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Core Issue is a BORE Issue!

18 June, 2005

By Ahmer Muzammil

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Lets be honest. There is no solution for Kashmir, there never was one, nor would there be any in future. Status quo at best is what we can hope for. Thats just the fact on ground. Keep sending secretaries of various departments back & forth for entertainment like monkeys, have a ball at each others seminars, organize peace rallies & musical shows, start bus services, gadha gari(Donkey Carts) trips or whatever else your little heart desire, but one thing is for damn sure and that is INDIA WILL NEVER MOVE AN INCH, FROM THEIR STANCE ON KASHMIR.

Rest assured I am not blaming Indians, because every country has a right to safeguard their interests. If you look from their perspective, if they let Kashmir go, whats next? Nagaland?, Khalistan?, Hyderabad? And many more, it could very well be a domino effect. The entire concept of United States of India is at the core of this Kash mir problem, so I totally understand why the rigidity on their side.

However what I fail to understand is that why in the world Pakistanis are flip flopping on this issue? On which for once we have a moral ground to stand on. And that moral ground is The Resolutions of U.N. If our stance is anything but the U.N resolutions & plebiscite, my question is that then on what grounds are we interfering in the internal matters of another country? Would we like it if another country supported a separatist movement in Pakistan? I am not suggesting that as concerned citizens of the world we shouldnt be worried about Kashmiris or Chechens or Palestinians or Rwandans, or anyone else for that matter no matter what the race, creed or religion of the affected group might be. But we have to be honest, asking that from establishment and governments is a tall task but at least the masses have to be honest, as to why we support a certain cause? Is it on the basis o f religion or caste or is it on the basis of fairness? Are we a nation who is the supporter of all just & fair causes or do we show favoritism on the basis of religion & personal gains rather than fairness? If we are the latter and I am afraid that we provide copious proof of that time & again, than not only we loose our credibility but we are also acting against the teaching of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (May Peace and Blessings of Allah swt be with him), he said in a sahih hadith and I am paraphrasing that if in a matter, your tribe (next of kin, family, even religion-mates etc.) is the aggressor and you know that there opponents are on HAQ(Truth), than side with your opponents. Can we say categorically that this is our character as a nation or even individually?

This is nothing but a beauty pageant, any delegation from the occupied Kashmir that does not have Syed Ali Gilani, is nothing but a sham. My exasperation is with establishment of Pakistan that time & again they desert people & ideologies that are at the core of our existence as a nation, on whims of some so-called visionaries. And when asked why, the official line is Ground realities have changed. We are a nation of 150 million individuals, are we really this insignificant? Taking a 180 degree on afghan policy to Save Pakistan from becoming Tora-Bora" is one thing but to look complacent on all issues almost to the point of looking intimidated in front of Indians is a travesty. I have never been a supporter of this haphazard so-called Jihad in Kashmir, but why are we always at extremes? Either we(when I say we I mean establishm ent and the ruling class) are rallying un-educated, misguided poor  youth to go fight a war because its convenient for the despots of that time, or we are projecting a culture that is contrary to our creation as a nation. If we the Pakistanis and Indians all of a sudden are so damn similar than why didnt this little nugget of information dawned on our higher echelons ages ago, so the lives of those hundreds of poor soles could be spared who were instigated by these thugs in power to go die in Kashmir. Again I am not favoring one policy over another, I am just trying to show the hypocrisy of our ruling class and how they always manipulate us and patronize us with different emotional slogans at different times. Wake up and smell the coffee people.

 I am no foreign diplomat and I will be the first to accept that I know nothing about resolving these complex territorial issues, but Can someone please be honest with the people of Pakistan and tell them that even the movers and shakers of Pakistani foreign policy have a firm belief that in return for all their good gestures, all they are hoping for is Status Quo. How else do you explain the statements coming from the Prime Minister of India that the borders will not be redrawn, no matter what happens? Despite all our CBMS, Indians have shown zero flexibility on Kashmir, Kishan Ganga, Buglihar & Siachen. Thats a fact! Do you have to be a rocket scientist to figure this out? HELLO PEOPLE! Testing 1-2-3, Is this thing on? THEY ARE JUST BUYING TIME.

