslim world against European blasphemous cartoons as "unacceptable". Terry Davis has said that "freedom of opinion and expression is protected by European human rights law, even in cases when the views expressed were offensive".

In his opinion, the violence, destruction and hate which marred the protests are totally "unacceptable", as "having the right to cause offence does not make it right to do so". Terry Davis is confident that they are not supported by the vast majority of people of Islamic faith, regardless of how offended they feel by these caricatures.

The cartoonists and the publishers of the newspapers are the opinion-makers and cannot be termed as responsible citizens of the West when they have intentionally pursued the course of action which was a deliberate act of provocation that has hurt the sentiments of 1.5 billion Muslims around the world and has become a possible source of clash between the civilizations.

The newspapers repeatedly published the blasphemous cartoons one after another are totally responsible for the loss of several human lives and destruction of properties during the protests in different countries. If they have not provoked the sentiments of millions of Muslims by publishing the blasphemous cartoons, there would have been no question of demonstrations by the Muslims.

To make clear to the blasphemous cartoonists and the publishers of the newspapers, let me remind them that Jesus Christ (PBUH) was the second-last prophet of Al-Mighty Allah. He foretold the coming of the last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

I would request the Muslims in the world to follow the example of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), even in the worst of circumstances and defend the honour of Prophet Muhammad without reacting violently on the blasphemous cartoons, that are published in several newspapers in the West.

Such blasphemous cartoons cannot shake the belief of 1.5 billion Muslims in the world, as Muslims are connected with each other in the world through belief in one Al-Mighty Allah and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as Allah`s last Prophet.

 "You do not do evil to those who do evil to you, but you deal with them with forgiveness and kindness". (Sahih Al-Bukhari)



Reader Comments:


The only ones responsible for the killings is the people who were commiting the crimes. Likely many of the people killed had no part whatsoever in the blasphemy, furthermore Christians in the west have been dealing with nonstop blasphemy as free speech.

Any true Christian would respect your beliefs to the best of their ability. As they have had to deal with constant attack on their religion. However, killing people in the streets is not an acceptable way to protest actions by private companies that likely have no connection with whom you are attacking.

Dave, United Kingdom - 14 February, 2006


I summited an article last night. Let me guess, you didn't post it because you thought it would hurt someone's feelings, or worse, that upon reading it people may start thinking for themselves.

Majority...Doug, United Kingdom - 15 February, 2006

Speak Out Team

Due to my strong beliefs on freedom of speech I am offended that your paper's sanitization team is refered to as the "Speak Out Team." You guys are ridiculous.

Doug (Majority, United Kingdom - 15 February, 2006

Sangla Hill

(Pakistan) On Nov. 12, over 1,000 Muslims torched three churches, a convent, a Christian school, a girls' hostel, and a priest's home. The mob even burned Bibles, Christian literature, crosses and other Christian materials, and set fire to Christian homes.

When I read this I was offended. Not because it was printed, but because it happened. Jesus loves you and so do I. I will pray for you.

Doug, United Kingdom - 15 February, 2006

Idiots who are engaged in fomenting hatred against Islam

Western media's response towards publication of our beloved Prophet's dishonouring cartoon is despicable.In my opinion you can expect any kind of nonsense from such idiots who know no limits of morality. In fact the word morality does not exist in their vocabulory.According to them any thing that a religious believer believes is right is wrong or whatever a believer believes is wrong is right for them. They are very proud of their actions and utterances,just as Pharoh confronted our beloved Prophet Moses(PBUH)or Nimrod reacted to our beloved Prophet Ibrahim(pbuh).Rest assured these perpeterators would notgo unpunished. Response of Muslims all over the world is understandable. This the the least they could do prom distant lands. Peace be on our beloved Prophet. Allah Subanutalla Himself sends salutation to him in the glorious Quran.

nasir zahid, Canada - 16 February, 2006

NUKE On Iran with Cartoon

Muslims do not own car computers luxury
Good in general.It is none Muslims who have
It all for themselves and have climbed down
For theft stealing and for a fight.

What is unacceptable is behavior of illicit
Sheik Emirs Gadaffi Car mfr oil companies
Who have squandered Muslim resource in
Such a short time.

Then their illicit collateral bombing killing invasion
Massacre murder without any fight went too
Far resulting in insulting Islam and the Holy Prophet.

The Notion that The Secretary General of Council
Of Europe Terry Davis can give sweeping statement
And repeat past collateral bombing or Nuke dropping
Nagasaki Hiroshima style unless we hand over remaining
Oil to solve their cash flow problem via Caricature and
Cartoon of the Holy Prophet is unacceptable.

The idea that Ahmed Dinejaad says No inspector and
Here comes looter killer Nuke dropping in Muslim
World until 1500m muslim have been wiped out in the
Likeness of Iraq invasion and bombing is a Black Mail.

