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As America Slept

01 December, 2006

By Anwaar Hussain

It all happened while America slept.

As America slept, airline jets appeared in the azure blue New York Skies some five years back and within minutes bumped through tall wonders of human achievements reducing them and their occupants to a tangled mass of steel, concrete and human flesh. While the world stood horror-struck and frozen from the pain of the victims and the sheer scale of the crime, somewhere in some dark unlit corners of America, a small leering cabal of malicious, hateful and warmongering few backslapped each other. But America slept.


As America slept, this small but ruthless group of men stole democracy from the American people and almost knocked her over with a noxious blow of fascism. The political philosophy of these creatures sent instant shivers up the collective spine of global citizenry. But America slept.

As America slept, its citizens' liberties were curtailed, their freedoms taken away, their economy bankrupted, their private lives spied upon and their nation kept in a constant state of fear. Riding on the wings of ‘terror’, their leaders sleep marched America into history's hall of shame. But America slept.

As America slept, not very much later these humanoids had firmly hurled their country on a perpetual warpath not of self defense, but of fear, insecurity, suspicion, hatred, anger, reprisal and a blind, jingoistic patriotism that continued to take its toll on humanity. But America slept.

As America slept, for the first time since the Wehrmacht swept through Europe, the world witnessed a major power launching an unjustifiable war, placing an entire people under military occupation and carrying out acts of collective and visible punishment against civilian populace. The American media’s shameful collusion in this deception was unbelievable, as unbelievable as the fact that this war, based on undeniable lies as it was, was sold to the American people as the gospel truth ordained by God. But America slept.

As America slept, they failed to realize that the logic of occupation was naturally despotic, that the brutalized and impoverished people of Iraq and Afghanistan needed facilitators to help them decide their own fate not occupiers, that the world, having finally taken off the blinds of 9/11, had now seen through the plot and the world now knew that far from benefiting the Iraqi and Afghan peoples this whole operation was an unashamed imperialist robbery of their resources. But America slept.

As America slept, its leaders misspent in a hurry the international sympathy and goodwill it had earned on 9/11. The distasteful dramatization and gloating of America’s main stream media not withstanding, the images of the crumbling World Trade Center were soon replaced in the world's mind by images of horrific explosions in Baghdad and gruesome images of dogs snatching bites out of dead Iraqis in cities like Fallujah. By acting as the lackeys of the miniscule Zionists and fighting their wars, its leaders deliberately alienated 1.3 billion Muslims making them a target for the Muslims' wrath. But America slept.

As America slept, the malicious cabal of villainous rogues that took over the reins of their great country, along with a supporting cast of bloodsuckers, money grabbers and human lowlifes, speedily put on the world stage a gaudy show full of sadism, trickery and revolting absurdity. These charlatans destroyed the lives of millions of individuals and, sure enough, now that curtain is finally coming down on their repugnant acts, the stage is invariably full of blood and gore. Of course the dead of this one show will never ever rise again. But America slept.

As America slept, its media slept too. They couldn’t see the horrendous atrocities that the United States military was visiting upon unarmed Iraqis who never posed any danger to their beloved country. They couldn’t catch on their eagle eyed lenses the raining cluster bombs, the showering napalms, and the tortures in the dungeons. They couldn’t report the rising death toll in Iraq when it shot past the half million mark. They couldn’t inform of Fallujah that was razed to the ground and its citizens-men, women and children alike-gunned down by the valiant American troops and left on the streets for the dogs to feed on. But America slept.

As America slept, their G.I. Joes were pumping up Iraq with depleted uranium, napalm bombs, cluster munitions and poisonous gases while its leaders weaved a torture trail across the world telling Americans to stay the course. Under the malevolent watch of these men, intense sessions of pain were conducted in distant dark dungeons spread around the globe with such regularity that America became the biggest patron of torture by proxy in the history of planet earth. But America slept.

As America slept, along with their well fed children, the rate of birth defects, leukemia and cancer among Iraqi children under the age of 15 in those districts where the use of DU had been the most concentrated increased dreadfully, ensuring that a generation of beautiful babies was going to turn into one of unsightly cripples. But America slept.

