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Crisis of Leadership

25 May, 2011

By Admiral Iftikhar Ahmed Sirohey (Retd)

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We have had crisis of leadership since 1951. Subsequent leaders were found deficient in one way or the other. Till 1968 we progressed to an extent that Pakistan was termed West Germany of the East. We were manufacturing polymers, steel and special alloys and exporting those to west. That was not acceptable. So we were blessed with a socialist leader who nationalised every thing including education. Most factories were destroyed and sold as scrap. The industrialists up stuck and planted themselves out of Pakistan. They have not returned. (Horrifically a phenomenon because of power and gas shortage and high production costs being repeated once again now). We spent next ten years fighting the USSR. When democracy was revived in 1985, Pakistan owed $9bn. In 1998 it was $32bn. Presently it owes $57bn. Since 1988 corruption become rampant. The national exchequer has been plundered and economy totally ruined. Those who were capable left the country to earn their living abroad.

The incompetence can be judged from the fact than we were provided with the FMs and a PM from IMF/WB. They were bankers not Economists/Financial Experts. The Economy has reached to this abyss because of those being in control who had/have no stake in the country. It is difficult to find a competent person in any field to lead any of the 17 fields that are internationally recognised for a country irrespective of its size.

Therefore, finding a leader to extricate the country from this deep hole is difficult if not impossible. The conduct of all leaders, to say the least, is horrid that has come out from Wiki leaks. Denying it is not possible. People in power as a norm suffer from verbal diarrhoea to impress the listener without any concern for the country.

The only possibility is the civil society rising against despot and the corrupt. That may throw up a leader from amongst them.

May Allah (swt) forgive us for our misdeed and guide us towards the right path.


Reader Comments:

None has hurt pakistan more than military.

Admiral Sahab,
Assalam Alaiekum.
You have written an intelligent article.Sadly I don't find such writings from retired army people.All that you said makes sense but it will be wrong not to admit the main culprit and criminals causing this day were military dictators who absoultely had no knowledge nor even sympathy with Pakistan.They throughout their stay put the retired generals on the spots which need high and appropriate education,training and experience.The military continued to rape and rob the country and even upon retirement these people are given big pieces of land and jobs on top civilian positions.Ayyub Khan laid the foundation for CIA to get involved in every walk of life,Yahya broke the country,Zia fought war of CIA and Musharraf ,every one knows is still on the payroll of CIA.Ayyub was on payroll till death.Now the question what to do next.If everyone starts to unite for only two national objectives 1)implementation of law and order in all country.2)implementing merit in all walk of life with a system that breach can be challenged.Then you will see country going up in 10 years.Pakistani people said that the biggest source of foreign exchange is remittances from overseas.This area can be increased only if there are above two points achieved and felt by oridinary people.Let me tell you my example I am a physician in US,my wife was principal in school.I am close to retirement.I will get in US around $2000 pension per month.WHich is not a lot in US but a lot in Pakistan.I and my wife can go back and I can do private practice free in some backward area and my wife can open school there free.My two sons are doctors in US and they can send us money to backup charity work.Opening of school and clinic will give job to locals and bring bread in their homes.But we can't go back.My wife asks what if you are kidnapped and killed.SO we are better off living in US.So Admiral sahab Please speak with other like minded people and start a campaign in establishing this two point agenda.Otherwise we are doomed.
May Allah bless you for this article.

Dr.Muhammad Khan,, United Kingdom - 25 May, 2011

Correction to Leadership Crisis everywhere (including Pakistan) is need of the hour .

Not even a leaf move without Allah's order.Allah often help succeed and often put obstacle.Correction to Leadership Crisis everywhere (including Pakistan)is need of the hour.The industrialist based Pakistan was right model.I had the same model.Suddenly,Pakistan gone on the model of incompetence .The model of USA Canada U.K. They are All bankrupt and failure .Whoever,think Canada is successful or Peaceful is wrong.Pakistan is on Canada Model is a fact and should correct direction.Pakistan had no debt or little.Now ,Pakistan is in $57Billion Debt.Still Pakistan can succeed by going back on Germany Model.Germany PM Merkel Said:''Germany is winner with no Debt''.Most Successful is Pakistan's friend China.Best asset of Pakistan's is having religion based faith on Islam.Industrial Work can be done simultaneously even at work with Almighty Allah present.Best guidance comes from Allah.Best source of Allah's help is Quran Verses.Best inspiration comes from Allama Iqbal.Best to follow Both China and Germany and get back into Manufacturing employment Jobs Produce rivers and lakes Trees and plantation away from Canada or west.They propped up own economy unsuccessfully with trillion $ budget and printing notes.Pakistan should avoid corruption sex genders or vulgar legislation (anti Islamic).Success can be within Pakistan's reach.Admiral Iftikar Ahmed sirohey(Retd) vision and contribution to put Pakistan back on road to success is commendable.Living off asset is totally unacceptable.Following fake article on Canada's success is untrue.I know about Canada or the West. (as being a victim).

zakaria_belal, Canada - 26 May, 2011


Thank God there is somebody talking about prosperity for Pakistan. The people have suffered enough because of the policies of hate. Hopefully some day some honest people will take overthe command of the country and follow a policy of 'live and let live'. Think of the dream of Qaid-e-Azam of what Pakistan would be.

dv, United Kingdom - 27 May, 2011

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