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Core Issue is a BORE Issue!

18 June, 2005

By Ahmer Muzammil

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Lets be honest. There is no solution for Kashmir, there never was one, nor would there be any in future. Status quo at best is what we can hope for. Thats just the fact on ground. Keep sending secretaries of various departments back & forth for entertainment like monkeys, have a ball at each others seminars, organize peace rallies & musical shows, start bus services, gadha gari(Donkey Carts) trips or whatever else your little heart desire, but one thing is for damn sure and that is INDIA WILL NEVER MOVE AN INCH, FROM THEIR STANCE ON KASHMIR.

Rest assured I am not blaming Indians, because every country has a right to safeguard their interests. If you look from their perspective, if they let Kashmir go, whats next? Nagaland?, Khalistan?, Hyderabad? And many more, it could very well be a domino effect. The entire concept of United States of India is at the core of this Kash mir problem, so I totally understand why the rigidity on their side.

However what I fail to understand is that why in the world Pakistanis are flip flopping on this issue? On which for once we have a moral ground to stand on. And that moral ground is The Resolutions of U.N. If our stance is anything but the U.N resolutions & plebiscite, my question is that then on what grounds are we interfering in the internal matters of another country? Would we like it if another country supported a separatist movement in Pakistan? I am not suggesting that as concerned citizens of the world we shouldnt be worried about Kashmiris or Chechens or Palestinians or Rwandans, or anyone else for that matter no matter what the race, creed or religion of the affected group might be. But we have to be honest, asking that from establishment and governments is a tall task but at least the masses have to be honest, as to why we support a certain cause? Is it on the basis o f religion or caste or is it on the basis of fairness? Are we a nation who is the supporter of all just & fair causes or do we show favoritism on the basis of religion & personal gains rather than fairness? If we are the latter and I am afraid that we provide copious proof of that time & again, than not only we loose our credibility but we are also acting against the teaching of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (May Peace and Blessings of Allah swt be with him), he said in a sahih hadith and I am paraphrasing that if in a matter, your tribe (next of kin, family, even religion-mates etc.) is the aggressor and you know that there opponents are on HAQ(Truth), than side with your opponents. Can we say categorically that this is our character as a nation or even individually?

This is nothing but a beauty pageant, any delegation from the occupied Kashmir that does not have Syed Ali Gilani, is nothing but a sham. My exasperation is with establishment of Pakistan that time & again they desert people & ideologies that are at the core of our existence as a nation, on whims of some so-called visionaries. And when asked why, the official line is Ground realities have changed. We are a nation of 150 million individuals, are we really this insignificant? Taking a 180 degree on afghan policy to Save Pakistan from becoming Tora-Bora" is one thing but to look complacent on all issues almost to the point of looking intimidated in front of Indians is a travesty. I have never been a supporter of this haphazard so-called Jihad in Kashmir, but why are we always at extremes? Either we(when I say we I mean establishm ent and the ruling class) are rallying un-educated, misguided poor  youth to go fight a war because its convenient for the despots of that time, or we are projecting a culture that is contrary to our creation as a nation. If we the Pakistanis and Indians all of a sudden are so damn similar than why didnt this little nugget of information dawned on our higher echelons ages ago, so the lives of those hundreds of poor soles could be spared who were instigated by these thugs in power to go die in Kashmir. Again I am not favoring one policy over another, I am just trying to show the hypocrisy of our ruling class and how they always manipulate us and patronize us with different emotional slogans at different times. Wake up and smell the coffee people.

 I am no foreign diplomat and I will be the first to accept that I know nothing about resolving these complex territorial issues, but Can someone please be honest with the people of Pakistan and tell them that even the movers and shakers of Pakistani foreign policy have a firm belief that in return for all their good gestures, all they are hoping for is Status Quo. How else do you explain the statements coming from the Prime Minister of India that the borders will not be redrawn, no matter what happens? Despite all our CBMS, Indians have shown zero flexibility on Kashmir, Kishan Ganga, Buglihar & Siachen. Thats a fact! Do you have to be a rocket scientist to figure this out? HELLO PEOPLE! Testing 1-2-3, Is this thing on? THEY ARE JUST BUYING TIME.