Assume they have dropped Nuke In Iran and placed
Many million Soldiers around. If this will be the case let us
Start prepare fight hand to hand by all 1500 million
Islamically.Pull out Quran Hadith Islamic Methodology
And start preparation for show down.Please no more dying
By their flood quake collateral bombing or using illicit
Remote killing suicide bomber pretext.Currently Start
Purifying Islam from Lord Gadaffi of Green Book
Saudi Wahabii book Sheik Emir books Alqaeda Cult which
Brought above group of Looters who now want all of Oil
Muslim Resource 1500 million killed or converted and Islam
Wrapped up. All Educated Muslim start thinking in above lines
Right from now.Be Prepared.

benz m Ispahani, India - 16 February, 2006

try to ignore wrong things

we all r in a new world which is more concerned with peace, education, and progess . with all these responsibility, we adjust some time for our religious activities. if someone do mistake, he should be criticised. but it doesnt mean we also do mistakes. the cartoonist has apologised. i think chapter wuld be closed. in south asia, litracy rate is no more than 60-62%. if litarate people will also do mistakes then how lower class will understand????? with forgivess, a feeling of ignorance would also be seen. thanks

s tiwari, Pakistan - 20 February, 2006

'We should sacrifice our lives for our Holly Prophet'.

'We should sacrifice our lives for our Holly Prophet'.
In a powerful verse in the Holy Qur'an, Allah explicates the importance of our Love towards the Holy Prophet (pbuh) and our AMAL (good deeds). Allah says, “Do not raise your voices over the voice of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) and do not call (him, pbuh) in a common manner as you call one another, if you do so (show even a minor disrespect to the Holy Prophet (AW) after this commandment, then all your AMAL (good acts from your whole lives will be discarded and destroyed.” Al-Hujurat 2.
Allah loves his prophet (salallahoalaihewasalam) so much that Allah and His Angels send Salaat-o-Salaam to prophet Muhammad (salallahoalaihewasalam ) all the time and He made "love of Rasulullah (salallahoalaihewasalam)" pre-requsite of Imaan, thus in surah Ale-Imran Allah says TRANSLATION:"Say: O, people! if you do love Allah, follow me , Allah will love you and forgive your sins" (Surah Ale-Imran, Verse 31). Now listen to this hadith where Rasulullah (salallahoalaihewasalam) said; Translation: "That is, none of you is Momin (believer) unless I am dearer to him than his parents, his children and all other persons." (Sahiul Bukhari).
In a Hadith of the Holy Prophet (Salaal Laahu Alaihi Wa Salaam) it is narrated:
"The Holy Prophet (Salaal Laahu Alaihi Wa Salaam), during tawaaf, stood in front of the holy kaaba and said, "O kaaba, by your greatness you are great, by your environment you are great, by your place you are great, but by the greatness of Allah Taala, the Momins of my ummah are greater than you! He (momin) possesses higher respect than you!"
To defend the religion of the holy Prophet is one of his rights upon believers. Defending the religion can be done by using one's hands, tongue and writings. To ignore attacks on the holy Prophet or on his religion is impermissible to Muslims. Muslims must strive to reject, in the best manner, attacks on the holy Prophet's character or on any aspect of his religion, the best religion sent to mankind.

Javed Raja, Pakistan - 21 February, 2006

Show mea Picture

How do you guys know if that cartoon was of Momammed, you guys do not believe in images, so what is the issue???.

Yugraj, United Kingdom - 22 February, 2006

The Division?

Human race is not divided on basis of religion etc.But on ancestory,you either belong to'Abel' and therefore do not
act in violence or to 'Cain'
in that case viloence is your
inheritence.It does'nt matter
whether whether he goes to a mosque, church or synagouge.

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 22 February, 2006

Defending Honour

Its absolutely right to protest and defends the honour of Islam and Mohammad the prophet but not the way MMA and its followers did in Pakistan. Its a shame on a party who believes in Islam and failed to give message of peace to people and on the contary incited public to damage private properties and set fire to vehicles. They had different objectives under the pretex of protest but failed on all sides. Its a shame on them and their followers who are guilty of killing innocents and are resposible for the destruction of properties and must pay to them all. Law should step in to teach a lesson. I hope relatives of deceased bring private prosecutions against MMA and others who incited all the violence.

mohammad, United Arab Emirates - 22 February, 2006

as we are all muslims so we should not become so hyper,and killing our people
we should do what is good for us and let the leaders do what we have to do i apealed all the muslims to be united.thank you

urooj abid, Pakistan - 03 March, 2006

th right way

yes we al shud protest n shud gv our energies BUT BUT BUT in the right way bcuz they r happy 2 c muslims destroying themselfz and thatz what they want,and they r saying that v r rit bcuz muslimz r destroying themselfs so thy r terrarest so its my plea 4 al muslims protest,protest and protest but in th right way A PEACEFUL PROTEST

syeda tabish mushtaq, Pakistan - 20 March, 2006

not really

we should take into consideration the chaos that muslim emigrant population in the western countries are creating....the people in the host countries look down upon muslims thinking that they are the root cause of all the unrest and disharmony in the western society...

nijer, Ireland - 24 July, 2006

responsibal will punished

thes responsibal person are wite colar tarrarest but i wil punished inshallah

asad, Pakistan - 28 February, 2008


Europians and scandinavian countries thought that the soul of muslims has died? They are in serious blunder. They have unsecure theirself forever. They would have to pay for it.

syed azmat ullah shah, Pakistan - 06 April, 2008

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