It truly makes me laugh when I see these people blowing fire from their mouths in support of armed struggle in Kashmir and other places and for the support of their arguments they never fail to mention Ghazwa-e-Badar(Battles of badar), and I am thinking to myself, how narcissistic of us! Do we really think that we have the level of Imaan(Faith) & commitment that those companions did? Do any of us have the taqwa(Piety) to match even the weakest of companions of that time? If not, than how & why in the world would we get the successes and glad tidings of those times? And should we not try to first build that character domestically, instead of fighting these suicidal battles? Why is Hikmah(Wisdom) a synonym for coward-ness these days in our supposed religious classes? Does anyone remember the Sulah-e-Hudaibya(pact of Hudaibiya) and the consequences of that pact?

What WE the Muslims of the world have failed to realize is that, all our issues are going to get ignored like they have been for ages, unless we GANG UP. The sooner we realize this the better it will be for our future generations. I know its a clich, but United we will flourish, divided we will be humiliated like we have been for decades. Its been said time & again by people much smarter and more influential than me, that the reason Jews are ruling the world despite of their minority is because they are united amongst themselves. Imagine if OIC threatens India that if they dont stop the atrocities of Muslims in Kashmir and other parts of India then all their citizens will be kicked out from the lucrative jobs that they hold in Middle Eastern countries. Can you imagine the outcry from masses and pressure it will put on Indian establishment. Even the west can be pressurized in this same manner if we are truly united. I know I am stating an obvious here, but my aggravation is that when will we take practical steps to realize this dream of unity? Who is responsible to formulate a strategy to make this happen? Please someone tell me, Can I do something to hasten the process? Or is it the responsibility of the leaders of the Muslim world, and if it is then when in the world will they make this a priority rather than just empty rhetoric?

P.S I request all my Indian readers to save us the oratory of how we should mind our own business and that we should clean our own house first blah blah blah. I already know that and agree, my whole point of writing this piece is that we have to rise above our prejudices and take the side of the suppressed. No one in their good conscience can support the daily slaughter & rape that goes on in the valley of Kashmir at the hands of Indian armed forces. If the world can rise & deliver freedom for east Timor than why not Kashmir, Chechneya and Palestine? Its these double standards that create the animosity in the Muslim world, why is it such a difficult phenomenon to comprehend?

Reader Comments:

well,whatever the author told abt india is very true.india will not compromise on kashmir.its high time pakistanis see the reality and move ahead with their developmental issues.


kumar, Pakistan - 18 June, 2005

Pure Bore

Your article tastes bad, rotten when India & Pakistan moving in positive direction and Indians like me think we will arrive at a peaceful resolution.
It is better to think beyond religious line, you should focus on humanity & development for all Indians, Pakistanis.


dilse, Pakistan - 18 June, 2005

First of all, it is necessary for people to understand that Indian army is not committing any mass murder or rape in Kashmir. Its your country Pakistan which is doing so by sponsoring terrorists, NOT INDIANS.

Its the terrorists (whom you call mujahiddin) who are coward enough to bomb schools and kill children. They behead Hindu Pandits, and rape innocent Hindu and Muslim women. Is it called freedom struggle?

Is this the freedom struggle that people like Mahatma Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose, Bhagat Singh, or even Jinnah did?
Freedom struggle requires some sacrifice. The terrorists are killing their own people in their mad struggle.


This is 2005 A.D. Medieval dark ages are long gone. If you are unfeeling enough, then keep on fantasizing the medieval ages and keep your mind occupied. World has moved miles ahead.

India is very much aware of the millions of atrocities done on it by some enemies of peace, and she is mighty enough to completely wipe the existence of such enemies, not once but thousands of times over.
India stands by peace and unless we are harmed we won't harm anyone. This is philosophy of our religion and we are on this earth full of animals for 10000 years and we will be here always.
What ever these enemies want to do they can do. We are strong enough to not only save ourselves from these enemies, but annihilate the very existence of these enemies from the world.

Rakesh, Hungary - 18 June, 2005

buying time

Yes we should unite but is Pakistan the sole responsible to bring about this unity.
Also if India is buying time then so is Pakistan. I think Pakistan is in a far better position then ever on Kashmir issue. Indian PM's statements are solely for the home audiance. Letting the Kashmiri leadership come across the border and having round of talks over Kashmir is a proof that India has stepped down from its stand that Kashmir is an integral part of India.
I am on opposition to quite a few govt. policies but I think that on Kashmir we should support our govt.