It truly makes me laugh when I see these people blowing fire from their mouths in support of armed struggle in Kashmir and other places and for the support of their arguments they never fail to mention Ghazwa-e-Badar(Battles of badar), and I am thinking to myself, how narcissistic of us! Do we really think that we have the level of Imaan(Faith) & commitment that those companions did? Do any of us have the taqwa(Piety) to match even the weakest of companions of that time? If not, than how & why in the world would we get the successes and glad tidings of those times? And should we not try to first build that character domestically, instead of fighting these suicidal battles? Why is Hikmah(Wisdom) a synonym for coward-ness these days in our supposed religious classes? Does anyone remember the Sulah-e-Hudaibya(pact of Hudaibiya) and the consequences of that pact?

What WE the Muslims of the world have failed to realize is that, all our issues are going to get ignored like they have been for ages, unless we GANG UP. The sooner we realize this the better it will be for our future generations. I know its a clich, but United we will flourish, divided we will be humiliated like we have been for decades. Its been said time & again by people much smarter and more influential than me, that the reason Jews are ruling the world despite of their minority is because they are united amongst themselves. Imagine if OIC threatens India that if they dont stop the atrocities of Muslims in Kashmir and other parts of India then all their citizens will be kicked out from the lucrative jobs that they hold in Middle Eastern countries. Can you imagine the outcry from masses and pressure it will put on Indian establishment. Even the west can be pressurized in this same manner if we are truly united. I know I am stating an obvious here, but my aggravation is that when will we take practical steps to realize this dream of unity? Who is responsible to formulate a strategy to make this happen? Please someone tell me, Can I do something to hasten the process? Or is it the responsibility of the leaders of the Muslim world, and if it is then when in the world will they make this a priority rather than just empty rhetoric?

P.S I request all my Indian readers to save us the oratory of how we should mind our own business and that we should clean our own house first blah blah blah. I already know that and agree, my whole point of writing this piece is that we have to rise above our prejudices and take the side of the suppressed. No one in their good conscience can support the daily slaughter & rape that goes on in the valley of Kashmir at the hands of Indian armed forces. If the world can rise & deliver freedom for east Timor than why not Kashmir, Chechneya and Palestine? Its these double standards that create the animosity in the Muslim world, why is it such a difficult phenomenon to comprehend?

Reader Comments:

Kashmir - Mufti backs peoples participation in dialogue

No doubt Mufti saheb has shown great statemanship by supporting Kashmiris in dialogue process. Mufti saheb and Advani are visionary leaders because to remain current and go with world trends is the success of any politician.

Probono Public, Pakistan - 26 June, 2005

How about seperate homeland for fled hindus from Bangladesh

for those pakistani muslims , whose heart melts everyday for their kashmiri brothers I have one suggestion. Howabout breaking up bongo country to create a seperate homeland for 4 crore hindus who are living worse life compared to kashmiris .

why none of muslim country have ever raised their concern about these people ever?

why this selectiveness

singh, Hungary - 26 June, 2005

aftab alam

dear shabbir:

i would suggest you don't sweat about the advocate aftab alam. no amount of sweating over this chap will drive any sense into his 'advocate' head. pity the pakistani legal system with lunatics being a practising advocate.

aarvey, Hungary - 27 June, 2005

To Tariq mahmood of UK:

"India is losing its culture".
Dude...culture is about peace, happiness, contentedness and satisfaction and world leadership. That is what India is moving towards. No culture or relegion in the world is perfect. All relegions teach the same thing-peace and love. No culture is however perfect. Indian culture has its flaws and we have the courage to accept it and reform it. Currently India has a culture that is becoming perfect in everywaqy. Whatever was good in out own culture we are keepin and whatever was bad we're replacing. U however have a culture that supports the killer of millions in the name of juhad, have the culture that supresses women, haev the culture that is keeping your country like how it is right now. I am a muslim too...and I have embraced Indian culture ...I am happy. Indian muslims are more than movingt forward. So what are u doin? I'd say...stop seeing what we're doin and try beating us in our economy, armed forces, talent pool forex reserves etc.

Ali Aftab, Hungary - 27 June, 2005


dear Sir,
It seems that you also watch too much television and no one's told you that you shouldn't believe everything you see on TV.
You seem to be class one product from Pakistan Propoganda Factory which has more knowledge about Hinus and India more than Hindus and Indians.
The systems such as " burning widow " and untouchables is ousted almost 100 years ago.
Please beaware of facts and increse your ken before you try to show how studious or intelligent are you.
There no such statement made by Pandit Neharu ever!

