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An enigma called Faisal

19 May, 2010

By Momin Iftikhar

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For a couple of days Faisal Shahzad has made headlines for his aborted attempt to blow up a vessel in Times Squares at a time when this “crossroads” of the world was packed with tourists. For those who are familiar with Manhattan topography, the site is not far off from the location of “ground zero”, the vacant space where twin towers stood tall till September 11 and were destroyed by terrorists. The world has never been the same again, particularly for Pakistan, which is reverberating with its aftershocks and one never can prophesize as to when these violent tremors shall cease. One needs to thank providence for averting the disaster because a successful detonation of the vehicle, primed for a deadly explosion, would have certainly resulted into a large number of casualties and the scenario for Pakistan would have become extremely complex; not that it is not mind boggling already.

Who is Faisal; what drove him to such an act of diabolic desperation; why he turned into a cold blooded killer leaving aside the faÁade of a Wall Street yuppie; are some question essential to understand his motivations, but alas, a background check reveals no clues. The scion of an elitist military family (his father a retired AVM, an uncle a major general), he had no exposure to extremism nor exhibited any leanings for obscurantism or violence. Landed in the USA at an age of 18 on an education visa and for the next 12 years had remained ensconced in the pursuit of the American dream, becoming a naturalised US citizen barely a year ago. Not a loner keeping questionable company; had a wife and two young and lovely children -- a veritable family man not prone to outburst of jehadi violence. A fellow who turned for unknown motivations, he bears a close affinity to the main character in Mohsin Hamid’s Booker’s nominated book “The Reluctant Fundamentalist”. Obviously something got under his skin and drove him beyond the edge which only his American interrogators would dig out.

This flaw in the US military’s make up was underscored during its sojourn in Iraq where the British soldiers, despite their shortcomings in the military hardware outperformed them in handling post war scenarios requiring an understanding of local dynamics.

The US has repeatedly failed to understand the political impact of military actions, particularly when the “collateral damage” caused by its ruthless application of firepower results into large scale manslaughter of the local population.The urge to seek retribution among victims of collateral damage is certainly strong; a factor that needs to be digested by the US military-intelligence establishment. Faisal is likely to have fallen victim to the knots in his own mind and gone beyond the edge of sanity or become a victim of people who used him as a vehicle to justify their own ends by exploiting his vulnerabilities to their advantage.

Faisal happens to be the first person of Pakistani descent who has planned an act of terrorism on the US soil; a most despicable and reprehensible act for which Pakistan and Pakistani Americans and expatriates will have to pay a heavy price in days to come. It, in all probability is an individual act, like the one performed before him by a few American terrorists as well, indulging their godforsaken dark leanings but it carries a heavy price to be paid by the Pakistani nation.

Clinton has already sounded the warning shot and despite the fact that Pakistan has sacrificed around 3000 of its sons to flush out the scourge of terrorism from FATA, the calls to do more are in the air. Pakistan Army shall be under increased pressure to open another front in the North Waziristan from where Faisal, allegedly, got indoctrinated and learnt to make the most miserable of the explosive devices which, god be thanked , failed to explode.

In this context, the US must understand that Pakistan has its own compulsions and priorities and US exhortations need to be resisted if operationally un-viable. The Waziristan connection should also be questioned on the grounds that if this is the training the jehadi terrorists imparted to him in the caves of North Waziristan, given their reputation, it only points to the inadequacies of the learning skills in Faisal. What drove him beyond the edge is still to be revealed but the impression of a bumbling naivete, acting impulsively remains strong.


Reader Comments:


The author asserts that "Pakistani American will pay a heavy price for Faisal's action" Nonsense. The United States is not some savage Muslim country where an act by one leads to reprisal against all. Look at the papers or TV, do you see any Paks assaulted in the streets ? Blown up in their homes? Of Course not.
The Author is performing " projection". Because any American who walks the a streets of Pakistan is subject to immediate murder he assumes it must be that way in the USA.
Nope, we do not live that way.

andy, United Kingdom - 19 May, 2010

So, who is he?

So, who is this guy is or supposed to be? Your psychosis does not say that he is either from CIA. or Mossad or Raw? I am a regular reader of your page and other online news paper. Perhaps you can sell a bit of your paper by raising antIndia bogie which others do not do. They too are prestigious media people and have the tenacity to write bold matters making more enemies in their police state.