Imran Siddiqui, Canada - 18 June, 2005

Bharat enmity has been trustworthy

If Bharat did not budge even an inch in the clear most issues of Sciachen, Sir Creek Baglihar Dam - and in Kishan Ganga Dam - then a moonstruck person of a very high grade can subscribe to the idea that Bharat would budge in Kashmir. Her history has proved over and over again only one thing that Bharat can only be relied upon in enmity - and never in amity. Being evil twins Bharat & Israel appreciate only the language of enmity.

Aftab Alam Advocate (High Court), Pakistan - 18 June, 2005

Cleaning up the house

Dear Mr. Ahmer,
Why the muslim population asks for freedom, rights, and power only from non-muslim countries and govts? Why cant 'YOU' ask for the same from Arab countries, Pakistan etc? How many of muslim countries in the world respect the rights of other nationals/people-from-other-religions? WHY? Dont you think there might be some inherent fault in the basic philosophy of this humanity? Why couldnt all muslim nations ask Taleban to treat their own countrymen with more respect? How can you respect others when you cant respect the rights of your own women? How could nearly 100million muslims live (you may not agree that they are happy)live in India for 50+ years even after they asked for a seperate country just because they cannot live with Hindus? On what basis a Hindu (again, you may not agree with their philosophy) nation agree the presence of 100 million muslims after taking more than 30% of their land? What all these Hindus were (are) thinking? Why they are allowing it? why cant Pakistan and Bangladesh allow the Hindus equal rights????

Rama, United Kingdom - 18 June, 2005

well mr. ahmer....
you have ride the two boats at same time .....
I will not counter your arguments as you yourself know where you stand and where we (INDIANS) stand at this time....
well to one issue about human right violations...
pls stop writing false stories of H.R.V in kashmir...I have heard that a true muslim never speaks false....but it is to my embarrasement that i find time and again heard these statements from people like you...
well you yourself knows that almost all the people of kahmir are killed at the hands of terrorist(some for personal feuds and other for helping india army)...and you people project this as a JIHAD....
well can you cite me any incidence in past where indian army has done any wrong.. cant...
and for your info...Indian army is running a lot of welfare houses in the valley for the children who gets orpahned at the hands of terrorists
and well thanxs for writing about india, as it is an eye-pener for all of us....

harmeet, United Arab Emirates - 18 June, 2005

Comment to Mr Muzammil's article

No doubt in the past, India would talk about resolving the Kashmir issue, but when it came to walking the walk it wouldn't let the leash go. However, reality has set in, things have changed and the world has moved on since then. Partied in South Africa is gone, Berlin wall in Germany is dismantled, European countries are mutually integrating to foster prosperity, Mr Advani, one of the world class statesman of India has shifted his position in favour of Indo-Pak relationship and at a price. Therefore, in the light of the emerging of the world order of today I cannot see any reason why Kashmir problem cannot be resolved as one of the next things. India wishes to become one of the economic powers of the world. In order to achieve its objective, I believe Mr Manmohan Singh will cut his losses and endeavour to resolve the Kashmir issue, which is an impediment to the economic growth of both India and Pakistan.

Your article Mr Muzammil, hums with odour of an old school and serves no purpose except to seem to throw a spanner in the growing Indo-Pak relationship.

M.K. Malik, United Arab Emirates - 19 June, 2005

The reality

I have not seen any one uttering the Tibet occupied by china,plight of tibetian brothers and sisters, because they are buddhist, they believe in non-violence, so no one focus attention in the country like Tibet. Pak news papers are not dare enough to write the status of AJK-what type of government runs there . and what fredom(ajadi)do they(AJK) have.Why don't pak and hurriat speak about china, who has also occupied the kashmir(akshai chin) territory.So who speaks truth?
It is the vested interest of every country.All parties should understand that there is no solution of kashmir issue other that accepting the present LOC and prosper the respective regions.

sm_ghosh, Hungary - 20 June, 2005



S.A.Kahalekar, Pakistan - 20 June, 2005

Mr.Ahmer has a lot of misinformation.

Indian army is not doing any sort of brutalities against the people in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir.But the people of the state are suffering from the killings at the hands of the terrorists of Pakistan.
They carried out a blast,a few days back in the front of school in which many innocent people have died including school children.Indian army is saving the people from the atrocities of the Pakistani terrorists who try to kill people and rape girls and women in the name of JIHAD.Is this what the Pakistanis call jihad.
All the Pakistanis must bear in their mind that Kashmir is integral part of India and no power in the world can separate it from India.
Pakistan has tried to take Kasmir forcibly from India in 1948,1965 and then in Kargil in 1999,but in vain.And it is also trying to do so by the use of terrorists.This dream will never succeed.

