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Backing Into War:Israel's Strike on Syria, a Precurser to Iran Holocaust

09 May, 2008

By Charles E. Carlson

The US government has, since 1991, and without regard to party, shown itself capable of unthinkable crimes against mankind. Are we Americans capable of understanding this without first feeling the impact of a complete collapse in our economy? A certain pastor, who would have once been unassailable by the press because of his profession, his race, and his record of military service, was recently vilified for saying something like this.


Is there anything, short of seeing the church parking lot and the collection plate stand empty, that will arouse "men of God" to demand that politicians respect human life and honor Jesus' call for peace?

It is not easy for us to get our mind around this concept of unimaginable brutality in high places when we still have a job and food to eat. We want to believe that only other governments in history books kill populations to gain power. This may not have been true of America in a different age, but but now it is. Today, no scheme is too devious, no act too cruel for those international bankers and industrialist Warmakers who manipulate our puppet leaders.

Those who call themselves our “allies,” principally Great Britain and Israel, are equally bloody-handed. To each, the end justifies the means. We find ourselves locked in a war-based economy because it is the end sought by our leaders. No act of deception is too far fetched if it keeps the war fires burning around the world, especially in the Mideast.

Politicians and media tell us that Muslims are scheming against us. We hear this from the same people who sold the “weapons of mass destruction” fairy tale five years ago. It's the same claim being made by the same pretenders for the same purpose…only the target and the tactic is different, last time the target was Iraq, this time it's Iran.

U.S. launched both attacks on Iraq while Israel watched; this time Israel has signaled that it will carry out the attack on Iran while the USA pretends disengagement. Your author is, for the first time, convinced this will happen unless it is arrested by an immediate public outcry. *(1)

The White House has already signaled that it makes no objection to Israel’s publicized plans to bomb substantial industrial plants in Iran. It must be understood that Israel acts only with U.S. approval, because we pay all the costs, and then some. The “bomb Iran” threat has been tossed around for two years. We have become weary of hearing people cry “wolf.” But now there is smoke.

Signposts to war

One big hint of war is found in the marketplace in $124.bbl oil. When the oil prices are already too high (out of line with refined products which are much to low) and running still higher, it is probably because someone with a lot of money is very concerned about the supply being cut off, and is buying oil for future delivery. Big insider bankers and industrialists know. If we stop the pending war in Iran the price of oil will drop!

Condoleeza Rice, official messenger girl for the Warmakers, just visited Israel. Oddly this time she received almost no press coverage while there. Hers was a clandestine visit, probably to exchange sensitive words like “do it,” words that can never be put on paper.

The fattest hint that the Warmakers are attempting to again fool the public went almost unnoticed on September 6, 2007, but the event is not over. Israel claimed it had discovered and destroyed weapons of mass destruction, not in Iraq, but at a place called Al Kibar in Eastern Syria. Israel’s raid had a purpose other than blowing up a building that looked like an old high school. The only logical purpose of this act was to establish that Israel has a better spy system than the rest of the world, and is capable of finding nukes when others are sure there were none. Israel bombed this building in Syria as a stepping stone to bloody destruction in Iran that will no doubt cut off most oil exports.

We are supposed to be convinced that Israel’s spies can find weapons of mass destruction in Iran where UN and world known nuclear experts overlook them, and destroy them without a trace to protect us from "Muslims."

Many of us remember the televised holocaust over Baghdad when America unleashed “shock and awe” on the people of Iraq. Iraqis were supposed to be a threat to us. They also happened to have a lot of oil. The new target, a country with a sound-alike name, Iran, also happens to have a lot of oil.

Here the war yarn is being spun:

*Iran is friendly with Syria.

*Our “best ally” Israel, claiming to use more advanced intelligence than we Americans have, says it caught Syria red-handed, building a weapon of mass destruction in a nuclear plant in Syria on the upper Euphrates River.

*Israel destroyed this plant and, conveniently, the evidence of what was there.

*Because Syria and Iran are good friends, we must assume Iran can also not be trusted and needs to be attacked.

*Israel’s supposedly superior intelligence has decided Iran is a nuclear threat, in spite of a mountain of scientific study that shows it is not.

*Israel is protecting the world by bombing Iran’s industry, maybe with nukes.

Let it be clear, Israel had no cause or international right to bomb the sovereign State of Syria, any more than they had a right to destroy Lebanon in 2006 or to imprison 1.5 million Gazan Palestinians. It is apparent that the White House has now given Israel the job of attacking Iran, because for the U.S. to do it would be too obvious. Thus Israel’s role is first strike agent. But there is no way for Israel to attack without clear USA support, and that support can not be hidden after the dastardly deed is done.

