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Bankruptcy of Political Leadership in Pakistan

03 August, 2007

By Ahmer Muzammil

Minions will be minions no matter what the lineage is. There isn’t a better example of this phenomenon than our own Benazir Bhutto. For all his shortcomings - and there were plenty - Zulfikhar Ali Bhutto was a colossal. A dynamic, vibrant and a charismatic man, ZAB knew exactly what the popular sentiment was and that made him the most successful politician to-date, bar-none (Quaid-e-azam doesn’t count since his stint was too short post-Pakistan).

Benazir on the other hand is a very petty, narrow-minded, insecure woman, always willing to sleep with the devil as long as the price is right. Most of the action items on her agenda being personal rather than for the betterment of people of our sorry country. This conundrum compounds further when you throw Asif Ali Zardari in the mix. 

It is a sad and pathetic reality that the conversation that took place between Musharaf & bibi revolved around the personal stakes – and even that of very paltry nature – of these ‘2 gifts of GOD’ to our poor nation. Bibi only cares about the money-laundering cases in Swiss courts and the provision of her becoming the prime-minister for the 3rd time restored. Musharaf wants to make sure that he is elected president for next 5 years, hopefully with his current wardrobe intact.  Accessibility of Clean water, health-care, restoration of constitution, availability of swift-justice, security of life and property of citizens etc. are matters that I am certain weren’t sexy enough to have been discussed in that meeting.

The landmark CJ judgment presented an inimitable opportunity to the political parties of Pakistan to reclaim their justified right to govern Pakistan without interference from Army. It might still happen regardless of maulna Fazloo’s and bibi’s backdoor flirtation with the devil, because I have a feeling that the people of Pakistan are finally sick to their stomachs…baRRI dayr kii mahrabaan aatay aatay.

The judicial fraternity of Pakistan has provided us with a unique opportunity in our not-so-flashy history that must be capitalized. However it was a battle that was won, not the war itself.

My hats off to Khalil Ramday and his full bench that rendered a verdict that will live forever as a bastion of guiding light in our nation’s quest for prosperity. It also reinforces the fact that for every Justice Munir, Justice maulvi mushtaq Hussein, Justice Anwar-ul-Haque, Justice Malik Qayyum, Sharifuddin Peerzada etc., there have been Fakharuddin G. Ibrahim’s and Saeed-uz-Zaman Siddiqui’s and Nasir Aslam Zahid’s etc. ….so there is no reason to be overtly pessimistic. Pakistan is a vibrant country and lets just say that we are no Arabs when it comes to standing up to dictators…I would hate to malign a whole people...but their meekness when it comes to opposing indigenous oppression, is nauseating.

I sincerely believe that Musharaf is probably the best dictator Pakistan has ever had. If you consider the jewels that we have had in form of Ghulam Muhammad, Askandar Mirza, Yahya Khan, Ayub, Zia-ul-haq etc. – he really seems to be an angel with a pearly-hollow over his head. However you can compare these ‘Gentlemen’ with satan and it will be a contest. We are literally setting the bar on the ground itself.

I am under no illusion that all of a sudden Musharaf will have a change of heart and he will do the right thing. Right thing being resigning from both positions & setting up an un-biased, consensus short-term government that will ensure free & fair elections. If he had it in him to deliver such a basic thing, I assure you that his name can still live in the history books of Pakistan as one of the greatest leaders of our country, despite all his failures – but these are human beings who have a hard time looking beyond their nose, so expecting them to do the right thing is really reaching for stars. They have made an art out of reinforcing failures and they are practical manifestation of the phrase “Don’t throw good money after bad”.

The pundits are saying that Musharaf & bibi are idelogical allies. As if these two camps actually have ideologies. The only ideology they are familiar with is the ideology of being in power. Isn’t it obvious that being liberal and “enlightened” is in fashion now days and the trendsetters in Washington would like to make sure that all the political prostitutes are in the same camp, just so the charade looks a little more credible? Otherwise in what kind of a parallel universe Aijaz-ul-Haq, Wasi zafar, Sher Afgan Niazi, Maulana fazloo, Salim Jan Mizari, Peer PagaRA (and hundereds more) be considered as liberals or enlightened? Many of these individuals consider women to be a tiny step up from livestock. Some of them have private-jails and they STILL render verdicts in jirga’s to kill women that are ‘lewd’ enough to marry the guy they actually like, something which is their GOD given right. Many of them truly believe that all men are NOT created equal, why else would it be a cardinal sin for a common man to consensually marry their daughter or sister punishable by even death? If this is liberalism and enlightenment, GOD saves us all!