Pakistan had sent her commandos (in the guise of mujahideen) to Kashmir in 1965 thinking that the people of Kashmir will revolt against India.But this did not happen because the people were happy under the Indian rule.
These people are much happier than the people in PAKISTAN OCCUPIED KASHMIR who even do not have the right to choose their own ruler (read POK always has some military general as its head).
I must say to Pakistan that first give the people of POK a right to choose their own government then say anythinf about J&K.In Jammu and Kashmir,elections have taken place regularly and even the foreign monitors have certified these elections.
People of J&K are free to elect their own representatives and the people of POK can never dream of so much freedom under a military rule.I they do so,any of such move of theirs will be crushed brutalluy by the Pakistan army.

I must say that India has gone to war with Pakistan only when the Pakistan had a military rule.
But sadly the military has been the biggest and the strongest party of Pakistan.
Peace can really exist with Pakistan when there is a democracy.
So the best way forward for both India and Pakistan is that democracy should br restored in Pakistan.
And India being the largest democracy,can help Pakistan in establising a good democracy.

P.S.-Pakistani prime minister Z.A.Bhutto once said ------

The Pakistanis will have to really eat grass if they ever think of competing with India.So try to concentrate more on your nation and try to give basic amenities to the people rather than spending 7% of the GDP on defence (a largest in the region),removing poverty,giving education to its people,maintaing law and order,improving human right conditions,stopping atrocities against the women (read rape of Mukhtar Mai),giving people the right to choose,removing extremism from madarsas(a.k.a. terrorist training centres) and restoring democracy.

Vikrant Singh, Hungary - 20 June, 2005


Dear Writer,

You have started your article by a very interesting note. Initially you are with Indian but as usual and like other Pakistani writers you have ended up with the same old story. Again the same boring one like Indian Army raping the Kashmiri females. I heard that people in Pakistan are fanatics, but your article have proved that in reality most of you are fanatics. You guys can see the problems of muslim in India or in J & K. But you guys cannot look at the pligh of your own muslim womans in your country or in Afghanistan (As shown in Discovery Channel). Why don't you guys rais that issue. Or as one of my Indian brother have pointed, why don't you have the daring to raise the same issue with China, who also has occupied part of Indian Kashmir? (DAR LAGTA HAI KYA?) Are you afraid? Similarly, why dont you raise the plight of womans in Saudi Arabia? Does your muslim religion preaches so? I am very sure in Quran no where it is mentioned that woman should be treated as material which you guys treat. So better focus on development issue, economic issue of your own country.

And one thing else. Don't forget that you were born out of India. The soil/Earth in which you guys are living belonged to India. It is only because we are benevolent, we had mercy on you and gave you our piece of heartland.

And come out of your religion and think apart from your religion and you will find a light of success. Dont simply try to raise the same issue.

Jai Hind,

Gujarat, India

AMITSINGH CHAUHAN, Hungary - 20 June, 2005

Indians Don't Undersatnd English, Maybe?

To All our Beloved Indian Commentors,

Since the author of this article is probably too busy of a person to comment back, let me take this opportunity to answer the "JAI HIND MAFIA" back.

My first impression from all these posts made by the indians is that they don't quite understand english laguage. I say that because the author went out of his way to write a "P.S" at the bottom of his article to avoid this kind of empty irrational patriotic jargon that makes no sense whatso ever. I do blame the author for using BIG WORDS in his article, the choice of vocabulary was a little too sophisticated for the "HINDU AUDIENCE", we all know "How eloquent they are in the language department". Just because you say its Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir, it doesnt mean it is, because U.N doesnt accept it. 2nd, any human being with a molecule worth of decency can't deny the fact that there are blatant violations of human rights in Kashmir, Gujrat and everywhere in India, none of you obviously has even that. Before you go on becoming the champion of "Women Rights", lets first stop burning your wives alive as a religious duty, shall we?
According to Amnesty International 2500 human lives were brutally taken away, thousands more were raped and looted, not centuries ago but in this day & age in gujrat, and the man responsible one Narendra Modi is still regarded as "HERO" in majority of "PLURAL & LIBERAL" India.I know that all you Hindus are majorly pissed off at muslims that for centuries before the "GORA SAHAB" came over, you were always in majority but never in authority, the muslim minority always ruled over you. GET OVER IT! IT was a century ago.