As America slept, their great nation continued to sink deeper into the heart of darkness. With each passing day their beloved America scaled ever greater heights of hideous glories. The waters of the Euphrates were made crimson with the blood of innocent people whose lives were snuffed out on the orders of a man rewarded for his colossal crimes by his great nation. But America slept.

As America slept, a thousand cuts were delivered to it by its own. Now that it is half awake and hemorrhaging heavily, it reels and stumbles from these deep incisions. But is it awake really?

Now as America awakes, with a sickening sense of reality, it finds itself moored in pools of innocent human beings’ blood. And as the death toll in Iraq reaches the three-quarter of a million mark, it finds its leaders debating whether or not it is a civil war going on in Iraq. Is it awake really?

Now as America awakes, it finds itself tottering at the abyss of moral bankruptcy while its leaders continue their feverish globe trotting hat in hand begging all and sundry to be saved from their own follies. In merely five years, the big mouths have become beggars and their once great nation, heaving from under the massive pile of more than half a million corpses, stands discredited, dishonored and humiliated in the court of world opinion.

But is America awake now? Where are the hangman’s ropes if it is awake?

Copyrights : Anwaar Hussain

Reader Comments:

The giant is awake

The above is true .I didn't attack America but America attacked me here in the Netherlands .In the Netherlands two parties won the election .One in favor of animals and one against Muslims .Remember another giant awakening .Islam will fight back .

Noureddine, Netherlands - 01 December, 2006

Even Saddam managed to preserve some kind of Health Service in Iraq, and that was during the sanctions. Not so, apparently, the geniuses of the Coalition:

Maurice, United Kingdom - 01 December, 2006

American foreign policy

Well written article but If you look at Americas' history this is not a surprise.The country was founded on voilence,killing and robbing the Local Indians.Then slavery,importing blacks from Africa to help make America strong.Both the criminal acts had the blessing of the church because it was itself a beneficiary. So its survival,and expansion and imposing its agenda through unrepresentative leaders in the world goes on.Yes, many would be surprised,though America talks about exporting democracy it supports dictators,military Generals,Kings and monarchs because it is easy to deal with them they comply over and over again for the reward of support over their nation.Now what happened on 9-11 is controversial,many questions are not answered.The planes stuck twin towers then why buildin g 7 fell. Why NYC mayor had made a control room in builidng 7 to handle the crisis when the attacks were an unwelcome surprise.But America needed a new Pearl Harbour to advance its agenda to grab the riches of other countries,to make Middle East so broken down that it offers Israel an easy expansion while its leaders kept on doing lip service to Muslims world over.

Even today the hatred against non whites,non Judeo Christians has its new and forced aim,:Muslims,in USA and world over.
In USA,Imams offering prayers on airport are arrested,(while actually there should be a mosque made on every american airport). Mosques are under surveilance as are the prayer goers.Muslims are afraid to give charity to a muslim organisation for the fear that they can be linked to some terrorism act. Under cover agents posung as Muslims attend prayers and congregation.In Schools Islam is ridiculed.Tony Blair said war against terrorism will go for one generation.In USA every muslim has to go through a severe check up before travel which is even humiliating regardless of their age,job or sex.
Afghanistan problem could have been resolved if US would have shown committment to clean Afghanistan from mines left by Soviets.

Certainly Mr.Hussain,As America slept is a good article and though they voted democrate but I don't much in terms of foreign policy will change because the forces that influence US Govt are 5,and are military,intelligence agencies,corporations(including defence industry),Israeli lobby and Christian fundamentalists who wait and pray a nuclear armeggadon to come in Middle East so then Jesus returns.