To understand this relationship, we must view Israel as a nuclear armed pit bull for the world Zionists, with the U.S. holding the leash. Washington does not need to send a message ordering Israel to attack; all it has to do is loosen the choke chain that holds Israel’s nuclear military back. Just look at Israel’s record of attacking its neighbors.

The long-planned attack on Iran’s industrial sites will be fast and violent, perhaps nuclear. Then Mr. Bush can retire to write books. He might first gently reprimand Israel if it becomes known that they kill too many civilians. Israel has announced its air force is already training for bombing Iran.

Evidence in the Syrian Desert

For background on the Syria bombing, we refer you to several stories in Haaretz, one of Israel’s leading daily newspapers. From these stories and the photos provided it will be obvious to anyone who has ever driven by a construction site that Syria did not have a finished nuclear plant.

Private, authoritative observers outside of the US government, who have examined the evidence Israel presents, also say the so-called plant was far from complete and could not have been used for any nuclear purpose at the time it was bombed. Israel also admits there was no nuclear fuel on the site. A reactor without fuel is like an automobile with no engine; whatever the intent of the owner, it’s not going anywhere. So why bomb it?

Some photos of the “plant” look doctored even to an amateur eye. More importantly, the photos we’ve seen were not of an active industrial site. The "before" photo shows only one two-story building in the area, small by industrial standards. Before and after photos appear to be enhanced to make it look bigger and newer than the old structure it once was. No humans are seen. There are no signs of active or recent construction, such as trucks, material stockpiles, machinery storage in crates, boxes, electric lines, big objects under tarps, or even a good road for very heavy equipment. Nuclear plants are massive!

We are told this plant was “almost finished.” If so, where are the dozers, fork lifts, trucks, mountains of trash, and equipment that we see on every building site? You don’t just pick up and carry a nuclear reactor core and uranium enriched fuel into any old building! Furthermore, there are not enough vehicles in the photos to transport a janitor’s staff, say nothing of workers and builders. This plant is supposed to be cooled by water, but there are no big water ponds, huge storage tanks, cooling towers and water treatment plants to clean the water before it is used for cooling.

The CIA presentation* is very thin and seems to support our case. The film shows a shot of what appears to be an old two-story building with an open-air top floor with many windows and looking more like a barracks or a abandoned schoolhouse, than a building that could house a nuclear reactor. The State of Israel destroyed this building, and we have no way of knowing what was in it. (2) CIA Video

As an analogy, what if you shoot your neighbor and then claim self-defense because you know he owns a 12 gauge and does not like you. But when the cops come, you have to admit you also know your neighbor has no shells for his shotgun. Try that on the judge.

Israel’s only judge is the Zionist U.S.A., so it does not blush. We are supposed to believe Israel took out Syria's nuclear industry on its own. We are not allowed to know anything about the Israeli attack except the date it supposedly happened, September 6, 2007.

The White House has stated that Syria’s “intent was not peaceful,” but not a word about how the White House knows this. The White House claim on non-involvement is one clue to its involvement.

A year ago the White House swore Iran was trying to build bombs in an incomplete factory. We non-engineers learned from watching the worldwide debunking process that making a nuclear factory work is not as easy as opening a suitcase and starting up your laptop. It takes a very long time and a lot of working people to get any kind of a reactor running. And the equipment is massive and hard to come by.

Do Iran and Syria want to be nuclear?

Every leader worth his salt should desire nuclear power. Syria is mineral poor and buys its oil. Might Syria wish for nuclear weapons? I would think so, look who it has for a neighbor--the Israeli Nuclear Pit Bull. But wishing is a long way from having.

Had there been any real concern about Syria, the U.S. could have sent Condoleezza Rice to demand a tour. Instead, the White House failed to object and pretended to know nothing about Israel’s plan.

The U.S. or Israel could also have taken some UN nuclear people to Syria, a few miles up the river from Baghdad where we have 150,000 military. They could have asked for a look inside that old rundown building before permitting the Israelis to bomb it to unrecognizable rubble. And afterwards they could have checked the rubble. Instead they ignored the incident while Israel openly plans the next strike.


It is time we accept that we live in a war-based economy. And no act of deception by our international banker and industrialist dominated political leaders goes too far to keep it so. The nuclear industrial site in Iran, with its thousands of civilian employees, is the next target…the next phase of the war on Islam that began with oil rich Iraq in 1991. Israel's bombing of Syrian last September was a practice run, a stepping stone for an unprovoked raid by Israel using US military machines, and supported by the USA.

Airing it can stop this newest, but not so clever, scheme for war on Islam. Americans are finally ready. Pass it along: no more bombs or cash for Israel, and no attack on Iran or anyone. If this tragedy happens it is because we allow it to. Those who claim life is Holy must speak for it now.


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