This hypocrisy emanating from benazir is so sickening that even their ardent supporters such as Aitezaz Ahsan, Raza Rabbani etc. are at a loss of words. And when Aitezaz Ahsan is at a loss of words than there is something seriously wrong. I mean this as a compliment to him. Rumor has it that benazir is so envious of Aitezaz Ahsan’s well-deserved fame & stature that she might even consider not giving him a party ticket. How utterly pathetic!

Problem with Pakistan is not necessarily dictatorship alone. It’s a HUGE part of it but that’s not the sole contributor. Malaysia flourished under mahatir and China is on its way to be a Super-Power under a semblance of a dictatorship, so that’s not it. It’s the sheer incompetence, doesn’t matter how sincere, and I believe that Musharaf really do mean well sometimes but at the end of the day, our Generals are only capable of making a royal mess out of everything. It’s safe to say that we have ‘some’ evidence of that charge. Call me a hopeless romantic but I feel like something is different this time around. People of Pakistan , I reckon want a change, not just of faces but an actual change of the system. If I am right and pray heavens that I am than I say, ‘about damn time yo’ all’.

Reader Comments:

Bankruptcy of Political Leadership in Pakistan

We suuport ideas presented in this column. It is also voice of many PPP workers, who have been deprived of their honor. Benazir is like clever fox jumping for her interests. When a visitor to her New York apartment told her actual face and luxirious life of her dog "Maximillan", we sent the photo to Pakistani press, but none had a courage to print that photo. However she lost her credibility and faith.
Mush and Benazir both have their own agenda, but worst scenario of this deal is geneocide of Pushtoons and Balouch peoples.
Most of the columnist agree that fire burnt with the blood of students of Jamia Hafsa is not easy to be removed from heart and minds of a great majority.
May Allah help in survival of this Islamic Republic and punish vultures who want to eat meat from the dead body of Pakistan.
This is the worst period then Oudh of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah, Shah Rangeela of Delhi and Yahya Khan of Pakistan.
We ask question why Pakistan Army is not replying boldly, whether you will defend Pakistan if any body will attack? Yes or No.

internationalprofessor, Pakistan - 04 August, 2007

Bitter Truth.

Ahmer has written well.Many will curse him, but those who
know the truth will admire his strength of character.

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 04 August, 2007


A very well balanced article written by a very shrewed man who knows a lot but still not sure what BB and Musharraf would be doing without agreeing on few of their personal interests. What is very interesting that if we go back in the history of Pakistan people of that country do get fed of of their leader no matter how good he/she would perform, baring aside couple of them who were very corrupt and involved in money laundering. How about the days of Gen. Ayub Khan when Pakistan's golden era, economy was strong enough and government stable. He was able to built dams etc. but on an issue of Kashmir, a meeting held between Shastri and Gen. Ayub Khan in Tashket, the Gen. was blamed by ZAB that he sold Kashmir to India, though it was not the case. ZAB formed PPP and people of Punjab went made on Gen. Ayub Khan and he had to step down. Where was his good work gone at that time. Same is with Gen. Musharraf no matter what anyone can say he has done a great favour to Pakistan by being diplomat and not to confront US. All can see that Republic of China, Russia and western countries do not like to make US unhappy knowing that there is no chance of them winning. Gen Musharraf is not only a General but very intelligent man who played with US and managed to save Pakistan otherwise US might have attacked Pakistan instead of Afghanistan though it might have been a different piece of cake as Pakistani forces are one of the finest in the world. Even today US would not attack Pakistan if it does will find Pakistani teeth very hard. Going back to the greed of BB, a meeting between the two Gen. Musharraf and the lady, PPP has lost the wagon ride and are in limbo. What is going to happen with elections all will be held on time and the winner will be again Gen. Musharraf as President and the present set up will remain intact excepting a few changes here and there. War of words is OK but no confrontation in physical sense with US or any other country. Pakistan is a developing country and must remain calm and careful so that progress is not affected.BB is no more a charm for Punjabis.