Dr.Khan., United Kingdom - 02 December, 2006

Wide Awake America

You call us Humanoids you degrade us with your sour words. Our Strength is only NOW being realized. Watch what FREEDOM FOR ALL WILL BRING TO Muslims all over the world. They see what freedom is - they want it and will have it For it is man and womans true fullfillment.

robert frobenius, United Kingdom - 02 December, 2006

American policy

Unfortuantely 9-11 was engineered for expected results .Previously in all wars US waged,all the reasons were engineered e.g.Attack on vietnam or even attack on Pearlharbour.US now has become a killing machine whose purpose is spread death and destruction world over and still present itself as the altruistic force.Both Republican and Democractic parties though may disagree on domestic issues but on killing muslims,attacking their countries and robbing their resources there is a total agreement.Make no mistake.This agenda is achieved by imposing weak,unelected leaders on muslims nations because there arms are easier to twist than in case of elected Govts.Also these leaderrs support their base,e.g.For Generals is army as in Pakistan and that causes corruption and thus further weakening in a traditionally strong institution.Now also another game is going on,keeping muslim nations confused and exhausted in"war against terrorism" while making their opponenets strong,be it India, or Israel.
Plan is to make regional controlling powers all accountable to USA.India in South Asia,Australia in SE Asia,Israel in Middleeast,UK to be above all countries in Europe.It is the rresponsibility of writers to expsose the truth and motivating factors behind apparent news items.

afrasiab, Georgia - 03 December, 2006

American foreign goals

Some one asked me to read your good article.One thing you should know is to judge people based on their performance in the past rather than their fancy promises for the future.We in Africa and those in SOuth America are the best to enquire about America,its policies.WHite man believes He has to rule the world,suck its resources and to achieve that it made changes in their religion and sociology.They have done such tricks in which they killed their own people and made that excuse to run over other countries.The American soldiers and not their charities or good deeds are the implementers of their foreign policy.I recommend you to visit and to learn secrets of what happens and is presented.

Akram Abrar, Sao Tome And Principe - 03 December, 2006

whose fault is it anyway

This article is typical in pointing out the faults of American govt and reaction of US at the horrific incidents of 9/11. Does it go any further than that? Functioning countries like individuals react on their self interest and insticts of survival. Its true for US but not for countries like N Korea, Iran and S Arabia. Dysfunctional states start acting in the interest of certail Individuals or factions like religious groups. Such states are detrimental to their own health as well as the health or world in general. Extreme form of Islam in some dusfunctional states has managed to act in its own interest which goes against the interest of others in general. That has happened in afghanistan and S Arabia and is now happening in Iran. There is a growing mistrust and misundertsnding between Islam and other western cultures not just in US but in Europe as well. If militant form of islam is not toned down this will only lead to more conflicts in ever more ways. The responsibility basically lies in the leadership of Islamic states to educate people to be more moderate and isolate islam from state matters.

Ak, Hungary - 04 December, 2006

get a life

I fell off my chair reading anwaar hussain's article america slept. so what does he expect from america after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. To take flowers and garlands to al qaeda and the taliban-led afghanistan.
God, what logic. Muslims have every right to fight when attacked -- even when not attacked. but other countries should welcome muslims with all their heart when they are attacked. No wonder Islamic logic is twisted and everyone hates it. get a life, anwar.

A.C. john

a.c.john, Pakistan - 04 December, 2006


Thats true about America being a voilent country and whatever they have today most of its not theirs, even the land does not belong to them, it belongs to Red Indians who were tortured and brutally killed by invaders. There is no democracy in US, its only a propaganda and misue of this word. What is going to happen next is to be seen. In the near future the world power is going to be changed and new players emerging to have a say in the world affairs. US will not keep hold for say more than 15 years as a mad lion in the jungle. US picked on muslims and gave the named them terrorists and that is another blunder made by US President. No doubt new President who comes in after him will follow the same lines but with different words. There is always a saturation point and anything goes high does come down, that is the law of nature. Not wishing but it happened inthe past and it will happen again and again. Look at British Empire, all gone and shrunk to its borders. There is always a change and when it comes hardly noticed. Russia today we see an example lost Central Asian States. Boundaries do keep on changing with time and foreign interventions which is called politics and law of nature which keeps the balance of everything.

mohammad, United Arab Emirates - 04 December, 2006

Another misinformed bias writer

Again here we have Anwaar making up stories about chemical warfare and abuse. Yes, when there are over 100,000 people in the military some get out of line and get punished. Do you really think if the USA was just interested in taking resources and killing people they would put a large ground army in??? The ground forces go to protect others and hunt out the bad ones. If a family hosts terrorists in its house; feeds them, clothes them, shelters them....that family is also a terrorist.

