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Cry Tears of Blood

27 March, 2008

By Anwaar Hussain

Watch the massacre of Fallujah. What monsters, what beasts could do this to their fellow human beings? Watch and cry tears of blood.

When your tears dry up, then look at the face of this man and join me in my prayer for humanity.

I invoke Thee, O Lord, who resides in high heavens in the glow and mist of rainbows. O Ye the Master of the celestial and the terrestrial. O Ye, who extinguishes falsehood, who dissipates the evil influence of Satan and wicked apparitions.

O Ye, who is the Lord of the thrones of the universe, the oldest Existence, ancient of heaven, support of all things, the Lord of truth, Maker of men and beasts and plants, Maker of all things above and below, Deliverer of the sufferer and the oppressed, the all Hearer, the all Seer, the all Knower.

Ye are the Hearer of the shrieks of the sodomized children of Iraq , Ye are the Perceiver of the pains of their parents, and Ye are the Listener of the cries of the Fatimas who are raped by beastly men in Iraqi jails. Ye are the Life Giver to the deformed generations of Thy creations now being born in the plundered lands of Babylon. Ye are the knower of the slaughter of Thine innocent children in Iraq who were left on the streets for the canines to feed on. Ye are the all Knower.

Thou art in full knowledge of the perpetrators of these crimes, the violators who mar the things of beauty…Thine creations. They follow some noxious gods and venomous deities. In their bodily frames they lie imprisoned in the grips of devil, grievously defiled. I invoke Thee, O Lord, to cast upon them a ray of peace, and let it cure their suffering. For they are now not men but a gathering of evil faces, evil eyes, evil mouths, evil tongues, evil lips, evil minds and evil poisons. However tall they try to become, O Lord, they reach not Thy feet that rest on lofty summits…pygmies they remain.

O Ye, who is the Lord of wisdom, of mercy; most Loving, most Magnificent, Opener of every eye, Source of joy, in whose goodness Thine creations exult, Thou who has all the beautiful names, Thou the Maker of all the constellations and a collection of the most splendid lights Himself, a Maker of the beautiful radiance of the sun and the moon, I invoke Thee to redeem Thine erring servants that have taken to dwelling in darkness of the heart and the abode. I invoke Thee to restore their sanity, their minds, and their senses for they have become impervious to the pain they cast as they continue the mayhem. May their devils leave them, may they recover from their cursed sickness. Pardon their inadequacies, let their misdemeanors be erased. I beseech Thee. May they rediscover Thee O Magnificent One. Give back fragrant life to these living dead, O Lord of lights, for they rot even as they live.

Look down upon all of us; for we have started to rejoice in the showers of each others’ blood. We beseech Thee to pour out Thine blessings on us all. Be gracious to us from Thy throne built in Thy celestial kingdom. Thou art the timeless deliverer of all creatures; deliver us from our self-inflicted pains.

I, Thy servant, dull and ignorant, can poorly express my feelings. Yet I pray to Thee O Lord. Neither thought nor reason can capture Thy spirit, and no one knows all Thy attributes. Thou art the soul and Thou art the soul maker. I feel small and insignificant in Thy presence and lose the thread of all my reason. I perceive Thee clearly as the master of the universe, and yet perceive Thee as the universe itself.

I now finish my prayer and heave it up to Thee through the ethereal blues yonder above me, O Lord, with the hope that these will rise upto Thee and be granted. Amen.

Copy Rights: Anwaar Hussain


Reader Comments:

best of luck

All the calling for blood in the past seems to be catching up. Pakistan loves the taliban, let them have them. Pakistan waves the banner of support for the taliban but blames the US for terrorism on it's soil. Afghanistan doesn't want the taliban either. The world helps Afgahnistan get rid of them. Where do they go? To Pakistan they go. Where they are loved and supported. Since they're being driven from Afghanistan they need some place to call home. I remember seeing news footage in Pakistan of young children proclaiming their love for taliban and osama bin laden. Their bed is made, and night is upon us. And Anwar it's your bed too. Even though you live so far away. I heave this message up to my father. Amen.

one man, United Kingdom - 30 March, 2008

Nice Article But ******

Nice article Mr. Anwaar Hussain
but it is a bit hard to concentrate on and a little out of usual, way of communicating.
Thanks any way for your effort.

Arshad Ali, Pakistan - 30 March, 2008


Most people on earth feel pain about the curse on Iraqis (Saddam->Anglo-American invastion-> Bloody Civil war). Hope they recover soon. Iraqi media should play positive role in bringing all section of society together....

