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A Road Map to Khalistan

12 January, 2011

By Zaheerul Hassan

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British left United India just after two years of culmination of World War-II but prior to their departure pushed the South Asian countries into number of conflicts due to their defective partition plan. Number of boundary disputes, identities issues, and water conflicts cropped up as result of faulty demarcation. India expectedly has proven to be the hub of all clashes. For examples as result of conspiracy between British rulers, Gandhi and Maharaja Hari Singh, India forcefully has landed her forces in Kashmir against the wishes of masses and later on Junagarh and Hyderabad states have also been captured by India. Similarly Muslims of East Bengal, Maoists of North West of India and the third largest community “Sikh” which is 77% of East (Indian) Punjab’s population (now) have been denied from separates states. On the other hand British in 1948 made successful efforts to establish a separate  state Israel for Jewish minority whose population was only 713, 000.

Therefore, Sikhs and other deprived communities of India have started their struggles of independence to attain rights of self determination and to save their identities. Out of these, Kashmiri, Maoists and Sikhs are three on going major movements and freedom fighters of the revealed campaigns are continuously facing brutality of Indian Armed and Security Forces. Sikhs struggle for their independence  and sovereign state  has came on lime light once they were not given their due share in the legislations and employments and also also been forbidden freely  to perform their religious obligations.  According to Sikh Encyclopedia Barely 13.22 per cent of the population of pre Partition Punjab (1941 census), they were now 38.5 per cent of the combined population of the East Punjab and PEPSU (Patiala and East Punjab States Union).

In 1956, PEPSU was amalgamated with East Punjab to from a single state the Punjab. The formation of a Punjabi speaking Punjab in 1966 by separating some territories to form the new state of Haryana and the Union territory of Chandigarh, and transferring some others to Himachal Pradesh, the percentage of the Sikhs in the new state rose to 60.22 in the census of 1971, to 60.75 in 1981 and 62.95 in the 1991 census. The increase in numbers was reflected not only in a higher percentage in the Punjab, but also in India as a whole. The encyclopedia further states that the proportion of Sikh population to that of India which was 1.47 per cent in 1941, rose to 1.72 in 1951, 1.78 in 1961, 1.89 in 1971 and 1.90 in 1981. The bulk of the Sikh population of India (77.9%) lives in the Punjab. Major Sikh concentrations outside Punjab are in Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Delhi, in that order. Within the Punjab, the Sikhs, by and large an agricultural community, are mostly settled in villages.

One of my reader Dr Awatar Singh Sekhon has written an article (SOVEREIGNTY AND ADMINISTRATION OF THE DARBAR SAHIB COMPLEX: SIKHS’ HOLY AND HISTORIC HOMELAND) on the Sikh demand which seem to be quite genuine. He also emailed his article to me for my consumption. I decided to share the same with my readers’ knowledge that how a third larges community of India thinks. 

Dr. Awatar writes that, ‘The Sikhs have been carrying out their “Struggle to Regain Their Sovereignty, Independence and Political Power, by peaceful means, since 14th March, 1849, and it will continue until the sovereignty is reclaimed successfully and their Sikh Nation, Punjab, liberated from the occupation of the Brahmins’ autocracy/Zamhooriat/Zulamhooriat.”

Until the Sovereignty is reclaimed, it is proposed that a radius of 30-mile be declared, from the focal point of Darbar Sahib Complex, as an independent zone of the Sikhs’ holy and historic homeland, free from any personnel, armed forces, police, intelligence, finance, all sort of communications, administration, free from those agencies which have any connection with the Brahmins and pro-Brahmins of the alleged Indian democracy or those people which had been ‘subservient’ to the Afghans, Mughals, Sikhs, British, Portuguese and others [for more than 3,500 years] until the day the British India Empire transferred political power to the ‘unelected’ leadership of these ‘subservient’ Hindus, the Brahmin-Baniya clique. The administration, management and control of the 30-mile radius of the Darbar Sahib Complex will be maintained by special forces - civil and armed - created by the Darbar Sahib Complex’s force, to be known as the ‘Sovereign Khalsa Force (SKF)’, which will be working under the directions of the body elected by the Sarbat Khalsa Institution, in accordance with the Sikh Way of Life, Sikh Code of Conduct or Sikh Rahit Maryada. The proposed 30-mile radius of the Darbar Sahib Complex’s Khalsa Zone is the pre-requisite of the Sovereignty of the Sikh Nation, Khalistan, Punjab or the Republic of Khalistan.

The proposal is made keeping in mind that a vast majority of the Sikhs, Sikh Diaspora, living in all continents, viz. North America, Europe, Australia, Far East, Africa and elsewhere, will not experience any difficulties and will not have to get the ‘Brahmins autocracy’s visa to visit the Darbar Sahib Complex and other Gurdwaras of historic significance. The Sikhs would not like to have their passports made available to the agents of the Brahmins autocracy’s missions merely for the ‘visa’ endorsement. Their travelling documents will be made available to only the ‘employees of the Sovereign Khalsa Zone Forces (SKZF)’. Their wellbeing, after entering the SKZ, will be looked after and ensured by the SKZF. The administration of the SKZ will enter into the bilateral agreements to look after the interests of the SKZ as well as to address the international questions relating to the Sovereignty of the Darbar Sahib Complex Zone. The Sarbat Khalsa administration will remove all jathedars/band leaders, employees of the Shiromani Gurdwara Prabhandhak Committee and Akali Dal (all factions), executives and members and those who collaborated with the Brahmins autocracy in “Operation Bluestar” of June, 1984, and thereafter, from their offices. The new members will be elected/nominated by consensus to the SGPC, Akali Dal and the Mukh-Sewadar of the Supreme Seat of the Sikh Polity, Akal Takht Sahib.