Paarth, Hungary - 27 June, 2005

What about 50 Lives

burnt alive before start of Gujrath raw?
What about thousands of Kashmiri Hindus displaced from valley over night?
Who attacked WTC (9/11)?Hindus?
You might not know, with exception of Gujrath more Hindus,being majarity have died in riots
I am not supporting what happened in Gujrath.Its shamful indeed.
But inevitable also.
There is no way to stop Pakistan supported Islamic fanatism.
I never understood why Pak supports such activities?Why they consider Indian Muslims as Pakistanis?If they were they could have joined Pak long time back.
and dont talk about human tights.You people let army take over ur country and now taking about human rights,funny indeed.
If you dont know democracy is first human right of the citizens.
Another thing,
We r living with 150000000 muslims, hence clashes are prone to happen.
can you live with 15000000 hindus?
and you dont have to remind remind people that its 2005,Hindus are already in 2005 with caste system ousted.
you people who support taliban,
who let religious leaders rule the country,
who denies rights of women,
who supports Jihad,
need to understand that its 2005.
I am not against Islam.You rightly said its one of the most modern religon in the world,
but that you need to understand first.
Sadly,its fact that Only followers of islam are supporting terrorism all over the world.I know also know it
but being Pakistani you have have conceal truth and talk nonsence about Hinduism.
Its the oldest, time trusted and peace lving, tolerant religion which took shape through natural processing and never needed sword for spread and to sustain.

Aniruddha, Hungary - 27 June, 2005

Hey...yeah you "Mohammad Safwaan Bin Ahmer"...Jus coz ur author had a beautiful u want us to shut up while you talk lies. Same about this..." DONT YOU EVER TALK ABOUT KASHMIR- ITS AN INTEGRAL PART OF INDIA" ...are u gonna listen to it...we've been sayiong it for since u cant listen to this..u dont expect me to listen to some line written by some unheard of author!

As far as being weak in the language dept...haha...look whos talkin we''re a country with now a 700 million stron english educated population which is y call centers are sprouting in india n not in pak!

Ahmad, Hungary - 27 June, 2005


Dear Tariq Mahmood & Mr Safwaan Bin Ahmer,

You both have highlighted the issue of burning of wives in absence of husband. Gentleman, What you have said was true. It use to happen in 17th century. This is 21st century. So I am advising esp to Mr Mahmood siting at UK better check the history. And sitting in UK you cannot judge what is happening in any country.

First you have a look at your own home and then talk about any one else?

Dont feel bad please.

Jai Hind

JAI HIND MAFIA, Pakistan - 28 June, 2005


Hi Tariq,

Thanks for putting "facts" in perspective. Let me represent some facts which you conveniently did not mention.

1 India was invaded by Muslims hordes since 7th century and there are numerous examples of destroying temples, monasteries and other places of worship. Even as recently as 1998 your “brothers” in Afghanistan destroyed biggest statue of Buddha in name of Islam

2 Muslims are the only people who take name of their god and hold their holy book to justify killing of innocents and people who do not agree with them

2 Because of Muslim invasion of Iran Zoroastrians left and found refuge in India.

3 Hindu/Indus culture and religion survived because of two reasons: a) Hindu civilization was much older and wiser than new Islamic civilization b) Hindu leadership in past made a deal with abu hanifa to be classified as “dhimmi”. Nevertheless, this same India gave Muslims a new language (Urdu), big part of their land and its inhabitants (converted Hindus).

4 Here is the list of some verses in your “Holy Book” which explicitly explains sixth pillar of Islam namely “Jihad”. Now I know your usual argument “you need to read it in context” but, as Islam being practiced from centuries since 7th century, followers of this religion never cared for context when applying these verses.

