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Another kind of lawlessness

05 April, 2007

By Muhammad Ahsan Yatu

Lahore: Scuffles between Police and Lawyers who were chanting slogans in favour of non-functional chief Justice, Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhary.
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On April 3, the pro-government lawyers were beaten up. They were not more than six in number. Khalid Ranjha the lawyer from the government side informed the acting chief justice of how he was “besieged, abused, and made vulnerable to an assault” by the protesting lawyers from the other side. This is another kind of lawlessness. It is peculiar to us. The first kind of lawlessness, the disrespect for rule of law, was introduced just at the beginning by our civilian rulers and the bureaucracy. Almost all of them were from the so-called urban and rural nobility.

The second kind of lawlessness, the economic exploitation, was partly inherent in the system through the institutions of feudalism, tribalism and the extortionist urban rich. It was reinforced further by the rulers from the same groups with the collaboration of the bureaucracy and the military. The third kind of lawlessness, the disrespect for the supreme law, the constitution, was introduced by the military in collaboration with the bureaucracy, the judiciary and the civilian ruling and rich elites. They treated the common law also with equal contempt. The fourth kind of lawlessness, the militancy and terrorism, has been introduced by the external and internal powers, the Americans, the Arabs, the military, the bureaucracy, the civilian rulers and the religious rich; and also by the filthy rich and the mafias — our own and from the world over.

One wished the ongoing ugly incidents involving physical confrontation that were first started by the administration should not have happened. But when things are so meticulously planned, wishes do not work. The development, the reference against the chief justice and the opposition to it, is being presented by the government, the opposition and the lawyers as an effort to establish the rule of law.  It is commons sense that the rule of law cannot be established through the use of the lawlessness. Yet, it cannot be said that those who are in the forefront, be they the top lawyers, the politicians, the media moguls, and the government functionaries, have no common sense. They have above average common sense. That is why they are always the beneficiaries, no matter what happens. What happens to the nation they are least bothered. So whatever is happening is a deliberate and well planned affair. In the guise of the struggle for the rule of law, the efforts from both sides are being made to keep the status quo intact. The rule of law in Pakistan means the environment protecting the rich, the ruling and the institutional elites.

The law, whatever exists, should have been allowed to help reach the conclusion. The Supreme Judicial Council would have eventually finalised its own findings, which would have helped the president to conclude whether the reference was justified or not. The judicial process would not have disturbed the status quo. Even after knowing all this why did the protestors choose confrontation? This is what pains. The confrontation would not only keep the status quo intact, it would but also give it another decade of active life. This is nothing but an exercise to keep the lid on the real issues – poverty, health care, shelter and education.  Pakistan becoming a welfare state is a nightmare for the rich and also for the powerful institutions, because it would be possible only when the direct taxation is increased at least up to fifty percent and the military budget is halved.  Hence, this is again a game of musical chairs though being played in a different way. The confrontation and its result the new ruling faces would provide a psychological relief to the miserable masses. What is disgusting is that for the common lawyers who have shown so much dedication for change for the first time in history of Pakistan, the end results may not be that appealing. What is agonising is that a clean person — a person not interested in material benefits — has been placed at the centre of  the crisis.

The situation a day before the reference was normal for the government. Recently held elections for most of the lawyers’ associations were won by the pro-establishment candidates. No political opposition was visible. Benazir Bhutto was negotiating a deal with the government. Surprisingly the person behind the reconciliation efforts was none other than the MMA supreme commander Maulana Fazalur Rehman. It was not the US. For the Americans all Pakistanis are equal. Maulana Fazlur Rehaman is more equal because both he and the Americans had been busy with a joint venture that produced militants. To keen observers they are partners still, though with different priorities.  Anyway all Pakistanis are ready to listen to the phone calls. Nawaz Sharif also did. The truth in his much trumpeted statements that he tested the nuclear bombs in defiance to the five telephone calls from President Clinton can be judged by the end results. It was Clinton who got him freedom from the Attock Fort prison and arranged his happy departure to the holy land.

Amongst the rest of opposition Nawaz Sharif had no choice but to shuttle between Switzerland and England. He could at the most arrange conferences for a get together with his rich supporters. The nationalist of Sindh and NWFP were calm and the cries of Imran Khan attracted none. The only political problem the government faced before the reference was from the nationalists of Balochistan. Given the size of support of the stalwarts from Punjab, Sindh and NWFP and of the MQM, the government was comfortable. It could have easily won a majority if it had gone for the elections. It would have won in spite of the American anger and the fact that it had no public support other than that of the MQM support base. It would have won because the people are fed up with the opportunist and policy-less politics of the political parties. The miseries of the common people are so colossal that unless there is a hope for a revolutionary change, they would keep behaving like their opportunist leaders. They too will side with the establishment sponsored candidates.

The government had made all the calculations and was confident to win. What stopped it from opting for the elections is the secret that lies in Pakistan being the most corrupt country. After all it is not the 70% villagers that are corrupt. It is not the 25% city dwellers either. It is one percent elite and their rich friends who are interested in selling whatever Pakistan has through so-called privatization and strange projects. They are also in the business of indenting and property dealing, and of running the gambling dens called the stock exchanges.  None wanted to waste time. None wanted to take risk. The election could have turned a voting people into a revolting lot. Masses some times become unpredictable, particularly when they have been turned into the paupers during last many decades.  So before the installation of the next government another kind of lawlessness was introduced. It is a methodology that has worked successfully earlier. The people will live with the stories of the ‘struggle’ for another decade, without knowing that they have been sidelined — yet again. 