No jathedar, SGPC or Akali Dal executives will remain in their office, especially those who have been appointed by the Punjab and/or Brahmins autocracy’s New Delhi administration. The proposal is made to the Guru Khalsa Panth and the House of Baba Nanak in view of the following:

No one will dare to launch a military attack like the ‘undeclared’ war on the Sikh Nation in the form of a brutal military “Operation Bluestar” of June, 1984, and subsequent operations by the army and armed personnel of the alleged Indian democracy. (One) None of the Sikhs elected representatives has accepted/endorsed/signed the Indian Constitution 1950, which denies the Sikhs their ‘Sikh Identity, see Article 25’ (International Journal of Sikh Affairs 16(1), 2006©). (Two)The Sikhs’ struggle for Sovereignty, Independence and Political power include the Punjab of 15th August, 1947, partitioned by the British India Empire and not the one re-divided by Indira Gandhi in 1966.(Three).   The Sikh Nation’s natural resources and their by-products will be the sole property of the Sikh Nation.(four). The western border of the SKZ will be looked after by the ‘two’ nations only, i. e the SKZF on behalf of the Sikh Nation and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. (Five)   In view of the ‘genocides’ of the non-Hindu and non-Brahmin minorities, the Sikhs (1.2 to 3.2 million), Musalmaans (over 500,000), Christians (over 300,000), Dalits (tens of thousands), etc., since 15th August, 1947, and to preserve the sanctity,  humiliation and dehumanization [being committed] by the Brahmins autocracy/Zamhooriat/Zulamhooriat alias the alleged Indian democracy is the prime cause to create a 30-mile radius from the focal point of Darbar Sahib Complex, Amritsar, the Sikh Nation, PUNJAB.(Six)  No person like Sudarshan, Togadia and anti-Sikh forces man or personnel will dare  to carry out their anti-Sikh and Hindu, Hindi, Hindutav propaganda.(Seven) the Darbar Sahib Complex and the Sikhs’ holy and historic homeland are ‘not’ the property of the Brahmins autocracy. The Sikhs’ holy and historic Home land belong to the Guru Khalsa Panth and the House of Baba Nanak Sahib, the founder of the Sikh Faith.(Eight) The SKZF will ensure the protection of the worshipping institutions of non-Sikhs. 

In short, era of democracy and globalization and it’s very difficult to keep the masses under one shelter on same piece of land without giving them their rights. In India the minorities are being victimized and dealt ruthlessly by non state actors, RAW and Armed Forces. On 18 December 2010, a team of CBI an elderly Bengali man Naba Kumar Sarkar, 59 — popularly known as Swami Aseemanand — from Tihar confessed in  court of Delhi, that he remined in  killing of Nine people in Mecca Masjid blast. He also unveiled that how a few Hindutva leaders, including himself, Sadhvi Pragya Thakur, Dayanand Pandey, Lt Col Shrikant Purohit and others in 2008 remained involved against the brutality of minorities.

Pakistan very rightly asked India to hand over investigation report of Samjota Express. World community should press India to handover Col Prohit to Pakistan for his trial since victims of the train still waiting for the justice. Sikhs, Kashmiries and Maoists would defiantly be soon successful in getting their independent states. Sikh should go for the road map which is laid down by their own comrades Dr. Awatar Singh for Sikh future sovereign state in East (India) Punjab.

Reader Comments:

Respected Mr Hassan, you start your article from One point and end it at totally unrelated point. Please remain focussed on one view point

Ravee, Hungary - 13 January, 2011

Road Map to Khalistan

Well said. Their aspirations will be fulfilled after Pakistan accepts freedom to Baluchistan and separate states for the christian and other minority communities leave alone Shias, Ahmedis etc. You have taken enough interest in our neighboring country when a civil war is going on in our holy land.

Subhan Basha

Subhab Basha, Pakistan - 13 January, 2011

Solve Pakistan's Problems

Why don't you focus on Pakistan's problems, instead of day dreaming ?

American, United Kingdom - 13 January, 2011

correct your article

Get your facts right,it seems you have forgotten the state in which Pakistan is today and wat gud any of the other countries got after seperating from INDIA,correct your article and present facts about your country in shambles and the state of affairs there

abhinav, Hungary - 14 January, 2011

Zaheer ul hassan should be more careful about commenting on the Indian situation given pakistan's own situation in balochistan. I think the time has come for india to more openly support the baloch nationalists like brahamdagh bugti and provide much more than just political and moral support. They should provide them with arms and ammunition to help them establish an independant balochistan free from pakistani tyranny and exploitation.

aarvey, india, Hungary - 15 January, 2011

Dont kno why u r so obsessed with india, look inward and see how u can feed the hungry, save lives of innocents killed across ur country every day and how to improve economy than begging to US for aid. Be constructive and creative in helping your coountry improve its situation and get it out of the hole that it had dug it selves into.I am sure, u read newspapers from India, which are not these Paki obsessed.

, Pakistan - 25 July, 2011

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