As for the exasperation of all the hindus to not bring our religion in everything, the thing that you all have to understand is that fortunately our religion is a modern religion, it answers all the questions of modern day and is not a hindrance. Yours on the other hand advocate burning the wife if the husband dies, it commands that you pour burning hot oil in the ears of the "DILITS(Lowest Hindu Caste) if they commit the crime of hearing the BRAHMANS(HIGHEST HINDU CASTE) pray, none of this fly in this age of information.

Pakistan as a nation is ridden with problems, one of which is the absence of democracy, slowly but surely the populous of pakistan is coming to terms with the fact that if we are going to prosper as a anation then we have to send the general back on the borders where they belong and for which they get paid from our income tax, but surely we don't need a lesson human rights and women rights from people that are the followers of religion that is based on the supremacy of a person just because he/she was born in a certain family or with a certain gender. PLEASE! snap out it, its year 2005 people.

Mohammad Safwaan Bin Ahmer, Pakistan - 21 June, 2005


"atrocities of Muslims in Kashmir"
atrocities were done with Kashmiri Pandits who made to leave their houses overnight, faster than- Gone in Sixty seconds.
And Mr.Ahmer why can't you ask all peace loving people to be united may it be Christian,Muslims or Hindus?
Why do you want only muslims to be united?
History is the witness,Moslems cant be united,just look at series conflicts within arab world and point blank is the proof.

Aniruddha, Hungary - 21 June, 2005

Some home truths- Part1

Regarding the article 'core issue is a Bore issue' I would like to say how refreshing it is to find someone awake and who realises the reality and eventual consequences of what is going on. I totally agree that any delegation or discussion on this issue without Syed Ali Gilani, is nothing but a sham. Although I concur with most of what you say I do however beg to differ on a certain point. That being, we sympathise with India for trying to safeguard their interests and if they let Kashmir go then it would have a domino effect with other states. You see we Kashmiri's are not asking India to let Kashmir go just like that, we are merely asking that please first and foremost stop the human rights abuses, and for those of you who don't believe India is not carrying out some of the worst human rights abuses in the history of mankind, your living in cloud cuckoo land. Move away from your propaganda filled televisions and news agencies, who we all know are being taught the art of manipulating the thinking of the people by your new masters, the Zionists of Israel and America and step out into the real world and refer to independent sources and world human rights Organisations. But leaving that aside what the Kashmiri people are asking and have fought for all this time is our right to self determination, simple eh? That's what India promised us, the Kashmiri people, that's what India promised the world quote:

“We have taken the issue to The UN and even our word of honour for a peaceful solution. As a great nation, we cannot go back on it.
We left the question for a final solution to the people Kashmir and we are determined to abide their decision(the Kashmiri people) .
J.L. Nehru Calcutta, Jan 2 1952

That's what India promised and agreed to with Pakistan and the U.N. So why not just take the issue to the people. Is there a fear that the claimant of the largest democracy in the world would see democracy being really played out? We can't have that can we? Now either Prime Minister Nehru is a liar or India has in its infancy betrayed its first leader. If it is the latter then what hope do the rest of us have?
Then there's this thing about Kashmir being an 'integral part of India', excuse me? Please check your facts and let me know when Kashmir was an integral part of India. When did it ever not have its own independent ruler, then we can take this discussion further. Until then it's silly to keep claiming it as an integral part of India

Now coming to some of the personal attacks on the religion of Islam made by some Indian commentators. First of all Mr Amitsingh Chauhan who obviously watches too much television and no one's told him that you shouldn't believe everything you see on TV. Before I state some facts I would like to ask Mr Chauhan if he has ever heard of the saying 'those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones'? Is he aware of the problem of bride burning, of the treatment of widows? Of the caste system whereby your fellow human being is treated worse than animals, there are even 'untouchables' yet animals are worshipped as gods. I wonder in which community this goes on. Yes there are abuses of women in Muslim countries as well as Christian as well as Jewish and you know what? Probably in every kind of society in the world but these are nothing to do with the religion of Islam and a lot of which is baggage we have carried from pre Islamic times.
Regarding the status of Women in Islam it is not for me to argue the point being a man but as every statistic in the world, every report on the issue made states that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the World even in the West and even in America. The majority of the converts happen to be….wait for it….yes you got it WOMEN. Now we know there's no mad mullah's on horse back with swaying swords riding around converting people by force but before you come to any conclusions and start throwing accusations around willy nilly please check the facts and ask the women flocking to Islam themselves why? Hopefully you will come to realise that all you see and hear is not as it seems.