Reader Comments:

Kind Quality Origin of Lawlessness and Despair

I travel a lot Glorious scenic Pakistan is best developing place I visited. Affordable Pakistan with good Food cheap transportation and fine accommodation with foreign style driving roads Housing hotel Guest House make Pakistan one of the best.
Who is eating away contract money with puddle of water pot holes and mudslinging?
Here and there. They are few. In first kind of lawlessness Judiciary almost certain
To me they resembled corrupt defunct Ontarian. Road development with signs also seemed ontaran.Lawless cannon law SJC lay out and premature firing hiring frog leap was due to the fault of Govt In power. The second kind of lawlessness seem like Ontario Canada a handful of lawyers who also write papers for the economic exploitation caused it. Economy is based Upon Province of sindh balochistan Punjab NWF Kashmir. Army is army .Banker is banker . IMF or growth money has few elite. Indeed Economy need money Which comes hard way or quick way. it is the quick way which caused it. The third kind of lawlessness, the disrespect of morality comes from dismay of civilian due to ruling kick backer bribe contract seeker .The fourth kind of lawlessness is the militancy and terrorism. Those who have income above Rs1000000/person /year and those who have Rs 10000/person/year or less.Profit is made by much method. Some makes or sell for a margin honestly. Some mix butter with margarine sack full of stone powder to sacks of rice some go for bulk money in contract in billions of rupees. Power to acquire comes from lender project Maker and org APEC eu saarc or invaders looters trying to hide money. Somewhere Comes killers murderers and almighty Allah for the poor – law of nature.

Bulk of Pakistanis or others cannot leave home or can afford plane ticket or
Even train ticket for joyride. Pakistan is govern by Islamic law G8 law .Associates
Worked with BB NS Ayub khan Ziaul haq.Some got framed some humiliated some
Killed and some honoured.Balochistan wazirstan name should be changed as it paves the way for independence seekers. Poor does need revolutionary change like Iran.
Pakistan had been saved by Military and democracy combo. Iran has military democracy religion combo very successfully with oil resource. Pakistan has equivalent Resource Talent and can grow rich economy if not subservient to Sheiks EU NATO IMF saarc APEC but via self reliance development and leadership.Pakistan
Does not Ayetollas institution but Pkistan Military democracy physical soldiers
Engineers lawyers and hardworking men and women have than what it takes to succeed defeating swindlers looter and foreign agent.Around the globe Poor have no one to address their concern in this layout.

Z.Billo, Pakistan - 05 April, 2007


Comparing Pakistan with Iran would be wrong. Iran is rich with oil and Gas resources and they have less corrupt people than Pakistan. If I may add Pakistan is the second corrupt country in the world where money changes hands especially in white collar areas. Civilian dictators took the wealth of the nation and are enjoying the lives in the middle east and west. Its a shame that hard work done by military establishment was ruined by Bhutto who made fool of Pakistani people especially Punjabis and over threw Gen. Ayub Khan. During his time Pakistan had a Golden era and economy was stronger than India. Pakistan had more spindles working putting together both Japan and South Korea. What happened Bhutto used an agreement which took place at Tashkent about Kashmir which did not pertain anything like that Gen. Ayub Khan sold the Kashmir to Indian.As Kashmir was a burning issue he made his success to become PM of Pakistan. Bhutto is the one who dismantled Pakistan. He was not willing to accept Sheikh Mujeeburehman as PM. He did no favour to any one and he was a civilian dictator. Punjab was not very wise to support him as he did not get much support from other provinces. Pakistan of today is a different country. The best economic development has taken place and many western Banking institutions have moved into Pakistan and country has taken off and is in right hands. There is no need of any such revolution like Iran. A revolution needed is an economic revolution and God may bless all Pakistanis to work for the country and stop creating problems for the government. All must be loyal and faithful to their motherland. Comparing with Iran who has over 98% education and 68% graduates, the only one country in the world with that high standard of education. Pakistan got to go long way yet to catch up but signs are good, Insha Allah it would'nt be long when Pakistan will be a developed country. Give hand and support to the government and stop unnecessary protests and blockage of roads which is harmful for the growth and economy of the country.

mohammad, United Arab Emirates - 06 April, 2007

Lawlessness tsunami violence against women

I did compare Iran via Soonahmee via violence against women depicting cartoon of 4 lawlessness (inserted and withdrawn within 4 days).Mystery of the world
With comparison was there where mera raabta is.

Z.Billo, Pakistan - 08 April, 2007


like i said before, laywers are supposed to manage law to some extent, give justice and help people...if they would act in such a way, what can you expect from a normal pakistani person..

uzair umair, United Arab Emirates - 10 April, 2007


Dear Readers,
1:The countries where women/girls are raped/dishonoured and beaten may progress economically but morally they can never ever prosper.
2:It happens in those countries where teachers and police are not fairly selected and adequately paid.
These two groups are backbone.

sureshtaneja, Pakistan - 10 April, 2007

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