Here is the list:

The Koran's 164 Jihad Verses: K 002:178-179, 190-191, 193-194, 216-218, 244; 003:121-126, 140-143, 146, 152-158, 165-167,169, 172-173, 195; 004:071-072, 074-077, 084, 089-091, 094-095,100-104; 005:033, 035, 082; 008:001, 005, 007, 009-010, 012, 015-017, 039-048,057-060, 065-075; 009:005, 012-014, 016, 019-020, 024-026, 029,036, 038-039, 041, 044, 052, 073, 081, 083,086, 088, 092, 111, 120, 122-123; 016:110; 022:039, 058, 078; 024:053, 055; 025:052; 029:006, 069; 033:015, 018, 020, 023, 025-027, 050; 042:039; 047:004, 020, 035; 048:015-024; 049:015; 059:002, 005-008, 014; 060:009; 061:004, 011, 013; 063:004; 064:014; 066:009; 073:020; 076:008

5 Women are always more vulnerable to religious sentiments than men. I have seen and met so many Women in SA who would leave Islam if there was not Death penalty for apostasy. Islam is the only religion in the world which is so insecure that it proposes death penalty if someone wants to leave that religion for any reason.

6 Killing Theo Van Gough for exercising his right to freedom of speech!

7 Attacking civilians with legal justifications from "clerics"!

I believe there is strong and urgent need for muslims to introspect their religion, culture and technological backwardness. Change which is initiated from within last for long time.

May god be with righteous one!

Allen Smith, Pakistan - 28 June, 2005 sounds good

1.Pak need not worry about muslims in INDIA. Muslims are an integral part of INDIA and are here without PAK for almost 60 years now. A proof is all those indianmuslim brothers who have posted ther comments before me.
2.Can the mother of taliban(pak) explain the reason for the demoliton of the huge buddha statues in afghan?
3. The so called lovers of peace in pakistan explain the proved link between ur "great" scienist and Iran,northkorea?
4.Indian President- Dr.Abdul Kalam, Prime minister - Manmohan singh. Secularism at its best.
Iam happy ..India is regaining its glory. Economy is improving!! How abt Pak??
Still searching for a good leader or working hard to earn money only to give it t o army?
5. And what about Miandads realtion with declared internationalterrorist Dawood Ibrahiam..
Grow up guys! try to do something sincerely! By the way did u all read abt the Indian Space Research Organisation.. does pak have something called PSRO?
Are there any Hindu temples left in PAK?


Aditya, United Kingdom - 29 June, 2005

Useless !!!

Mr Ahmer,
As you accept yourself, Its all useless to do all kind of gimmicks of CBM in a hope that whole of kasmir will come to pakistan. Nothing is going to change. Its all a waste of time...doig all the CBMs and writing this article or me posting this message...if we assume that something regarding the gyometry of LOC will change. The sooner we understand the bettr. All the energy being wasted on this this needs to be focussed somewhere else. And i dont need to count the number of things that need that energy and attention. India does understand that, and our only concern is that Pakistan should leave us alone. We have enough problems to fix at home, the last thing we need is it waste out time on something which has no outcome.

As far as u calling for all muslims to seems too far fetched. We can see even the europen union is facing such problems. Muslim countries on the other hand have few things in common other than religion. I doubt if that can be such a strong binding force as to create a single effective federation.

madeinindia, Hungary - 29 June, 2005

Bigotry & Hatred

Allen Allen Allen,
How do you live with so much hatred and bigotry inside of you man. I know its very painful for you to see that even after all the atrocities all over the world against muslims and even after all the propaganda against Islam, Islam is still to this day is the fastest growing religion in the world, ironically enough its growing even at a faster rate in the united states of America. How do you figure that? answer is simple and as a matter of fact it happens to be your your fav. sentence and that "GOD IS WITH THE RIGHTEOUS ONE".

Lets disect your "FACTS" and ignorance one by one, shall we?

1.You are whining about Muslims invading India centuries ago, if you are against invasion, shouldn't you be condemning most recent invasions in the world? Should i spell it out or despite you bigotry could you figure it out where i am going with this? Keep us posted.

2. Zorostrians were forced out by muslims from iran. I only pray and hope that modern day "Christians" gives this option for migration wherever they invade, they rather bomb the life out of people. I am sure japanese would much rather had migrated if the option was that or the "ATOMIC BOMB". Lets not get ahead of ourselves here, shall we? Noone has ever taken more human lives than christians have, whether its Hitler, or americans in japan, korea, afghanistan, etc. etc. Thats a fact, look it up.

3. You ignorantly list verses from Quran that has the word "Jihad" which means "Struggle". The word for war in arabic is "Qital". Jihad can be for education, for human rights for anything worth fighting for. Again the actions of muslims can not be presented as the proof against Islam. to give you an example, you can't make a case that Catholicism advocates sexual misconduct with young boys on the basis of what Catholic priest do all over the world. You see this notion is absurd.