Nikus, Hungary - 01 April, 2008

To one man in USA

One thing is very strange that ever since US came in existence it is on war footing.Always. yes with different nations at differnet times.Earlier Local Indians were slaughtered and it was war for justice(Even in US constitution it says that Indians are barbarian savages,then African slaves were slaughtered and they were called by US supreme court that a black is 3/5th of a human being.Then war was against South America, one country at a time and the purpose was to civlise barbarians.Then war was against Communism and it was the same slogan of today"Either you are with us or agianst us" and the fear was so much whipped that weak segments(mostly military leadership as in Pakistan) agreed to surrender everything,by making pacts that served not Pakistan but US.Now it is war against Islam,called against terrorism so it goes with crusaders zeal.Answer me one question,why always war?Why nor peace with all the resources US has,why not talking with opponents and trying to win their hearts and mind sincerely, that will bring peace permanently.But you know damn well that is not a preference because the purpose is to sell the ammunition,to try it on live human beings to improve its quality,to rob the resources of these countries,to impose on them western culture.In the process each of this country like Iraq,Afghanistan is showing results,death,orphans,widows and prostitution is on the rise.But that wouldn't matter to you because you don't even consider them human beings, a little above animals Yes!

Responder, Pakistan - 01 April, 2008

To one man in USA

Few points I would like to mention.Supposedly the war on terror is because Alqaeeda is a group of muslims against USA and 911 was done by them.
But recently a top ranking CIA operatives admit that Alqaeeda never existed and is pure fabrication.Also Italian PM said that 911 was the inside job.Also a Japanese MP said that a new investigations is needed in 911 by UN(not by US).Jaswant Singh the Indian Foreign misnister had said that 911 was inside job.Are you aware of this?

speaker, Canada - 01 April, 2008


Well tragically it is a reality that where ever West has gone in Asian and African or Spanish countries it has brought only disaster there.Look Iraq,young girls have to take prostitution for survival.In Africa these people start civil wars.So can we say that western civilisation is actually "Evilisation".And why can't we we see lot supporting it.?

makhdoom, Pakistan - 02 April, 2008

Irrational thoughts and words

Dear Responder,

I see you were inspired by Mr. Hussain's words in his fervent prayer "Cry Tears of Blood" - Mr. Hussain's latest attempt to incite anger, even hatred for the U.S. It is curious that he chooses the form of a prayer as he attmpts to infuence others who, like Responder, are, more than a little, prone towards hating America.

I remember that Mr. Hussain wrote in another article that, NOTHING justifies the suicide/homicide attacks that we all have recently witnessed.

Eighty Muslims in Afghanistan were recently blown up as they were watching dogs fight? I dislike that sort of thing, but I really don't think these men deserved to die because they do like that sort of thing.

Muslims have been slaughtered in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq by other Muslims with such brutality and you are telling us, Responder, that it is U.S. who considers the people of Iraq and Afghanistan to be "a little above animals???"

Who makes the widows and orphans when fanatics blow up a marketplace in Iraq or slaughter those watching dogs fight in Afghanistan? Do you suppose the murderers consider their victims as human beings with a right to live out their lives?

Some people cannot see their own irrationality and I would say you, Responder, and Mr. Hussain, are good candidates for that sort of blindness.

Hatred precludes all reason it would seem.

I see you enjoyed Mr. Hussain's article, Responder, and that was the idea of course. I'm sure many, similar to you, were also inspired by Mr. Hussain's "Cry Tears of Blood.

That's what it's all about, after all...

Ayasha, United Kingdom - 03 April, 2008

educated people

Enough. I have no more patience for complaciency. Anwar , your a coward. It is now time for peace among all. I believe in Pakistan, all though I do not support the actions of the diety of the majority. Anwar, I agree extinguish falsehood, Islam. Murder, rape, child molestation. Your article is worthy of discussion. Check out Fitna. Nonmuslims will prevail, because we will not be terrorized into belief. Change. We will not have a religion dictating our actions, our own souls will. We will be judged by God for our actions. Any religion that chooses to judge me, can kiss my ass. I will be judged by God, whome is the only one who counts. Speaker and responder, it's quite obvious your the same. To speker and responder in Canada, everything you said sounds like the muslim view of a nonmuslim. America is based on freedom of religion. When a religion comes to our country calling for jihad or sharia law , it will be stomped out by free people. Free people, that means most of us are educated , which you are obviously not.

one, United Kingdom - 06 April, 2008

You are right

Dear responder, you are absolutely correct when you said that americans only talk of war after their creation. World could be at peace if they go for peace.

pkshome, Hungary - 07 April, 2008

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