You always neglect to mention the other 95% of Iraq outside of Baghdad with success; new schools, jobs, local military, etc. Why is that Anwaar? Is it because you only have one purpose to your articles?

Ask us, Germany, Spain, France, Indonesia, etc if it's wise to keep playing around with these MUSLIM terrorist. The fact is these terrorist are not Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist or Christian so you cannot look back 30 years for some theory of today. These MUSLIMS want to convert everyone and kill the others. Listen to the heart of others instead of bed-wetting liberals.

Ryan, United Arab Emirates - 04 December, 2006


Mr. Hussein, I once aspired to be an officer in the Pakistan Army. Now I am an American citisen.

You've often written in protest of what America does and stands for. And I'll agree with you...Yes, America is not perfect (as if any country is) and yes, politics and power ($$) sometime dissuade impartiality, and yes, we wish American policy was more balanced with respect to issues such as Palestine and Kashmir, etc. but PLEASE, PLEASE say cognizant of the facts.

And a stark fact compells as follows: In spite of 9/11 (NOT an Islamic act, I hope you'll agree) there are MILLIONS of us Muslims living and prospering in freedom here, with every liberty in the book available to us. Yes, there are a few more bad apples now, THANKS to our misguided manics, but, this is home in EVERY sense.

With respect, might I mention that rather than seek that which separates us, lets seek that which unites us, and there is plenty. For instance, these folks ARE the children of our beloved Prophets Moses and Christ. Most people here are wonderful and friendly. We just moved into a new neighboorhood a few days ago, our new neighbors who KNEW that we are Muslims, brought over some delicious Thanksgiving turkey, plus. The neighbor on the other side sent us a 'Welcome to the neighboorhood' card.

So anytime you pick on America, please note, you may well be picking on the heart strings of your own people. Politics is ugly, but please, once and for all, undertake the courtesy of separating the chaff from the grain... Thank you.

N. JAVED, United Kingdom - 05 December, 2006

Converting others on sword.

Ryan's letter reflects the mentality of the White who regard themselves as good. They have branded local Indians, Africans,Communists and now Muslims as bad in history. They beleive Muslim terrorists want to convert every one. I have a question: Was whole North,Central and Sounth America not Indian,with its own culture,language,religion etc As was Australia with Aborgines,or Newziland. When White Man went there he was welcomed with respect and love but the greed,racism that is part of his mentality made him kill these very people without any mercy. And while doing that he enjoyed the blessings of Church. Christian clergy who went with bread in one hand and bible in the other,or medicines or few blankets and said Jeus loves you he died for your sins.Accept him as your saviour and you are saved.It was the same white man who waged WWI,WWII and now is waging WWWIII on muslim lands and people.WHite mans psyche has no room for reasoning logic and accomodation based on fairness.He blieves in "Manifest destiny" that it is his divine right to rule others and devour their resources.
My God no wonder there is no peace and there wouldn't be in near future.

M.J., - 06 December, 2006

Use of chemical ,biological and Atomic.

Ryan is upset about allegations of chemical weapons,Well who used first bilogical weapon,US and on whom poor helpless local Indians in the wars of settlements and expansion by whites from Europe.Yes they used to give small pox infested blankets to children of poor Indians "to stay warm in cold" and sure enough small pox killed thousands upon thousands of local Indians,(This is qouted in Journal of American Medical Association).THen chemical weapon was used on poor vietnamese and then on Iraq as was DU,Also first Atom Bomb dropped on Japan after it even surrendered.So what is the hue and cry about WMDs and Saddam when only US and Europe used it.All political smoke screen to cover up and continue.
Facts don't change Yes west is good in rewriting history for political gains.

Dr.Khan, United Kingdom - 06 December, 2006

Ryan, Neoconservative Taliban

Ryan, I read your response with amusement thinking that your narrow interpretations of Muslims is exactly the kind of rhetoric you've been fed by the media. I would have to say this you were trained well to be stupid enough to beleive that crap. What other tricks can you do? Roll over and play dead?

Charlie Worthington, United Kingdom - 30 March, 2007

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