5. hahaha you make me laugh Allen, when you said "Women from all over the world tell me that they will leave Islam...", do you really think anyone would belive an argument like that, as "Convincing" as it sounds. It would have been more convincing if you had also added that those same women who told you that they ready to leave islam told you that you are the hottest guy that had ever met, then atleast we'll be able to make some sense out of the whole thing, that you probably met those women in a psychiatric institution. See Allen, anyone can say anything, I can say that Brittany Spears and J-LO came to me and told me that I am the Man of their Dreams. Unfortunately it doesnt mean it actually happened. You see what i am saying? I can eloborate more to clarify further if needed, don't be shy i just want to help.

6. We don't know who killed Theo van gough, however we do know who has been killing innocent human beings in Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq etc. etc. Millions upon millions of them just because they are not christians. Forget freedom of speech, how about freedom of breething?

8. Killing millions upon millions of human beings with sometime legal justification from "U.N" sometimes not even that.

Allen, if you have a molecule worth of decency and fairness in you, although i truly doubt it! Open your eyes and see what grave injustices are being done by the neo-cons establishment in USA. I do believe that i have wasted my energy here because no matter what you hear or see you will always have this hate and bigotry, i am sure people much smarter and much more eloquent than i am have presented the truth to you in a far better way. Obviosuly it didn't make a difference. My purpose was merely to mock you and show everyone your obvious hate & biggoted existance hopefully i have done that!.

Rest assure that God eventually will be with the righteous one.

ABU_SAFWAAN, Pakistan - 30 June, 2005

hi to all pakistani and indian friends.
stop playing this blame game, instead get into a constructive and friendly engagements. there is so much to know and learn from each other.
its not worth wasting time & energy on stupid things.
good wishes to all..

nitin, Hungary - 30 June, 2005

Ahmer, you are a

Ahmer Muzammil,

Your article does not have any depth. Kashmir's independence is the right of Kashmiris. It does not matter whether India will break apart or not. What happened to Pakistan after East Pakistan or Bangladesh? Nothing, Pakistan did not loose any more province. Your dumb knowledge is very dangerous. I have been in the USA for last 11 years and finished my bachelor and Masters degree. I do not even think like you. You some Pakistanis go abroad and loose all national interest and say what the western and so called democratic countries including India want to say. Editor, please do not post these kind of stupid article whose writers do not have any credibility. Look at Indian or should I say Endian journalists. They go to different courntries and act like some cheap thugs and say all the good things about their country including supporting the torture of the Kashmiris, whereas we are afraid of our legitimate rights. Editor, merely doing what Endians or Americans say do not make you smart. Your actions based on sound judgements with reference to national security will only make you smart in geo political terms. Pakistanis ,do not give up support for some people's legitimate rights. Endia will decieve Pakistanis and Kashmiris any way it can. So becareful. Endia is a very rogue country. Not a single Endian is criticizing their armed forces torture in Kashmir wheres many Pakistanis and major newspapers are discouraging supporting the rights of Kashmiris. It is a sick joke. Also Allen Smith's article should not be posted which is very offending.

Hasan, - 01 July, 2005

Singh, you are a liar.I am from Bangladesh. Hindus only migrated in Endia after stealing money from Bangladesh. And not 4 crore. Only a handful. Endia is a heaven for hindu terrorist, who want to break Bangladesh.

Hasan, Pakistan - 01 July, 2005

Sati in Endia

Amrit, if you are so symathetic to Women in Endia, then you should be greatful to muslims who stopped Sati otherwise your mother, sister and wife would be burned alive (how disgusting) after their male master's death.

Hasan, Pakistan - 01 July, 2005

For my friend ABu safwaan

Thanks for your thoughtful arguments. Here is my reply:

First of let's prove that fastest growing religion does not mean the religion itself is good or better than any other religion. "Fastest" is a mathematical term.

Thousands of peoples did convert to Jim John's cultic religion in the seventies; thousands of Japanese people converted to a dangerous cultic religion Supreme Truth; and a crazy man like David Koresh was able to brainwash thousands of his followers to die for his brand of religion. Is the conversion to certain religion/faith makes that faith great? The big question is, does conversion spree a 'litmus test' for a good, or a true religion. I don't think so! If this were correct, then China's Falun Gong would be the fastest growing and the best religion in the entire world right now.