Tariq Mahmood, United Arab Emirates - 21 June, 2005

Some home truths- Part 2

Then we have had those who say that Islam does not give rights to other faiths. Islam has been around for over 14 centuries now. It has been the greatest Empire the world has ever known. Just take a look back in history and see how it treated the people of the lands it conquered. Take a look at Jerusalem, at Africa, at Spain and not forgetting India. For centuries Muslims ruled India but if the other religions weren't tolerated by Islam then how did they survive in great numbers? Why was not the Wailing Wall destroyed in Jerusalem and how did the Jews survive there? Why was the Church of the Holy Sepulcher not brought down and how did the Christians make it? The examples are endless and it would do well for those ignorant of true historical events to open their eyes and find out a little bit more before expressing their opinions.

Finally India is on a high at the moment. Things couldn't be better. The economy is booming, the West is in love with everything Indian, Bollywood is hip, if you make an enquiry about your gas bill in the UK, someone with an Indian accent sitting in Bombay answers, Bill Gates and the likes are pouring in billions.
You know in the past if one was to invade another land it wasn't to just merely go in and destroy everything, slaughter the whole population and run off with the booty. It was to go and have influence over its people, to instill your values and customs upon them, to get them to work to your agenda. To achieve this they would have to amass great armies, invest huge resources and there would be much bloodshed, much loss of life, great destruction because the people of the land being invaded wouldn't give up without a fight. They would give their lives and all they had before they gave up their values, culture customs and their religion. But whether India admits it or not, India has been conquered, conquered without a fight. It has been conquered by the West. It has given up its culture, its customs. It is racing to take on western values and culture faster than they can throw them, and seeing the music videos and the bollywood films I can see how the women are being liberated.
But a word of warning, those whispering in your ears, those guiding you are masters at the game of manipulation. They have been doing this since time immemorial. This is not a time to be gullible. Save your culture, save your way of life save any morals you have left save any izzat you have left. Stand firm with those seeking justice, those wanting to hold onto the common universal values of morality, with those who respect human rights, with those forbid the evil and uphold the good.

Salaam (Peace)


Tariq Mahmood, United Arab Emirates - 21 June, 2005

Support Indepdent Kashmir

World history is a witness that no power how strong on the face of earth has ever managed to keep the people under bondage. Freedom is achieved one day. India is not as strong as British was when they let India go. One thing we all need to understand, it was through British that we got Pakistan, we would have been under bondage and would be fighting for freedom from India. By the same token Paletine could have been an Independent country under British if Arabs would agree for partition of Palestine into two states. Now Palestinian have hard time getting freedom from occupier. I do not understnd why Ahmer is in so hurry to give up on Kashmir, this is the first time that Kashmir case has become an International issue one more time. Freedom may not happen in our life time but Kashmiris need to keep both political and military struggle to let occupier leave their homeland. And Pakistan should support a free Kashmir similar to Bangladesh as 1940 resolution called for Islamis States, and they may have federation or confederation as suited.

Probono Public, Pakistan - 21 June, 2005

Does anyone really care for the truth

Well, Ahmer has put up some valid points but at the same time blamed the Indian armed forces when I am sure that he has never even witnessed anything like it or for that matter even met a single person from the Indian armed forces. The truth is that we all love to talk and stand for only what we believe in (it may not necessarily be the truth).
A few facts that I can know of:
1. India is still democratic in it's approach to electing a govt. while the Pakistani military really rules in Pakistan. Given this fact, who is more powerful in it's own (occupied) territory and thus capable of commiting attrocities and then powerful enough to suppress the media?
2. There are more number of Muslims in India than in Pakistan.
3. In India, Muslims get all kinds of reservations where the so-called majority of Hindus don't get any.
4. There is One big fact for which I don't think anyone can gather evidence to prove, but only look at history and read between the lines through the timeline. The conflict that we see in Kashmir or any part of the world is not really a conflict of the people but the lust of a few powerful people who want to rule. These are the Hitlers of our time, but they have evolved with time and now they can wear 2 faces easily - one side is the so-called good side to show the people and the other side is the ugly heart that wants to rule the world. They don't belong to the human race, but unfortunately the humans follow them to their own doom.
May God/Allah/Bhagwan save humanity from such murderers who run proxy wars and terrorism while showing a good face to the world.