P.K.SHOME, Hungary - 21 May, 2010

Shehzad ,US and Pakistan

Faisal Shehzad is just a normal thinking human being. A human being with a conscience. A human being who could not bear to see his countrymen ,his clan, his community being systematically attacked by missiles from the air.Being a good Muslim his feelings for his Muslim brothers is understandable.The Americans have certainly done great injustice to the Muslim world. The annihilation of a million civilians of Iraq mostly women and children leaving Iraq from a forceful dynamic power of the Middle East to a country of orphans and widows ,its economy in tatters and its infrastructure in ruins today. The US is itching to do the same to Pakistan right from the days of Henry Kissinger who warned Pakistan on learning that it was going to make a nuclear bomb"We will make an example of you in the world as a warning to the world if you dare to undertake this venture".Today Hilary Clinton is like a she devil with the same kind of chilling words before anything even happened.
It was quite natural for Faisal to feel pain and sorrow to see his countrymen his own race and brothers in faith What makes it worse is that the Pakistan government itself has sanctioned the use of US drone missiles.The US government does not even seek permission any more. They violating Pakistan's air space any time they want and bomb anyone they want.Why has Pakistan become such a helpless slave?
It was perferctly normal for Faisal to feel pain and sorrow in his heart to see his countrymen dearest to him in faith and also race being bombed day in and day out for no reason.The US drones violate Pakistan air sovereignty any time they please and kill anyone anytime they please.But if even one citizen of their s is harmed they rise up as one man to smash the enemy. This is American justice.The car bomb did not even explode.Clinton's shrill warning to Pakistan in the event of the bomb exploding and creating harm should be taken not so lightly.This America's bare-faced naked aggressive bullying mentality which they showed in Iraq and the Gulf.And of course right throughout its history.Read Howard Zinn's 'A People's History of the United States'.
America's open and shameless support for Israel's atrocities against the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank only reveals the diabolical policy of the US against the people of Islam.
Shehzad is right in venting out his anger if this is what he did.But he should have the intelligence and common sense to foresee the consequences too. One action like this if it went wrong could have created catastrophe for Pakistan.The game should be played with tact. America is known to have sounded warnings to Pakistan right from the days of Henry Kissinger who warned Pakistan against making a nuclear bomb."We will make an example of you in the world if you dare to challenge us " he said. During Musharraf's rule it was Powell and also Gen. Armitage who warned Pakistan that if they did not cooperate with them if 'pursuing the terrorists on Pakistan soil' Pakistan would be bombed into the dark ages.This was the reason why Musharraf was playing ball with the Americans receiving financial aid as a benefit. But nowhere during his rule did the Americans ever dared to enter Pakistan air space and openly attacked her citizens. Musharraf never agreed to this and feared this would happen after he left.The present ruling regime in Pakistan is actually encouraging the US to attack its soil and citizens. They are even quiet about US's notorious mercenary army Blackwater now known as 'Xe Worldwide'being active in Islamabad.Are these patriots or traitors?
Shehzad is a young man of conscience and could not bear to see what was happening to his countrymen but unfortunately impulsive and foolish. The US has looked upon this as an excuse and itching to further its political ambitions in Pakistan .From rumours afloat it is planning to even troops on Pakistan soil to attack North Waziristan. This is undeclared war.
Shehzad's expression of hate if it is true was justified but the way he went about by it was stupid.

Rezan, United Arab Emirates - 22 May, 2010

Ha ha ha. Are you sure what yur talking about andy panda. Is this why the US bombed and killed 1 million Iraqis on a reason based on a lie? Which way did Iraq harm the US. The US watches with silence s the Palestinian women and children are slaughtered by Israeli hellicopter gunships,cruise missiles and even banned weapons like cluster bombs.Obama does not even condemn this atrocity.
The US has mercenaries employed in Iraq and now one hears they are operating in Pakistan. They changd their name from Blackwater to 'Worldwide Xe'. These are savage killers and their job is to kill. They target innocent civilians as was proved in Iraq if you have been following honest politics.
In Afghanistan The US is commanding Nato troops to commit every atrocity.Inncent villagers mostly women and children are being bombed and killed by cruise missiles,cluster bombs,and mini atomic weapons. The excuse is to 'pursue terrorists'. Let me tell you that the US is terrorising these poor people who have no quarrel with the US.
You probably follow Fox news and other propaganda news that conceals the truth from the American public. Just talk to the ordinary Afghani and Pakistani whose families are being killed by unmanned US drones everyday in Pakistan. How can one blame people like Faisal Shehzad who has seen enough of these bombings and killings of his own people.You pose to be civilised. In fact you are the real savages whosw brutal methods are well documented in the annals of history regarding the bombing of Hiroshima Nagasaki, the brutal massacres in Vietnam,use of chemical weapons in the every war .Use of laser bombs in the Gulf war killing thousands of fleeing Iraqis who had actually agreed to a ceasefire.So who is barbaric and who are the savages. Look into yourselves. You have to answer God Almighty one day.

Rezan, United Arab Emirates - 26 May, 2010

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