I am not whining about Muslim invading India and other countries. I am just putting history in right perspective. Muslim since inception of Islam has been fighting among each other and with outsiders. Shia-sunni rifts are living proof of that and your homeland is a serious victim of it.

If there is any litmus test of any religion then it is to see how they treat other religion or sects. Islam has failed here as well (in modern times). How many "Islamic" states has significant minority and their rights are protected in those countries? Not that many. My friend USA has 1200 mosques for 5 million Muslims. How many temples and churches you have in Pakistan? How many of those are in Saudi? Saudi had captured 40 Pakistani Christians for praying inside their house and gave them lashes. Wow what a tolerant people and religion which rules these people.

When you kill people showing your holy book and shouting "Allah akbar" people know what motivates you. As far as Hitler is concerned, he was strict secular person. He did not show bible while killing American or Europeans. He actually despised American and European Christians. The funny thing is Muslims tend to view everything from eye of religion and for that reason they have fuzzy vision.

Why are you not talking about death penalty for apostates in Islam? How many other religions have such penalty? Why Islam is so insecure? These kinds of characteristics are of a "cult" not a world religion like Islam.

Islam needs reformation to become a modern, tolerant and progressive religion. The evidence put forth by many scholars have suggested that the laws and practice of this religions is stuck n 7th century and in not compatible with current time and world.

As far as Americans are concerned, they are one of the most liberal people I have met. They respect every religion in the world. American government does not tolerate attacks on places of worship. They have imprisoned quite a few people who attacked chruch, mosque or temples. India and Pakistan actually destroy places of worship and the guilty get away without any punishment. Pakistan has worse record in this area. Check recent news about destroying Hindu temple in nowshera (

If this is the face of “fastest” growing religion in the world then I am very scared and frightened.

May god give you wisdom to accept the truth and courage to change your condition for your own betterment?

Allen, Pakistan - 04 July, 2005

I`m touched

Despite a lot of India-Pakistan nationalist rhetoric going on here, I`m really touched by one thing... so many Indian Muslims are spaeking out against the Paki propoganda on this forum. This is perhaps the biggest success of the secular threads of our Indian society. Muslims in India should be a role model for muslims across the world - not one Indian muslim has been found involved with any terrorist organization... not one Indian muslim has ever been accused of international terrorism. They are a part of a civilized, democratic and a secular society and are progrssing well with the world... economically, educationally, socially. In a country of 1 Billion people coming from multi ethnic backgrounds, its easy to pinpoint 5 odd incidents like Gujrat riots... but isn`t that a curse of illetracy and politics. Pakistanis need to take a closer look at the progress Indian muslims have made - and the way they are respected the world over for their enterprise. In India people are "Indian" first and "hindu/muslim" later. I`m really touched to see my muslim countrymen boohoo the Pakistani propoganda... Thanks Guys! I`m as proud to be a citizen of India as you are.

Sumit Batra, United Kingdom - 29 July, 2005

Let us sofen down the "Core" Issue

The Qur'an teaches us that "God rotates the days (of historical changes) among nations. The ambitious Muslim rulers had a go at India for a good 750 years. In Hyderabad and other premier states, they lasted until 1947.
Let us bear with the Indians for a while.
Sher Mohammad.

Sher Mohammad, Pakistan - 30 July, 2005


The article talks of "daily slaughter & rape that goes on in the valley of Kashmir at the hands of Indian armed forces', but it conveniently or ignorantly forgets to mention the numerous atrocities on Hindu and Sikhs residents of Kashmir committed by the so called martyrs/ mujhadeen coming across the border. The crimes by the Army may be true but one should remember that the army is there because of the atrocities by the so called freedom fighters and not because the soldiers wanted to go to Kashmir to commit atrocities- unlike the terrorists coming across the border. Only a few days ago there was a brutal murder of 5 hindus by slicing their throats- something gruesome pracised by muslims terorists in Iraq and Paksitan. How does one equate this with the ' moral stance of the issue'? As for OIC, one has to remember that it was Pakistan who objected India even having an observer status even when it has, now the second largest muslim population in the World, whereas Russia has been accorded the Observer Status. There is a lot that can be said but the main thesis of the article is right in that further division of India on religious lines will be a mistake, especially considering what kind of a country Pakistan became.

Tejpal, Canada - 01 August, 2005

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