Amit, Hungary - 22 June, 2005

Rare opportunity on Kashmir

Vikrant comments are intresting and would like to put forward a few points for his kind consideration. Both Pakistan & India have a rare opportunity to solve the Kashmir issue. Secular India's greatness in its democracy will be proved for giving Kashmiris the right to decide about their future. Why India feels threatened if Indian Occupied Kashmir has indian democracy. Prior to Pakistan became independent in 1947, Kashmir was under minority Dogra ruler and their struggle for homeland is since 1930. People like Vikrant who are more educated and democratic minded will have to come forward and live in history by providing Kashmiris an opportunity to decide about their future in accordance with democratic principles that India so highly speaks about. But like other countries including USA has their Veitnams and water-gate, India has also its Godhra-gate, Babri-gate, Moody-gate and Advani-gate to tarnish secular image. Vikrant should be surprised when Advani's visit went so well in Pakistan that he was tormented and taken by the horn for statement about Jinnah. Advani is far-sighted that he has came to conclusion as Pakistan has that solution to Indo-Pak problems is in negotiations. In Indian sub-continent we have fought with each other and given foreign powers a chance to come and rule us with divide and rule. Vikrant, in your comments you have shown lot of grin but that could be justified, what we suggest is that India and Pakistan should keep on talking to remove mistrust. If India is a democracy it will automatically uphold the principles of the wishes of Kashmir. Indian occupied Kashmir has Delhi-appointed Governor and the last infamous was Jagmohan so why Vikrant compared to Azad Kashmir having a retired Military Governor as President. Azad Kashmir has always an elected Prime Minister. For India to join world community of democratic nations it will have to shed the image of double standards towards Kashmir. Let both India and Pakistan live in history by giving Kashmir a rare opportunity to be an independent Kashmir on the face of earth, with UN guarntees, non-military posture, and with both sides enjoying the tourism. Vikrant, you could be a champion of proposing non-military nuclear cooperation between India & pakistan for power generation to rout poverty and gift an enlightened future to our poor masses on both sides. And down the road both countries could de-nuclerize militarily. with regards.

Probono Public, Pakistan - 22 June, 2005

"Bharat did not budge even an inch in the clear most issues of Sciachen, Sir Creek Baglihar Dam - and in Kishan Ganga Dam - then a moonstruck person of a very high grade can subscribe to the idea that Bharat would budge in Kashmir. Her history has proved over and over again only one thing that Bharat can only be relied upon in enmity - and never in amity. Being evil twins Bharat & Israel appreciate only the language of enmity."

It shocks me that a person in a post as high as 'advocate of High court" can be as dumb headed almost to the level opf being illiterate. He should know that Pakistan was a part of Bharat and shares all its if India knows only "enemity" then so does Pak. All of world media have collected info dat it is pakistan that has been spreading hatred in the name of relegion..something abhorable. Detestable as it already is...Pakistan supports terrorist organisations in the name of Jihad. While its own country is in shambles. Human rights abuse(mukhthar Mai)..Daily killings..poverty...and a nose-diving economy. On the other hand India is booming with an economic uprising that even has the West and the US frightened. India has never sent any terrorist organisation to Pakistan and world is witness to that. How come recent media reports that Osama is in Pak and that "Nawaz shareef" had links with Osama are coing out now. Its detestable that the people of Pakistan do not realise 60 years into independence that Kashmir is an integral part of India now. So keep off buddies. Even if your statement of HRV in Kashmir is true how come international media isnt reporting about that and all hat it has to say is that Pakistan is a rogue state. Even if that we true it is know a matter that pertains Pakistan need'nt worry. India is a democracy so we don't deliver justice based on relegion. Its is mutton-headed of someone to point out and say "ohh..Muslims are being targeted in India"!. If Muslims are dying in Kashmir so are 1000s of Kashmiri Hindus.

Shabeer Ahmed, Hungary - 23 June, 2005

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