Mohammad, United Arab Emirates - 04 August, 2007

1. Z.A. Bhutto played a larger role than Pakistan army in the 1971 tragedy.

2. ZAB was not only charismatic but also arrogant and a dictator himself.

3. Chinese leadership now call Chinese system a Socialist Democracy so no need to call their govt a dictatorship.

4. SITE is the biggest revenue genrator in Pakistan and it was planned by Gen Ayub.

5. President Musharraf has brought more freedom to the press and Judiciary then any leader in the history of Pakistan.

6. President Musharraf is the main reason for all the investments in Pakistan.

7. President Musharraf is the first one to emphasized on the alternate energy dept.

8. President Musharraf also resolved the Bugti issue.

9. President Musharraf increased the number of tax payers. He is the first one to pay attention to this most important issue. This means more revenue for the govt and less borrowing for Pakistan!

In the last 7 years, Pakistan has progressed because of the result orientated policies of our govt.

If President would shake hands with BB then it will ONLY happen for the sake of Pakistan.

Was our CJ asleep when he okayed the PLC? What was our CJ thinking when rules were relaxed for his son?

President Musharraf certainly have his share of failures but he is still far better then BB and Sharif.

Pakistan need someone to guide through this hour of crisis and Musharraf is the only man capable at this time.

Lets support him for the sake of Pakistan.

Imran Siddiqui, Canada - 04 August, 2007

Bankruptcy -moral financial commercial

UK is where action is or was.Black mail with duplication come with frame up and forcing someone to do something by hook up.This comes with 24 hrs monitoring. They Make or obtaining copies of Photographic when films being for processing ,getting pieces of teeth blood DNA as evidence ,These are for claiming duplication with real thing (half truth and half blend).If bzm who? is done who is ZAB Ayub Khan Zia H Nawaz sharif BB King Feisal Indira Gandhi or whoever.That is how nations have no security family have no security community have no security countries have no security by skimming off individual who would run such place or those who is running or those bright kids stolen suppressed killed or stolen by these bankrupt or due their bankruptcy(own).Female leaders can be blackmailed as if committed adultery forcing male and female bright one to within Council of ex Muslims ,to church to temples or what you..

bzmohammed, United Arab Emirates - 04 August, 2007


This article is presenting the reality and is showing language of desperation.

As a neighbor, I can say that please do something to make things calm.
Unfortunately, Musharraf do not have choice because there is no so called leader better than BB and Nawaz sharif.

May be Ifthikar chaudhary can aligned with Musharraf and take the mantel to become PM.

This would help Pakistan as Musharraf can play limited role and control the army.

Let Mr. Chaudhary focus on improving political situation.

All i can say is Musharraf is having timeout, whether he support US and face wrath of army and citizens.


Face wrath of US army and invite annihilation internally and from West.

Paritosh Deshmukh, Jamaica - 05 August, 2007

Darbari journalist

There are two kinds of politically active groups of Pakistanis Bhutto loversand Bhutto haters.mush went to BB not otherwise 11 years of ban on even the name Bhutto has not diminished their popularity and love in the hearts of the masses of pakistan 9years of mush and mqm atrocities on the people of Karachi and Sindh have increased love for bhutto.Journalists like this one have been many since Bhuttos martyrdom you are wasting your time do something constructive for yourself.
benazir is the pride of pakistans masses

shafik sidiki, United Kingdom - 06 August, 2007


There is certaily no Bankruptcy of Political Leadership in Pakistan. What I see is a aggregated failure of poor masses. A society gets the leaders it deiserves. A society has always the freedon to rebel for a better life. No, no one want to take it. If we dont we are destined to be rule by people how care more about there skin than our well being. Its the same in my country, except perhaps my miracle, we have now a decent man as PM, considering the facist who ruled for almost 6 years. Do not just faul mouth the leaders, please place a mirror in front of ourselfs. What do we see? A selfish man / women ...

The Indian Mao, Hungary - 07 August, 2007

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